Notes: This is a shounen ai/yaoi story. That means boy luvs boy. Naruto and Sasuke, to be more specific. ^_^ Don't like that, don't read this fic. =p I'm not sure what everyone's ages are in "Naruto".. I always assumed they were anywhere frum 11-13. *shrug* But I'm taking liberties and makin' them about 14 or 15 =p Also, this doesn't really occur between any of the chapters in the manga. It's just some little blurb. It developed as a daydream I thought up to amuse myself on a roadtrip, and cuz I got so detailed in it i figured i might as well write it down. =p Oh, I've read up to vol. 12 so far, so if sasuke and sakura actually do have some kind of relationship later down the road, too bad. la~ *tosses part of storyline carelessly over shoulder* Not in this fic's timeline. ^_^ Enjoy the insanity~

***Oh, yeah.. contains spoilers, mostly concerning Vol. 3, with Haku.***

"They've got Sakura??"
Sasuke glanced towards his team mate from where he was busy concealing his kunai in his clothes. "That's right," he growled. "And we're going after her."
"Shouldn't we tell Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto hurried to follow Sasuke's example, pulling his weapons from his thigh belt and stuffing them into his shoes and coat. "He--"
"No. We're doing this ourselves. She's our team mate. We can handle this."
"Hey, yeah," Naruto agreed quickly, stumbling to catch up to the boy who was already striding towards the door. "I mean.. we don't need him to baby-sit us anymore, right? They're not even that great of ninjas, right? Hey, wait up, dammit!"
"No," Sasuke agreed calmly, striding determinedly down the road. "But there's a lot of them. In a club of some sort. They're part of *that* ninja clan."
"*That* ninja clan..?" Naruto made a horrible face, looking up at his partner with barely-veiled disgust. "You mean... the fags?"
Sasuke rolled his eyes at Naruto's crude assumption. "..Yes," he affirmed. "*Those* ninjas."
"Then what would they want with Sakura?" Naruto demanded, glaring suspiciously at the other boy. "If they.. uh.. If they're weird like that?"
Sasuke shook his head briefly. "I'm not sure. I think that kid she hit the other day for saying something rude about Kakashi-sensei was related to one of them. Anyway, they're holding her in a club and they're probably going to hurt her later. Or humiliate her."
"How'd you find all this out?" Naruto snorted, stuffing his hands in his pockets. "What're you, some kind of little spy?"
"I threatened to beat up that kid that Sakura hit," Sasuke said calmly, then flicked a look towards his team mate. "You don't call her 'Sakura-chan' anymore," he observed.
Naruto squinted up at him, frowning a little uncomfortably. "Yeah, well," he edged, "we're not kids anymore. An'.. it's not like she appreciated it or anything." He looked straight ahead moodily. "She always liked you, anyway," he grumbled. "I don't know why you never made a move on her, you dumbass."
"So your stupid crush on her is over with?" Sasuke airily brushed away the rude remark.
"Yeh.." Naruto shrugged carelessly. "She thinks I'm annoying most of the time- what's the point?"
"Everyone thinks you're annoying."
Naruto glared up at him. "YOU'RE the annoying one," he shot back. Sasuke ignored him. "So where's this stupid club?"
"We should be there in about an hour. Shut up and keep up."
"Quit being a jerk!"
"Quit being annoying."
Naruto had the childish urge to make a face at his slightly taller companion, but managed to keep himself in check. "So you ain't interested in Sakura," he said snidely, "like a dork. She's cute. If she's not good enough for you, who the hell *are* you interested in?"
Sasuke was looking straight ahead, face devoid of emotion, as if he cared nothing for Naruto's opinions or his curiosity.
"I mean, y'gotta like *someone*!" Naruto exploded after several moments of tense silence. "Fess up!"
"Why?" Sasuke demanded quietly. "Do *you* like someone?"
"Uh.." Naruto blinked, caught off guard, and flushed a little when Sasuke glanced sideways at him, waiting for the answer. "What kind of nosey guy are you??" he sputtered. "Yeah, right, like I'm gonna tell you! Besides, if I show you any girl I'm interested in, they'll see you and forget all about me!"
