Author's Notes:
Okay, okay, so it's kinda like a take-off of 'Who Wants to Marry a
Millionaire'. So sue me. ACK!! Wait, don't do that! Don't listen
to me, I'm just a babbling idiot, and BROKE. Very broke.
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are not mine (I wish); they belong to Yoshihiro Togashi & NE
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Oh, and I know Hiei and Mokuro are in the Makai, but in this instance, I put them with the Ningens, cuz it was funnier (and easier), okay? Warning: this is my 1st YYH fic (OOOLDD)! OOC alert!

Hiei snarled, glaring up at Mokuro and clenching his fists
in anger. "I won't," he growled. "I refuse! I don't need a mate!"
"Oh, don't be silly," Mokuro smiled sweetly. "You're my
hier, and don't *you* want to leave hiers of your own behind? A
wife is just the thing for you."
"But..." Hiei sputtered.
"Oh, calm down," the woman said impatiently. "I'm not saying
get married right away. Just pick out the right girl, and you can
marry her later. Sort of like a betrothal..."
The fiesty fire demon scowled, crossing his arms over his
chest. "No."
"Yes," Mokuro said, quietly and dangerously, and the
conversation was at an end.


Kurama sighed as he tried to push through the
throng in the hallways. Why was everyone crowded around the bulletin?
he wondered curiously, and asked a passerby.
The girl seemed thrilled that the most sought-after boy in
school was actually talking to her. She talked so fast and excitedly,
it took the red head a moment to piece together her babbled information.
"Oh, there's going to be a contest tomorrow, for all girls
age fourteen to twenty. There's a mysterious hier looking for a
mate!" She squealed with delight, partly at being in Kurama's presence,
partly from excitement of the coming contest. "How wonderful! He's
going to pick one lucky girl tomorrow night after the contest to be
his betrothed! Isn't it romantic? I'm going to try," she added shyly,
fluttering her eyelashes. "Do you think I'm pretty enough,
Shuuichi-chan?" she asked coyly.
Stammering something polite, Kurama edged away, hurrying out
of the building. He shook his head, glancing up as he saw a few
more students flocking around a telephone pole. Must be that flyer
again, he thought, slightly amused as he stepped closer to see, curious
despite himself.
On the flyer was a picture of the hier. He was glowering at the
camera, his bandaged arms crossed over his chest, blood red eyes
glaring from underneath a headband. His black hair was spiky, with
a small burst of white on his bangs. Some of the guys were huffily
talking about how a guy who was practically snarling had to be
some kind of maniac freak who would only abuse a girl, but the girls
only giggled and said he was cute.
'They're right,' Kurama mused. 'He *is* kinda cute...'
Then he read the info below the picture. It started at five tomorrow
evening, and the bride-to-be would be picked promptly at seven.
'Huh, doesn't seem too interested in getting to know his fiance,'
Kurama snorted, wandering off. 'He's an hier, though, so he's prob'ly
being forced into this.' He recalled the fierce scowl and chuckled to
himself as he wandered back home, forgetting about it in mere


The next day the whole shool was buzzing by the last bell.
All the girls hurried home in flocks, squealing and talking
excitedly to get into thier best dresses and primp themselves as
they prepared to go to the 'contest', which was actually almost
like a large banquet.
Kurama tried to ignore the chatter, collecting his books from
his locker. Tonight he was going to star-gaze in the park...that wasn't
far from where the banquet was being held. Maybe afterwards he would
take a quick peek inside, to see if one of the girls he knew had
been picked.


