Part III

Quatre could feel the eyes burning into his back as he walked up the stairs towards his room. Glancing over his shoulder, he offered an innocent smile to the silent pilot of Heavyarms that was following close on his heels. "Ne, Trowa... Can I help you?"
He raised an eyebrow in reply, and Quatre lowered his eyes demurely.
"Ne...Would you like to...." A faint blush crept into his cheeks, and he trailed off, unable to be so bold as to ask if his koi would like to share a room with him.
Trowa understood the unspoken question and entwined his arms around the smaller boy's waist, burying his face in the golden hair, inhaling Quatre's sweet scent. "Hai," he murmured.
Quatre gave a happy smile and tugged on the other boy's hand, leading the willing, solemn-faced boy towards his room, the passion in the green eyes the only outward sign of his eagerness to follow.
Quatre paused to open his door, about to turn to invite his guest in, when he was suddenly swept off his feet and cradled against a lean chest. Without a word, Trowa carried him inside, ignoring his surprised squeak as he nudged the door shut with a slender hip. Quatre melted in his arms, smiling sweetly up at him and wrapping his arms around the other's neck, reaching up to plant a kiss on the normally firm lips that softened immediately against his own as he was lowered gently to the bed.
He gave a small happy sigh as hands carressed his face tenderly, reaching to tangle his fingers in the fine brown hair.
"Trowa..." he breathed, tilting back his head to allow access to the lips that suddenly seared his neck.
His breath quickened as the lips moved to his collarbone, the slender hands now working under his shirt and moving over his chest and abdomen. A small sound escaped his mouth, and he tugged at the hair, pulling Trowa's face up and kissing him more forcefully this time, allowing the other pilot to dominate the kiss after a desperate war of tongues.
He couldn't suppress a groan as one hand slipped down to rest on the bulge in his slacks, and he moved restlessly, tugging impatiently at the other boy's turtleneck.
He wanted it *off*.
Losing the pants would be nice, too.
Trowa pulled away for a moment, stripping himself of shirt and jeans quickly, leaving on only his boxers, before leaning over once more, lowering Quatre to the bed, his mouth covering the Arabian's in a bruising kiss. Quatre arched against him, trying desperately to get attention where he wanted it most.
He wasn't disappointed.

"Relena, calm down," Duo said, standing up. "What's gotten into you?"
She took a few deep breaths, obviously trying to regain her composure, though her eyes looked wet. "Heero met someone else, didn't he?" she asked in a shaky voice. "Some other girl. That's why you're saying these things."
"He isn't *yours*," Duo reminded her carefully, watching her. "You don't own him, and he was never going out with you. You don't have to--"
"I *know* that," she snapped, bristling. "Don't lecture me, Duo Maxwell! You don't know how I feel right now!"
"Don't I?"
The tone caused her to pause, turning her eyes on him.
Duo's face was expressionless as he stared down at her dully. "You think you're the only one that's loved in vain? That has waited and waited, wishing every minute that that one person would just *look* at you? Would give you a kind word? Reach out and touch you?"
Her eyes widened slightly.
In the closet, Heero's brows drew together. Duo..?
"You aren't the only one who's been in silent agony. Except you thought you actually had a chance." He glanced away, rubbing at his arm slightly. "I thought... I would never have a chance with this person."
Relena opened her mouth, closed it, then opened it again. "But...are you talking about Hilde? You can't be. She really likes you, Duo. She lo--"
"I'm not talking about Hilde. I don't love Hilde. And I don't think she loves me. We're good friends. That's all."
Heero took in a breath. Duo... How long had he felt this way?
Duo laughed softly, refusing to meet Relena's eyes. "Never mind. It's nothing. I just want you to know you're not special or anything. You aren't the only one who suffers due to love. I'm sorry I upset you. I just wanted to let you know."
She hesitated, then her jaw firmed, her eyes flashing in determination. "All I'm not the only one. But I still want to know if Heero's seeing some other girl. Please *tell* me! I have to know!"
Duo glanced up at her warily.
"I'm not seeing any girl."
They both jumped, startled, as the closet door swung open, revealing the Perfect Soldier, face expressionless as he stared Relena down.
The princess flushed bright red, stammering useless gibberish.
Duo's face turned a little pink, as well, as if he had forgotten Heero was there. "H-Heero, ano.."
"It's time to put things straight, Relena." Heero walked towards them, never taking his eyes off of her. "You mean something to me. I protect you for what you are, but also sometimes for *who* you are."
She blinked, her lips trembling in mingled hope and confusion.
"But I don't feel the same you feel about me. I'm sorry."
Ouch. How brutally callous. Duo winced.
Relena's face rushed from bright red to white, and her eyes grew impossibly large as she took in a large breath of air.
Heero went on relentlessly, undisturbed by this change. "I'm not seeing any girl, I'm not *interested* in any girl. But I'm not interested in you the way you want me to be. Sorry."
Duo wanted to bury his face in his hands. Geez, couldn't you have been a *little* gentler with it?? he wanted to scream.
They stared at each other for a long, tension-filled moment, soldier to girl, until finally Relena tore her eyes away, whirling around and walking quickly to the door. She halted in the doorway, turning to give Heero one last heart-breaking look. "You *do* feel something for me. You have to! I won't believe you. You're just trying to hide it... to protect me again. I won't listen to it!" With that, she ran out, letting the door slam behind her.
Duo sighed, throwing his hands up in the air and turning to Heero with a hopeless look. "God, Heero, couldn't you have been a little more--mmph!!" He stumbled as the Perfect Soldier surged forward suddenly, wrapping his arms around the Shinigami pilot and kissing him fiercely.
He responded quickly and enthusiastically, wriggling to get his arms free and digging his hands in the other's pockets, jerking their hips together and groaning into Heero's open mouth at the contact.
They finally broke away for air, and Heero trailed his lips down Duo's jaw, breathing hard.
"How about finishing what we started?" he murmured throatily, and Duo groaned in response, moving his hips in encouragement. "But of course," he said coyly, batting his lashes.
Heero hmphed and gripped him by the butt firmly, lifting him effortlessly this way and carrying to the bed, where he dumped him uncerimoniously, ignoring the indignant squawks that quickly became groans as he continued with his self-appointed mission.

~~Author's Note: O.O;; whoa, almost got carried away there with Quatre an' Trowa.. *laughs nervously, tugging on tail* In case ya hadn't guessed, I haven't done a lemon before.. ^.^;; But I plan on doing one for Harvest.. =p eventually.. prob'ly for an epilogue... dunno.. ^^;;; *eeps*
NEway, sorry this part was so short.. ^.^; but ppl were askin' about this one, so I went ahead and worked on it, even tho i've got huge writer's block today =pp Thanx for all the good reviews, they're really inspiring~! ^__^ *bows* domo arigato!!~~

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