"Don't be stupid."
"They would!"
"Because you're better looking than m-" Naruto shut his mouth so fast his teeth clicked.
Sasuke shot him a cool look, but didn't comment. The two continued their journey in silence, with Naruto fuming to himself.

"Y-you've got to be joking," Naruto grinned nervously at his calm companion. "Right? I mean.. you expect us to go into that club and not bust heads?"
"Not yet," Sasuke confirmed, taking a quick peek at the window again. "They've got Sakura in a corner at a booth. One of them's got a katana. All the guys around her are armed. That one with the sword looks tough. If we go in and start causing a mess, they'll just hurt her or threaten to kill her to make us stop."
"Arrghh!" Naruto tugged at his hair in frustration. "Then what the hell are we supposed to do?" he hissed. "Go and ask nicely?! 'Hey, mister queer, can we have our friend back? Thanks a lot.' Idiot!!"
"Shut up," Sasuke muttered, pushing him down and looking around to make sure no one was around. "Looks like it's a big party of some sort. Friends of the clan are in there. All we have to do is blend in until we can get close enough to grab her and get out."
"Then we can bust heads?" Naruto cackled, pounding a fist into his palm in anticipation. "Great! Easy! So.." he stopped, squinting as he thought over what Sasuke had said. "Wait.. Blend in? What d'you mean bl--" Suddenly it dawned on him, and he scuttled away from Sasuke like a frightened cockroach. "No way!" he hollered. "I am NOT going to pretend to be gay just to fool those fuckin' freaks! Are you out of your damn mind?!"
"Shh!" Sasuke grabbed him, slapping a hand over his mouth quickly, glaring at him impatiently. "Shut up! They'll hear you! Do you have a better idea, Dead-Last?"
"Don't call me that, jackass," Naruto growled, swatting the hand away and glaring daggers. "This has got to be the stupidest plan I ever heard!"
"I'm waiting for *your* brilliant plan," Sasuke said evenly, crossing his arms over his chest and glaring balefully. "Well?"
Naruto wanted to scream. He stuffed his hands in his mouth to prevent the sound from escaping, stomping his foot in furious frustration. "I don't believe this shit!!"
Sasuke ignored him, rummaging through a bag he'd brought. "Shut up and take off that stupid jacket. Put this on."
Naruto glared at the patterned shirt Sasuke was offering as if it would bite him. "Eat shit and die."
Sasuke dropped the cloth unceremoniously at his partner's feet, tugging off his own shirt and pulling a tight black tank top on. "Just do it. Or don't you want to get Sakura out of there?"
Muttering dark curses to himself, Naruto reached for the shirt. "This is bullshit. You owe me a pound of ramen after this, you ass."
Sasuke was unimpressed. "Hn."

Sasuke reached out and pushed Naruto's hands away from where he was tugging uncomfortably at the hem of his shirt. "Knock it off," he murmured out of the side of his mouth, glancing around calmly at the crowded room. The musicians on a small stage were blaring their music loud enough to almost drown out his quiet command. "You're supposed to blend in, remember?"
"This is bullshit," Naruto repeated, blushing as he looked around at the dancing men. "I think I'm gonna be sick."
"Shut up. Come on, let's try to get a little closer."
The two wove through the crowd, wrinkling their noses a little at the smell of sweat and smoke. Spotting one of the men by Sakura looking their way suspiciously, Sasuke grabbed a drink off a nearby table and shoved it into Naruto's hands. "They're watching us," he muttered. "Take a drink of that. Try not to look like such a scared kid."
Naruto glared at him over the rim of the glass as he raised it nervously for a quick swig. "Shut up already. How can you expect me to act all casual in a freak house like this? I can't believe this isn't making you want to vomit." He took a deep drink, unthinkingly, and almost choked, slamming the glass back on the table. "Gahh! What is this shit?? It's alcohol, you idiot!"