Hiei slouched in his large chair, very close to sulking. He
glowered at all the chattering, laughing people, and took another
gulp of fine wine. 'Mokuro must be crazy,' he fumed to himself,
glancing at the large grandfather clock. Shimmata. Only an
hour left until he would have to make his pick. For the upteenth
time that night he considered sneaking out, but spotted Mokuro nearby,
watching him, a small smile of michief on her lips. He bared his
fangs at her and ignored her, unwillingly beginning his search.
The girls crowding the floor were all dressed in thier best:
from sexy gowns, to microskirts; from conservetive dress suits to
pretty little dresses. Most were pretty, he admitted grudgingly.
Some had brought escorts, to dance with while they waited,
and they were dancing now, swaying to the music, while other girls
stood around, talking and laughing, trying her best to subtly show
off, knowing the hier's eyes could light upon them at any moment.
They nibbled daintily at the abundant food, pretending to be stuffed
already, and Hiei snorted in disgust. Why should he have to do this?
This was stupid. As he studied a group of giggling girls, he started
thinking of devilish plans. Maybe he could just pick a pretty girl,
then terrify her later, or 'accidentally' kill her, leaving him
a 'lonely' bachelor once more. He smirked, starting to rise,
carelessly picking out a laughing blond for his bride. After all,
it wasn't going to be permanent, if he had his way...
He froze, halfway out of his seat.
Someone had just entered the room, and was leaning casually
in the door, glancing irritably over her shoulder at the guards who
had escorted her in before heaving a trying sigh and turning back
to look over the floor with mild curiousity and amusement.
Hiei just stared. The girl was simply dressed, in a purple,
Chinese style tunic. Her long red hair shone in the light, and her
face was beautiful. She didn't seem in the least nervous or excited
about being at the banquet. In fact, it almost looked as if she'd never
meant to come.
Before he realized what he was doing, Hiei rose the rest
of the way and padded over to the girl. He halted before her and
hesitated. Maybe he should test her..Could be fun. He put on his
fiercest scowl, crossing his arms over his chest and glaring up
at the girl, who was several heads taller than him.
"What are you doing standing in the door like that?" he
snapped. "Either come in or leave."

Kurama looked down, startled, to face a frowning boy with
spiky hair. Where had he seen those angry eyes before..?
"Huh? Oh, sorry," he said politely, though slightly offended by
the boy's manner. "I'm not supposed to be here. Some stupid guards
brought me in."

The girl had a nice alto voice, not too deep, not too
high pitched. Hiei grunted. "Hn. Well, if you aren't going to stay,
then leave."
"I would," the girl sighed, turning her gaze away from him,
"but some weird lady said no one's allowed to leave until seven. That
hier guy is supposed to pick a girl. I'll just wait until he does,
then leave."
'She doesn't realize who I am,' Hiei realized, after getting
over the surprise of being dismissed so quickly. He smirked
and relaxing slightly. 'No wonder she isn't nervous.' "What's your
name?" he asked out loud.
The girl got a patient look on her face. "Kurama," she said
absently, then suddenly winced, as if wishing she hadn't spoken.
"Er, I mean, Suuichi. Kurama's my last name," she explained lamely.
Hiei stared at her hard. What was she hiding..? "If you're
going to stay here," he said shortly, "then don't just stand there.
Go eat or something. You look like an idiot."
The girl smiled slightly, shrugging, and Hiei caught himself
watching the silky red hair slide over one shoulder. "I don't care
what you or any other baka here thinks," she said sweetly. "I'm glad
you're not trying to hit on me, but it's not a very good idea to
piss me off." Her serious emerald eyes settled on Hiei, and for some
reason he believed her. He could sense an undercurrent of danger
and mischief running deep in the mysterious girl.
He made a face at the girl, tilting his head defiantly.
"Oh please. Why would I want to hit on you?" he snapped. "Besides,
I have dozens of girls here to look at. I don't have time to waste
with moody little girls like you."
The girl's eyes narrowed slightly. "If you want to look at
a girl, then go on and do it already," she snapped, then grinned
fiercely. "Besides, I got news for you, you little grouch." She smirked
at him. "I'm not a girl. I'm a guy!"
Hiei stared at her for a moment in startled silence. He was
about to sneer and deny it, when he stopped. She *was* rather flat,
and fierce for a girl...Was he really a guy?! He uncrossed his arms,
glaring up at the girl--boy, he corrected himself. "If you're male,
what are you doing here? Are you an escort to one of these ninnies?"
"Don't be dumb," Kurama snapped. "I already told you, those
stupid guards made me come here when they caught me outside. As you've
figured out first hand, I'm always being mistaken for a girl!"
Bristling at the boy's tone, Hiei snarled. "You don't know who
you're talking to, Yokai," he sneered, finally figuring out the taller
boy's ki. "Talking to the host like that could get you killed."
Kurama looked startled for a moment, then glared again.
"You can be the Queen of England for all I care," he snapped,
straightening abruptly. "You're just like that picture all those
girls were drooling over. Handsome and cold! You must be made of ice!"
Caught off guard by the comment to his looks, it took Hiei
a moment to retaliate. "Hah! Never more wrong, boy. I'm a fire demon."
He grinned fiendishly. "And you shouldn't mess with fire.." The air
around him began to heat up, and the people around drew back
uncomfortably, starting to glance his way nervously.
Kurama looked totally unconcerned. He fiddled with something in
his hand, and suddenly a rose seemed to bloom in his palm. "You don't
scare me, Koorime. I have a few talents of my own."
Suddenly a guard appeared beside the boy, his face stern.
"I heard that, you. Threatening the hier, huh? You're going to have
to come with me. I think it's time you go home."
Kurama thrust the rose behind his ear, heaving a sigh of
annoyance. "Finally! That's what I wanted in the first place!" As he
started to leave, he turned and gave the fuming fire demon a coy
glance, grinning wickedly. "See you around, hot-shot," he jibed,
before making his exit.
Everyone had fallen silent and was staring at Hiei, who was
glaring at the empty doorway, his fists clenched, fuming. He sensed
Mokuro heading towards him and stalked out of the room quickly,
to catch up with the guard. He refused to be the one at the receiving
end of a snide comment. He'd show that snooty Youkai...!
Growling, he stalked after the guard. He hurried outside, glancing
around as his eyes adjusted to the dark. He heard some noise in the garden
and frowned. The gate was the other way. Why had the guard gone
that way? Silent as smoke on the wind, he made his way towards his

