Author's Notes: Here it is, the sequel to Harvest Moon. Like with HM, I'm starting it without any real story line in mind.. o.O;; only a few vague ideas of things that can happen.. ^.^;; but NE way.. I'm glad you all liked Harvest Moon, and thank you so much for all the encouraging reviews/threats. ^.^; hehe 'tis, the sequel. ^_~

{~**~ stands for whose point of view it is currently in. I'm trying something new w/ this story, where I do it from several ppl's points of view, just cuz there's a lot of things hard to explain when it's only seen from Duo's POV. I could just do it 3rd person, but I'm keeping the tradition of the first story in keeping it 1st person. besides, I kinda like that style, now. Plus, it will hopefully make the chapters longer.. :D *sweatdrop*
^_^ So anyway... Enjoy the madness~!}

Ch. 1: "Mission Accepted"


That damned voice again.
I turn, scowl already in place, still breathing hard from practice, coming to a halt in the hallway.
He strides towards me, giving that ever-present smirk, hands shoved in the pockets of the tight jeans Duo has lent him, long gray hair trailing behind him loose. I have caught one or two of the maids staring at him as they pass, giggling and blushing when he is gone, discussing his good looks and strong build.
"What do you want?" I ask coolly, reaching up to wipe sweat from my brow, resting my other hand on the hilt of the sword thrust in my belt. I am hot and tired from practice, and have no time for his silly word games. "I'm busy. Go bug Duo."
He arches one white eyebrow, giving a mock hurt look. "Don't you enjoy my company, kagerou?"
"Don't call me that," I snap irritably. Dragonfly indeed. Pompous jackass.
He stops before me, tossing his head to get some of his mane back over his shoulder, golden eyes pinning me to the spot. "You are quite rude, kagerou," he declares haughtily. "Remind me why I tolerate you."
Conceited ass!! "You tell me," I snarl, and turn away, stalking down the hall angrily.
"Oh, kagerou.." he calls after me, and I listen despite myself, still walking away.
His voice is honey-sweet. "If you need help washing that nasty dirt off, you know who to call."
Fire erupts in my cheeks. "K-kisama!!" I sputter, picking up the pace, ignoring his ringing laughter as I dart upstairs, furious with my own reaction but hating him more for his stupid jokes.
I don't know why Quatre allows that bastard to stay with us.


I dodge as Wufei storms past, blinking. What's his problem? I hear Jova's familiar laughter and hide a smirk. So he's been teasing Wufei again. It's about time someone started teasing that prude. Whether there is anything behind those jokes, I'm not sure, but it's damn funny seeing the otherwise solemn pilot get all flustered.
Whistling, I enter the kitchen, smiling at Quatre, who is leaning against the counter drinking a glass of milk. He smiles sunnily in return, wiping away the milk mustache. "Ohayo, Duo," he greets. "Sleep well?"
"Hai, hai." I grin, rummaging through his fridge. "Now hand over the coffee and no one gets hurt."
Laughing, he nudges over a mug and nods to the coffee maker. "I made it early this time because I remember how you complained the other day when it wasn't ready and you had to wait for it."
"Like a child," Trowa says drolly, walking into the kitchen.
Quatre immediately perks up on sight of the Beast Master, smile brilliant as he goes over to him, unashamedly catching ahold of the other pilot's hand with his free one, intertwining their fingers and reaching up for a quick morning kiss. Trowa does not protest, but when Quatre walks to the stove happily to check on whatever he's preparing, Trowa shoots me a warning glance.
::Don't start.:: His mental message is for me alone.
I widen my eyes and feign innocence. ~~Who, me?~~
He turns away. ::I don't have the patience for your teasing in the morning.::
I smirk and for once keep my comments to myself, reaching for my mug. "Saa...So has anyone seen Heero?" I chirp. "Mr. Perfect Soldier didn't get up at the crack-ass of dawn again, did he?"
Quatre blinks at my language, but doesn't say anything about it. "I'm not sure. I think he went out to work on his gundam."
"Sou ka." I sip at the coffee and nab a muffin from the counter. "I'll go check on him. Ja~!"
I trot outside, finishing the muffin in three bites and sipping carefully from the hot mug in my hands, humming quietly to myself and letting my wings extend, stretching them and relishing the feel of the morning breeze carressing them. Maybe I'll go for a fly later today. If I'm lucky, maybe I can convince Heero to hang on tight and come along for the ride. ^_^
I peek into the large garage where our gundams are being stored, looking around before entering, pushing the button on the wall as I pass, the huge door grinding shut behind me. "Oi, Heero," I call. "You in here?"
I pat Deathscythe's leg as I pass, making my way to Wing Zero. Halting below it, I blow on my coffee to cool it, peering up in the dim light until I spot movement on the catwalk near Zero's head. Grinning, I set my mug on the ground and soar silently up towards him, wings flapping as silently as only Death can, landing on the guardrail behind him. "Ohayo," I sing out, diving forward and glomping him.
He grunts with surprise, staggering under my weight and dropping the wrench in his hands, but keeping his feet under him. He turns in my grasp, cobalt eyes flashing in annoyance. "Duo--"
I shut him up quickly, looping my arms around his neck and putting my mouth to his, thrusting my tongue inside and pressing close to him.
He is stiff for a moment, still a little irritated from my abrupt appearance, but he relaxes quickly, his own arms twining around my waist as he leans against me, quickly taking control of the kiss.
We finally break away for air, and I smile cheerily at him, rubbing his nose with mine. "Well aren't we the morning person," I chuckle. "Doin' a few check-ups on Zero, ol' pal?"
"Hn." He grunts, giving me a Look. "What do you want, Duo?"
I shrug, grinning. "Jus' wanted to see what you were up to, koi. I brought coffee. Ya want some?" I offer my empty palm, and suddenly the steaming mug appears in my hand. "Ouch, damn, it's hot!" I yelp, shoving it on him. "Here, take it."
He takes a swig from it, the heat of it not seeming to bother him, before handing it back. I finish it in a few careful sips, then place it on the ground. "So what's up?" I ask, leaning over him as he turns back to Zero, wrapping my arms around his waist and resting my chin on his shoulder. "We have a mission," he says shortly, reverting to Perfect Soldier mode. I nip his neck quickly, a reminder, and he jumps slightly, glaring at me. I stare solemnly back, reaching up to just barely touch his lips with my own. "Don't," I murmur, half plea, half threat.
"When we aren't on a mission...I don't want you to be the Perfect Soldier. That isn't who you are.." I reach up to tap his chest with my hand, "" He stares back at me for a long moment, face impassive, until slowly the muscles in his face relax, and though he is definately no open book, his stern mask has slackened somewhat. "Hai," he murmurs quietly, capturing my lips once more, this kiss sweet and gentle, almost taking me by surprise before I respond.