"Drink it, it might calm you down," Sasuke said snidely, taking a small sip and frowning at the taste before handing it back to his friend. "Most of the people are drinking. It'll make you look more natural."
Naruto made a face, but took another tentative sip, hoping Sasuke was right and it would calm his nerves. It made him feel tingly and warm, and after a few more sips he got used to the taste. He trailed after Sasuke, still drinking the full glass.
The man who had been eyeing them earlier was still watching them. Sasuke muttered a curse under his breath and turned the other way, wading deeper into the dancing throng.
"Oi, what are you doing?" Naruto hissed. "You're going the wrong way!"
"They're still watching us. You're acting too out of place; they're suspicious," Sasuke said, stopping so his companion could catch up. He blinked as he looked down at the empty glass in Naruto's hand. "You drank all that alcohol? Are you trying to get drunk, you idiot?"
Naruto blinked up at him irritably before peering into the empty cup. "I won't get drunk," he said defensively, and Sasuke almost groaned at the slight slur to his speech.
"Great," he sighed. "Well at least you're not freaking out anymore."
Naruto snorted, setting the glass down and plucking up another. Sasuke grabbed it from him. "Enough already! You're going to get drunk and say something stupid!" He took a quick gulp to prevent Naruto from retrieving the drink and set it aside, shivering a little at the tingle it sent through him. That was enough; anymore and he would get too tipsy. They had to get Sakura out, he thought firmly. He sneaked a glance towards the group of armed men. Sakura still hadn't noticed them. Her face was a little pale, and she was watching the man with the katana nervously. Two men caught him looking at them and one said something to the other. The bigger of the two straightened and started making his way towards them.
"Shit.." Sasuke glanced around quickly for any escape, but they were surrounded by swaying bodies. "Naruto," he snapped, "time to blend in."
"Eh?" That was all Naruto got out before Sasuke snagged him by the wrists and pulled him forward. He stumbled, landing heavily against his partner, giving a little grunt of surprise as arms wrapped loosely and awkwardly around his waist. "What the hell--"
Sasuke was looking over his unwilling partner's head at the advancing man, moving backwards to bring them into view a little more so that the man could see the grip he had on an unwitting Naruto. "Shh," he hissed. "One of them's coming. Don't you dare resist, you idiot, or you'll blow our cover."
Naruto was blushing furiously. He fought down his instinctive response, which was to drive his elbow into Sasuke's stomach and yank away. Sasuke's hands on his sides, though it was a light and uncomfortable touch, made him shiver.
Sasuke grabbed one of his hands impatiently and put it on his own shoulder. "You're a pathetic actor," he said scathingly. "You'd suck as an undercover ninja."
Naruto glared up at him furiously, but was a little mollified when he realized Sasuke was blushing faintly, too. He reluctantly raised his other hand, placing it gingerly on Sasuke's other shoulder. The alcohol coursing in his blood made him bold, and he couldn't help picking on his team mate, determined to embarrass him as much as he was embarrassing him. Swallowing, he slid his arms around Sasuke's neck, feeling a little smirk of triumph touch his lips as Sasuke jumped minutely at the unexpected gesture. "*Who* sucks as an undercover ninja?" he challenged. "Who are you, Mr. Perfect? I can act, too, asshole. Better than you."
Sasuke resisted the temptation to roll his eyes. Naruto's constant competitiveness with him was tiring and annoying the majority of the time, but in this case he might be able to use it to his advantage to keep him from blowing their cover. Having Naruto tipsy was a help. "Sure," he said sarcastically, swaying slightly, as if dancing, still shooting the occasional glance towards the ninja approaching them. The man had hesitated on seeing the two embracing each other, and Sasuke sighed quietly in relief. If they were suspected of being intruders, the entire club would jump them, and Sasuke wasn't sure if they'd be able to escape without killing half of them. Besides, they might hurt Sakura.
Naruto seemed to have temporarily forgotten their mission, suddenly intent on showing Sasuke up, too blinded with the alcohol and his injured pride to consider the consequences of his actions. He began swaying in time with the music, relaxing a little against Sasuke's body and locking his fingers around the other boy's neck, smirking in satisfaction at the blush that crept onto the normally stoic boy's cheeks.