Kurama followed the guard, his mind elsewhere. What a bitter
disappointment. The hier had been handsome, all right, but such a
rude little bugger! At the same time, he couldn't help but feel a little
sorry for him. Something in the fire demon's ruby eyes had betrayed
ancient hurt and anger, and he had a feeling the Koormie was the way
he was for reasons beyond his control.
He stopped and looked around, puzzled, as he realized he was in
a garden of some sort, surrounded by shadows. The guard halted, glancing
around. Kurama sighed. He's lost, he thought to himself. Must be a
newbie. "Thanks, I can find the gate myself," he said cheerfully, turning to go.
A meaty hand seized his precious hair from behind, and he couldn't
surpress a cry of pain and surprise as he was yanked back and flung against
a tree. The large Yokai guard leered at him, pinning him to the trunk as he fought
for the breath that had been slammed from his body.
"Pretty thing, ain't 'cha, girly," the guard said tauntingly, jerking
again at the silky red tresses, smirking as his prisoner winced. "Now you
keep real quiet," he warned, leaning in for a stolen kiss. The girl's emerald
eyes widened, and he sneered....
Suddenly a throng of vines erupted behind him, coiling around him in
mere seconds, surprisingly strong. The guard roared in surprise, thrashing
about, trying to break free.
Kurama leaned against the tree, breathing hard, glaring at his would-be
assailant. "Tsk, tsk," he scolded angrily. "Not nice to pick on guests."
He took a deep breath and pushed himself off the tree, dusting himself off,
unconcerned with the snarling, struggling monster. "Now, if you don't mind,
I'd like to find my *own* way to the gate."

Hiei snorted quietly with surprise, watching all from a tree he was
perched in. The strange boy was definately able to look after himself, as he'd
hinted inside the palace. He felt a grin tug at his lips, and turned to go. Then he hestiated,
frowning. Wait...he recognized that guard. Wasn't he always hanging out with
a friend...?

