Please do us both a favor and read this before continuing. It'll save a lot of grief, questions, and (hopefully) flames.

First off, this story contains yaoi. So if you don't agree with that sort of thing, you can stop reading right now and go find a nice, safe little het fic to read. Of course, anyone who reads my stuff on a regular basis obviously likes yaoi.. *sweatdrop*

If yaoi doesn't bother you, there's actually a warning for yaoi fans, too: I'm going to try something new with this fic and put Relena in a rather, um, different position than I normally do. Why? Morbid curiosity. She's been, at best, a background character in my other GW fics. I wanted to present her with the chance for a relationship that I would normally shudder at. (And no, it's not Heero) So there's het in here. Certainly not as in-detail as the yaoi *evil hentai grin* but it's there nonetheless. Don't like it? Sorry. Really. Most likely I will never do it again, actually. @_@ But I want to try. It's like an experiment- a writing test or exercise to see if I can really go through with it. Besides, unlike my sister, I write for my own enjoyment and play with the characters as I like. She may write for her readers, but I write for myself. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that some people actually take the time to read my crap and review it. ^__^ *glompies* I'm just saying I won't change something just because a reader or several readers disagree. I think every writer should have that outlook. Write for yourself. Write what you want to write. You'll enjoy it more.

Please note that while the majority of the main characters aren't mine, there ARE original characters in here, and this is an original story plot. In other words, it's AU, so while the boys involved aren't mine, the story is. The Gundam boys- Heero, Duo, Quatre, Wufei, and Trowa -and a couple others- such as Treize, Zechs, and Relena -are not mine. All original characters- such as Ozymandias -are mine. And once again, so is the idea and the general plot. You take, I come after you and drag you kicking and screaming to the PPP. I don't steal your stuff, you don't steal mine, yes? ^-^

OK, now that the unpleasantries, explanations, and general ass-covering are out of the way (@_@), on with the story~ ^_^;


(PART I: The Assassin)
Prologue & Chapter 1
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