"You're drunk," Sasuke grunted.
"Shut up. Blend in," Naruto mocked.
This time Sasuke did roll his eyes.
They stayed like that for a few minutes, and Naruto felt his head droop, allowing his forehead to rest against Sasuke's shoulder, a little drowsy from the drink. Sasuke's arms around his waist were more secure, now, more confident, as Sasuke acted his part, and for a tiny second Naruto allowed himself to pretend, to take a glimpse of his own private secret, the longing that had silently been tearing him apart from the inside for longer than he cared to remember.
//Why? Do *you* like someone?//
Yes.. but that makes me a freak. That makes me one of *them*. Naruto closed his eyes, his grip tightening slightly, unconsciously. I hate myself for it..but I can't help it. I hate pretending like this, acting like we're on some kind of date for this stupid mission, because...
That's all it is to you. Asshole. You think you're so freaking cool. So great.
I liked Sakura. But..the day I thought Haku killed you.. the day you almost gave your life to protect me...
I realized I liked two people. That's why.. I hate you so much. Because you make me.. a freak.
Something inside of him seemed to snap, and he pulled back abruptly, reaching up to grab Sasuke's jaw, to keep him from looking as he sent a quick glance off to the side. His instincts had been correct. Two of the men were heading towards them, looking sullen. "Shit, they're coming again," he said urgently. "They don't look convinced. This was a stupid idea, assh--"
Sasuke managed to jerk his head away and saw them coming. Frustration and impatience rose in him. What more did these jokers want? Didn't they look enough like a couple by holding each other and dancing? He glanced around at the other dancers, and frowned a little. Then again.. the others were getting pretty into it, and all he and Naruto were doing was moving side to side. He looked down at Naruto and saw the boy's eyes beginning to burn with battle light. He was getting that 'I'm going to kick some ass in about .5 seconds' look in his eye as he watched the two men come with an almost eager expression. Naruto, you idiot..
I'm going to kill you for making me do this.
He grabbed Naruto's face in his hands after only a slight hesitation and leaned forward, crushing his mouth against the other boy's, swallowing his startled gasp.
Naruto went rigid with shock, unable to even think coherently as Sasuke's lips moved clumsily over his, rough with determination but tentative at the same time with inexperience and embarrassment.
Then something completely unexpected happened. He felt his mouth open instinctively, his lips move with Sasuke's. His hands tightened on the other's shoulders in a desperate grip..
He kissed Sasuke back.
It was clumsy and a little awkward, but it made something in Naruto flare, and he felt like crying because of it. He had responded too quickly. Now Sasuke had to know...
He closed his eyes tightly and started to pull back.
And Sasuke did the unthinkable.
His arms tightened around the other boy's waist, drawing him closer, and he kissed Naruto again, with a little more thought to the action this time, turning his head slightly and acting on instinct, brushing his lips against Naruto's before opening his mouth, feeling the other's give under his own, deepening the kiss, which was becoming less awkward and was making his head buzz and his whole body flush. Naruto's arms were wrapping around his neck, and suddenly he felt as if he had done something very foolish, something that he couldn't back away from. Naruto had kissed him back so quickly.. No actor-- especially not this hot-headed little brat --could possibly react so swiftly to such an unexpected move. Then why...?
//If she's not good enough for you, who *are* you interested in?//
was a big mistake.
He pulled away quickly, pushing Naruto back, out of his personal space, taking a shuddery breath. Naruto was breathing hard, staring up at him with a dazed expression, face flushed, eyes dilated. Sasuke couldn't help the little pang of satisfaction he felt at having affected the other boy so. He swallowed, knowing his own face was beet red as he tore his eyes from the sight and shot a quick look around. The two ninjas were heading back towards their table, evidently satisfied. Thank god. If *that* hadn't worked, they would have been screwed.
"S-Sasuke.. you asshole," Naruto stuttered, his face flaming as he seemed to get a hold of himself. He glared furiously up at his partner. "You-you hentai! What the fuck were you thinking??"