There was a hiss behind him, and Kurama whirled quickly-- not quickly
enough. A clawed hand smacked into him, throwing him several feet. He forced
himself onto his hands and knees, gasping, rubbing blood from his lips as he stared
up at the other, larger Yokai, who was leering at him, baring deadly fangs.
"Where do you think you're going?" it demanded, and glanced at his
cursing friend, still entwined with stubborn vines. "Nice trick, girly," he taunted.
"But it ain't gonna save you from me!"
"Rose Whip!!" Kurama shouted suddenly, lashing out viciously with the thorned
vine that he seemed to have pulled from nowhere. The Yokai dodged quickly, but was
struck a stinging blow to his shoulder. He howled in pain, staggering and glaring
at the half-Youko with hate-filled eyes. "Bitch!" he spat. "You'll pay for that!"
"Bitch?!" Kurama exclaimed indignantly, flicking idly at the guard's cheek with
his whip, his eyes flashing with annoyance. "A bitch is a female dog. I am neither."
He hesitated, then grinned slightly. "Well...maybe the dog part is closer to the
truth than you think..." He flashed a fierce grin, unaware that in a nearby tree,
Hiei was listening to every word. "I'm a Youko, you know."
The Yokai snarled and dove for him, but he leapt nimbly back, casting his
aggressor a pitying look. "You'll have to be quicker than that."
"Why, you...All right, then, you asked for it!" The winged creature roared,
and a burst of flames leapt from his mouth. Kurama threw himself to the side, barely
escaping with his hair unsinged. "Hey!!" He yelped, jumping to his feet. "Watch
where you're...Eep!" He dodged again as the monster laughed and launched another fireball.
"Hahaha! How d'ya like that, girly, huh? You'll prob'ly taste better
cooked, anyway! Hahaha!"
"Grr...Ittai!" He yelped as a spark touched his hand. He rolled across the grass
to avoid yet another onslaught, growling to himself. "You damn Oni," he said
angrily, hopping to his feet and lashing out with his whip.
The guard grinned to himself and ducked at the last instant. The whip curled
around the tree he'd been standing before, and cracked when Kurama gave it an impatient
tug. One more tug would destroy the tree, he noted regretfully, but he needed his
whip. Suddenly the Yokai guard appeared before him, baring deadly fangs in a
wolfish grin. "Gotcha, Ningen!"
He grabbed Kurama by the throat with huge calloused paws, laughing at the
boy's futile attempts to escape. Kurama fought for breath, the world starting to black
out. Too strong..!
"Haha, I think I'll have some fun with you," the Yokai hissed unpleasantly,
drawing the gasping Youko closer, "before I tear you apart..."
"Let go of him!!"
The guard howled in surprise and pain as a long blade slashed across his back.
Slobbering with rage, he whirled around to face his attacker, and his eyes widened.
"M-Master Hiei!"
The little fire demon stood a few feet away, clutching his bloodied katana
in a death grip, his ruby eyes narrowed. "Put him down," he snarled. "NOW."
Kurama grunted as he was dropped hastily on the hard ground. Coughing, he
forced himself up on his hands, squinting in surprise at his savior. "H-Hiei," he
croaked, recognizing him.
"Master, I-I was just protecting your palace from this intruder," the
guard stammered, pointing frantically from Kurama to his fallen friend. "She attacked,
so I..." he stopped, then said tentatively, his eyes confused, "Er, did you say
"Yes, I did," Hiei said menacingly, stepping forward, the moonlight glinting
off his deadly blade. "Did you not hear me right?"
The gaurd balked, taking a big step back, his wide eyes darting to the
redhead lying on the ground. "N-No, Master! I just thought-- I mean..."
The Koorime's smile was chilling. "Who gave you permission to think,
baka? Now take your friend and get out of my sight, before I kill you where you
"Y-Yes, Master! Right away!" The guard ran to his companion, pulling off
vines that had mysteriously slackened, and the two raced off, not daring to look
Hiei watched them go, then snorted, licking a bit of blood from his sword.
"Hn. Stupid guards." He turned as Kurama climbed to his feet.
The Youko winced, tucking his whip into his sash as he dusted himself off,
checking for injuries. "Kuso...That hurt. Little bastards," he muttered to himself.
He turned to the silent fire demon. "Arigato," he said honestly, bobbing his head
and lowering his eyes, a little ashamed now of his behavior earlier. "Aa..Sorry
"Makes no difference," Hiei interrupted in his normal dispassionate tone,
the anger that had flared moments before now gone. "I must say, most people wouldn't
dare to speak to me like that." He bent and began wiping his blade in the grass.
"I suppose I owe you one..."
"Hn." The hier rose, inspecting his sword before sliding it back into his
belt. "Don't bother. There's nothing you could do for me." He glanced away for a
moment, and Kurama blinked. That had sounded suspiciously like a lie...along with
a flash of...reluctance?
"Well..." Kurama hesitated, unsure, then flashed his brilliant smile, the
one that sent all the girls at his school swooning. "Again, thank you. Sorry
to crash your party." His eyes sparkled. "You'd better go back inside, or all those
ladies will start to worry about you."
