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Welcome to the links page! ^_^ Mami-san and I do a lot of travelling around the web in our spare time, and have come across hundreds of wonderful sites, but here we're just going to list some of our favorites.
Please give these sites a chance if you haven't been to them before, or if you have a site of your own you'd like us to put here, just e-mail us and send us the link. ^_^

Your Wings are Mine- gorgeous art and luv the story!

Mega Tokyo- one of the most popular web comics out there; so funny!

Boy Meets Boy- one of our old faves ^_^

For the Love of Yaoi- Elves! Mages! Yaoi! yay~~ pretty art, too ^__^

Hilarious, but not for the faint of heart

Skyfall- a fantasy manga with gorgeous art & shounen ai

Schism- futuristic yaoi manga XD

Timescapes- great art, intriguing storyline

Return to Sender- one of Amiko's faves; very weird and very funny

Mac Hall Comics- another Amiko recommendation; hilarious, with a fun style

Vinci & Arty- kawaii shounen ai furry comic

Strings of Fate- the angsty, ethereal manga you've gotta read

Fallen- a pretty manga about angels, gods, and- hopefully -romance :)

RPG World- funny comic that makes fun of common RPG annoyances and happenings, and also has good character development

Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire- a sometimes angsty, mostly funny, but always enjoyable fantasy comic about a seer and his strange family, companions, and enemies

Earthsong- a dying planet, a mysterious girl, great art

Inverloch- A story about elves, cute da'kors, and how everything isn't always what it seems

Of Boys and Friends- hilarious comic with pretty art; about a girl determined to find the boy who broke her heart..so she can get her revenge!

When She Was Bad- yuri comic by Amiko

Demon's Blood- fantasy comic by Amiko

Misfile- it's a gender-swapping manga, but with great storyline and details and likeable characters

No Pink Ponies- funny and endearing comic about a girl who opens a comic shop just to be closer to the guy she likes

Penny and Aggie- hilarious strips about high-school rivalries

Hurrock's Fardel- fantasy future story, great story-telling, intriguing story, loveable characters

Count Spades- very professional and funny goth-like manga


Honeydew Syndrome- yaoi story about a not-so-jock jock and an 'emo kid', a very well drawn humorous manga by Nuu

Looking For Group- Hysterical, seriously.  I love Richard

Or... link to us! ^__^