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First let's get the obvious out in the open...
This is a yaoi friendly site.
Every single fanfic but one on this site is about a boy loving another boy. Ok, and a couple yuri fics. There are several NC-17 rated fics here, which are clearly marked. If you're not old enough, or you don't like "gay" fanfiction, this is not the site for you.


   For those of you who stayed... Irrashai~ ^_^ This site is a place to host the fanfics of the sisters Mami and Amiko. The fics here are primarily Weiß Kreuz and Gundam Wing, along with a few random ones (Naruto, Harry Potter, etc).
   If you like the fics, have a comment for the authors, or just something to say to us, you can either sign our review boards (found under our fic pages) or contact us the following ways:

sistermuses@yahoo.com- this addy is for when you have something to say to both of us or about the site in general
amiko_16@yahoo.com- this is if you want to contact Amiko
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Enjoy your stay~! ^__^

~Amiko & Mami


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