Another mission.
It is almost a relief, this intrusion on our respite.
Fighting and strategy... they are what I was taught to do. I am a Gundam pilot. This is my life.
And yet, even as I listen with half my awareness to the details Heero is giving us, the other half of me is finely attuned to the blond angel sitting beside me at the table, his clear eyes focused on Heero, his face calmly intent as he takes in the mission information.
I find myself watching him out of the corner of my eye, this treasure I don't have the right to own. His sweet lips on mine, his small body cradled against me, the fresh scent of him... It is almost too much, yet not enough, sometimes. How long before this have I secretly watched you, protected you, thought of you? How long did it take me to realize that burning itch in my fingers was the almost overwhelming desire to touch you, to run my hands through your hair, to hold your face in my palms?
Feelings like this are new and strange to me, almost frightening. I shyed away from these feelings for so long, even after I realized just how deeply you were imbedded in my heart. You wormed your way in with a touch and a smile and forever you will stay.
He catches me looking at him and smiles softly, eyes lowering shyly. A smile comes very close to expressing itself on my face, and underneath the table I cannot help but laying my hand on his knee. His hand clasps mine readily, and his smile is bright before he turns his attention back to Heero.
Duo adds some smart comment to Heero's speech and recieves a warning look from the Perfect Soldier, replying with an innocent "nani?".
I snort under my breath. Though Heero is not exactly open about his feelings, it doesn't take a genius to know they are finally together. Duo is forever hanging onto his arm or glomping him, seeming to light up whenever Heero enters the room. He seems especially clingy when our conversation turns towards the events of just six days ago. It is then that he realizes just how close he came to losing Heero, and it is then that Heero is most tolerable of these public displays of almost desperate affection.
Heero himself has changed, which is strange.
One would think the Perfect Soldier would have no emotions, and would not allow these emotions to get in the way of anything.
And yet he allows Duo to hang on him, and Quatre has admitted catching the two sharing a kiss outside when they thought no one was around. Even I am not blind to the softness that sometimes creeps into Heero's eyes when Shinigami bounds into the room and begins to laugh and goof off. It is especially evident when they catch each other's eye, their gazes lingering before they look away.
My eyes slide to Wufei, leaning against the counter and toying with a knife, seemingly ignoring all that Heero is saying, though we all know better. No bit of information escapes his quick mind. He will be able to recite his orders almost verbatim if need be, and he will be one of the least likely to fail in his mission. He has been uptight, lately, a strange attitude for the normally frigid, recluse Dragon. I have a feeling it has something to do with Jova's constant teasing. The exotic man seems to have targeted Wufei as his victim, though he will soon no longer be our problem. We will bid our farewells to him and leave him to start his life again. He is not a pilot, and there is no need to cart excess baggage like himself. This is a relief that Wufei does not often bother to hide, often bringing it up when facing off against the other man. Jova's very calmness and confidence in his teasing infuriates Wufei. I am starting to doubt the chinese boy has ever been flirted with, especially by another man. Jova's taunts may be meant just to push his buttons, however. If so, he is certainly doing a good job of it.
Heero's summary is over, and we all rise, ready to suit up and go to our appointed locations. Quatre reaches out, snagging my hand, and I pause, watching as the others hurry out before turning questioning eyes on the little angel. His cheeks are tinged pink, but his hesitance is minimal as he reaches up and cups the back of my head, pulling my face down gently and tilting his chin up.
Hiding a smile, I cover his mouth with my own, my hands resting possessively on his sides.
I know what he secretly wants, but is too shy to ask for.
But no worries, angel. I want it, too.
When this mission is over, I will make you mine.

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