"Hey, it worked, didn't it?" Sasuke had to make an effort to make his voice cool and his face expressionless. He realized belatedly that he was still holding Naruto around the waist and let his arms drop by his sides limply. Naruto pulled his arms back as if he'd been burned, still glaring. Something akin to hurt flashed across his face almost too quickly to notice, and Sasuke frowned a little, puzzled.
Sometimes, he realized, Naruto didn't look so stupid. Or childish or ridiculous. In the past couple of years.. when he wasn't making his stupid faces, Naruto had grown handsome. Even when they were younger, when Naruto would get serious, he would look better than Sasuke had expected.
That hurt.. almost like betrayal.. that had flickered on Naruto's flushed face for an instant...
Was that..?
"Who do you like?" he asked quietly, and Naruto blinked, caught off guard once more by the unexpected question.
"You first," Naruto shot back, but he was looking at Sasuke warily, the way a mouse looked at a cat when gambling for its life. All or nothing.
Sasuke stared at him silently for what seemed like an endless moment, watching the way Naruto's eyes darted, taking in his face as if searching for some sort of joke or trap. He looked almost miserable under his embarrassment and indignation. As if preparing himself for the biggest letdown of his life.
"I like... an idiot," Sasuke said at last, almost inaudibly.
Naruto's eyes slid away, his breath hitching in an uncontrolled shiver of anticipation and fear. "And I like.. an asshole."
"What's his name?"
"Wh-who said it was a guy??" Naruto sputtered, looking horrified. "You-"
"'Asshole'?" Sasuke finished, arching a brow, realizing belatedly that his heart was pounding.
Naruto was bright red again, and looked as if he wanted to do nothing more than disappear on the spot. He seemed unable, for once, to say a word in his defense.
Sasuke hesitated, torn. Part of him was screaming at him to remember that this was just a cover, an act, that they needed to hurry and rescue Sakura. But the other part of him.. the part that had been secretly nagging at him for the past couple of years, was also shouting at him, making itself known, refusing to be pushed uncomfortably to the back of his mind anymore. And that voice was screaming louder than the other one.
'Kiss him, you idiot!!'
Sasuke glanced around briefly, half stalling, half looking for inspiration as he watched the men around him, then commanded his hand to stop shaking minutely as he lifted it, sliding it past Naruto's jaw so that he was cupping the back of his head in his palm. Naruto's eyes widened, and he took in a sharp breath, gazing warily up at his partner, as if sure this was some kind of cruel joke. Then Sasuke leaned in, and he tilted his chin to meet him, opening his mouth in invitation, his hand creeping up almost shyly to Sasuke's arm.
The clumsiness was almost gone, this time, though shyer than before, as if Sasuke expected Naruto to pull back at any second, his lips soft and hesitant. Naruto grabbed him by his upper arms and tugged slightly, drawing him closer as he kissed the other boy back desperately, something inside of him feeling as if it would explode with overwhelming happiness. Did Sasuke... did he..?
Sasuke's kiss grew bolder, and after a moment he plucked up his nerve and copied the other men around him, prodding Naruto's partially open mouth with his tongue.
Naruto jumped a little at the strange touch, feeling his face flush, but he had seen the men do the same thing, though more extravagantly. Hesitantly he opened his lips further, and felt a groan rise in the back of his throat as a warm, wet tongue invaded his mouth, pushing hesitantly at his own tongue and the side of his cheek. Naruto could barely hear the music above the pounding of his heart in his ears. He wrapped his arms around his partner's neck, feeling a strong arm slide around his own waist as he tilted his head counter to Sasuke's, inviting more as he experimentally raised his own tongue, brushing it against Sasuke's. And then pleasure and something akin to lust took over, and the kiss became deeper and Naruto found himself fighting for dominance, pushing past Sasuke's tongue and delving into the other boy's mouth, relishing the dark sweet taste of him, tightening his grip on his team mate as he felt a low moan vibrate in Sasuke's throat, giving him a flash of triumph. But Sasuke pushed back, warring with his own tongue, until suddenly they realized they were both in sore need of air.