"Stupid Ningens," Hiei muttered darkly, shoving his hands in his pockets and
glaring balefully at the palace.
Kurama chuckled, gave a little wave, and turned to go. He winced at the sharp
pain that flared throughout his body. "Nng.."
"Uuh...nothing," Kurama said, taking a few determined steps towards freedom.
"I'm fine....Shimmata," he hissed as he almost stumbled, his hand going unconciously
towards his aching back. Being thrown repeatedly to the ground and against trees
was *not* a pleasant feeling. Slightly bent, he suddenly fround himself looking into
untamed red eyes, staring at him calmly.
"You're hurt," the hier said simply.
"Nothing I can't handle," Kurama insisted, trying to laugh it off, grinning.
"I'll be fine. Really. I should get home.."
"Hn. Stupid Yokai," Hiei snorted, seizing the taller boy's arm in a surprisingly
strong grip. "Come with me," he snapped, and proceeded to drag the protesting boy
towards the palace.
Kurama gave up his arguments with a sigh as his host led him through a back door
and up a long flight of stairs. It was no use. The fire demon was just as stubborn
as he was handsome.
"Now I have an excuse to skip Mokuro's stupid party," Hiei said as they entered
a large room. He released his 'prisoner', flicking on the lights, and Kurama blinked
at the brightness, momentarily blinded. He heard the door shut, and then he was pushed
firmly onto a chair. "Sit there," Hiei said, and disappeared into an adjoining bathroom.
Kurama looked around as his eyes adjusted to the light. He was in a bedroom--
probably Hiei's. He glanced longingly at the bed. It looked so welcoming...Especially
to an exhausted, battered boy who was supposed to be in his own bed at the time. He suddenly
realized that it was Hiei's bed he was looking at, and flushed slightly, looking away
quickly at the images his mind produced..
Hiei entered the room again, holding a pill and a glass of water. "Here."
Kurama gratefully took the offered medicine, gulping it down with a sip of water.
"Thank you," he said. "My back is killing me." He took another sip and turned slightly
to place the glass on a nearby desk. He could sense that the fire demon had moved behind him,
but before he could even wonder why, strong hands wrapped around his shoulders and began
flexing expertly. Kurama choked on a gasp, and slid his eyes closed, coming dangerously
close to purring as the fire demon silently massaged his neck and shoulders.
Oh, Itari, I must be in heaven, he thought dazedly as he let his chin rest on his
chest. This is bliss.. The tension seemed to ebb from his body, and he began to fully
appreciate the ministrations as the pain dissapated. Hiei's strong, calloused hands
on his shoulders and back made him flush, but not with embarrassment. The searching
thumb on his neck found a particuarlly knotted place and rubbed it firmly until his neck
relaxed completely. He couldn't surpress a slight groan of relief and let his head sag
further down, his flaming hair rustling against his shoulders as it curtained his face.
Heaven...I'm in heaven...
Hiei moved slightly behind him, and the massaging hands continued to his shoulders..
across his shoulder blades..around his upper back...and towards his lower back. Kurama
straightened slightly to allow the fire demon better room, his eyes just barely open,
shining like luminous green emeralds. He was so caught up in the sensation, that he barely
even noticed when the hands stopped. As this realization sank in and he lifted his head
to protest, he found himself staring into ruby eyes for the upteenth time that night.
His breath caught in his throat, and they stared at each other silently for a long moment.
"H-Hiei..?" Kurama murmured, his eyes cloudy with pleasure and confusion.
The fire demon made no reply, only continued to stare as he reached out and touched
a calloused finger, almost hesitantly, to Kurama's soft cheek. A tremor ran through the
Youko's body at the touch, and he took a sharp intake of breath, his eyelids sliding partially
closed. The rough yet gentle fingers ran across his cheek, then brushed his lips as lightly
as a butterfly's touch.
Kurama was distantly aware, over his pounding heart, that his breathing had quickened.
"Hiei...m-matte," he gasped quietly, half afraid, half exultated by the Yokai's advances.
"No," Hiei said stubbornly, taking the Youko's beautiful face in his hands, running
his eyes over every perfect feature before leaning in like a hungry shark.
"Hi--mmmphh!" Kurama's frantic protest was cut short as Hiei's lips met his, washing
away all his nervousness in a flood of emotions. He was completely caught up in the kiss;
the fire demon kissed him lightly, first, then harder, timidly touching his partner's lips
with the tip of his tongue.
Kurama shuddered, and responded to the kiss, wrapping his strong arms around the
Koorime's neck as if to keep him from breaking away. The Youko in him was an experienced
and talented lover, and as he parted his lips, inviting the other Yokai's tongue, he
realized that he had gone too long without a mate. During his entire life in the Ningen body,
he had not been with anyone, and it felt very, very good to be in the arms of someone at
last-- especially when that someone was a Youkai like himself. A very *handsome* Yokai.

Hiei almost jumped with surprise when the slim arms wrapped around him, but he
was enjoying himself too much to pull back. Kurama's lips were soft and sweet, and he
couldn't resist when he felt them part. He was almost completely inexperienced, but
his body seemed to know exactly what to do. He slipped his tongue into the other's
mouth, letting one hand remain against the soft cheek while his other slid down the
bishonen's pale throat and then grabbed the gorgeous mane of red hair that had
first caught his eyes.
Kurama made a little noise and clutched to the demon like someone drowning,
as he made it known that he was a very talented kisser. He felt Hiei shudder slightly, and
the hand in his hair tightened possessively, while he rubbed his other thumb slowly in a circle
against the boy's cheek.
"Mmf... Hiei?"
"Hn, what is it, fox?" Hiei asked huskily, nuzzling the shuddering Youko's neck.
"Haa..." Kurama breathed in pleasure before getting out what he'd tried to say. "Wouldn't... this be easier..... on the bed..?"
Hiei smirked, kissing him lightly. "Hmm, it would be, wouldn't it?"
Smiling, Kurama lifted the unprotesting fire demon into his arms and headed for the large bed.


Mokuro stomped upstairs, followed by two guards. "Where is that damn little yokai?" she fumed, heading determidely towards the fire demon's bedroom. "He should have picked his bride almost an hour ago!!"
The guards rushed ahead to open the bedroom door for her, and suddenly froze. Mokuro snarled at them as they exchanged stunned looks, reaching for the doorknob. "Out of the way, fools!"
"M-Mistress Mokuro, wait!" one of the guards whimpered, his eyes large. "Er, I don't think you should interrupt!"
"Why not?" she demanded haughtily.
The other guard winced as another groan issued from behind the door. "Um, I think he may have found his bride..."
"What! Are you lying to me to protect him?" Ignoring their protests, she flung open the door.
Hiei, covered only with a thin sheet, looked up from where he was crouching over someone in his bed, glaring balefully at the three speechless figures in the doorway. Beneath him, something stirred, and a head of flaming red hair popped up, emerald eyes watching them solemnly.
"Uhh.. congratulations, Hiei," Mokuro said hastily, shutting the door quickly. "Well, what do you know?" she said wonderingly, walking off with an air of smug satisfaction, the two silent yokai trailing in her wake. "The party worked. He found someone, after all. How charming. A pretty little girl, too. Well, Hiei never was able to resist beautiful things..." She chuckled, going downstairs to inform her guests of the betrothal.

Kurama looked up at Hiei and smirked. "Well... sometimes looking like a female can come in handy, I guess."
"Hn." Hiei grunted, leaning down for another kiss. "Stupid fox.."


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