They pulled apart, gasping, staring at each other with flushed faces, eyes vaguely focused and unbelieving.
Something in the back of Naruto's consciousness was roaring with lust, and it almost scared him. When he faintly recognized the feeling of the being behind it, it made him gasp a little.
Nine Tails, what are you...?!
Why did he have the eerie feeling the fox inside of him was enjoying this just as much as Naruto was? Ever since he had learned to open himself to that part of his soul, he had discovered he could feel the essence of the trickster fox more and more, and sometimes when their feelings were aligned, especially so strongly, he could sense him more than ever. This, however.. he had never felt his presence so strongly before without his willing it. And beneath the Nine Tail's lust and excitement he sensed.. experience.
But how could a fox know about this sort of thing? Naruto shook his head dazedly, staring up at Sasuke. Unless.. Well, Nine Tails was a trickster. The legends said kitsunes could take the forms of men for mischief. Then maybe.. a long time ago, Nine Tails had taken the shape of a man and...
Without warning Nine Tails pushed impatiently at his subconscious, in a sudden move for dominance, and Naruto had to struggle inwardly to push him back. No way was that crazy fox going to come over him now. Though... he blushed a little, raising his fingers from Sasuke's neck to bury them in his hair. The experience of Nine Tails could come in handy...
Sasuke gasped aloud as Naruto leaned in, ducking his head slightly and turning Sasuke's head to the side with his hands, latching onto his neck with a willing mouth, biting softly and sucking at the skin until he was sure it would leave marks. Sasuke felt his eyes slide shut, his heart thundering in his ears as his breath hitched, his hands tightening on Naruto's sides as something in his gut began to coil and burn in a distinctly familiar manner that he recognized from a few times... like when he and Naruto had been bathing together at some hot springs.. or when Naruto had been shoved against him once in a crowded hallway. But this time the feeling was stronger than ever, because Naruto was willing and in his right mind and god--
It seemed his mouth was suited for more than talking, after all.
Naruto moved his lips from Sasuke's throat to his jaw line, trailing his mouth there softly before tracing up his cheek towards his mouth, which opened unhesitatingly, allowing his tongue entry. He shivered as Sasuke's hands ran up his back almost roughly, rumpling his shirt, then had to swallow a whimper as the hands lowered, pushed impatiently past cloth, and slid upwards once more, this time against bare skin, making his entire body tingle. Calloused hands ran up and down his back slowly, thumbs brushing his sides, and this time he couldn't restrain a groan, leaning into his partner and allowing Sasuke to dominate the kiss, thrusting his tongue past the shorter boy's, attacking his mouth before drawing back slightly to nibble at his bottom lip experimentally. Naruto pulled his hands from Sasuke's dark hair, trailing them down biceps and young, corded muscle before following his impulse and burying his hands in the back pockets of Sasuke's pants, tugging him forward so that their hips were crushed together.
Sasuke pulled his mouth free with a gasp at the unexpected move, face flushing as he realized from the startled look on Naruto's face that he had felt what Sasuke himself had. It was the first time he had felt another boy's hard-on press against his own, and the feeling only made the lust in him scream louder, making his pants painfully tighter. Naruto was blushing again, his grip loosening as he blinked up at Sasuke in mingled surprise and trepidation.
Suddenly the moment was shattered.
They whirled at the familiar scream, hearts leaping into their throats. "Sakura-" Naruto gasped, then gurgled, sweatdropping and grimacing. "Aw shit.."
Sakura was staring directly at them from across the room, her face white as a sheet, her eyes bulging. "N-n-n-nani yo?!" she shrieked. "Naruto, what are you DOING to him?!"
Sasuke almost facevaulted. "Shit.."
The man beside Sakura pointed at them with his katana, gritting his teeth angrily. "Get them!" he roared. "Spies! OOF!"
Sakura managed to gather her wits long enough to drive her fist into his stomach, doubling him over, and made a dash for safety. Chaos instantly ensued.
Naruto shouted colorful curses as he found himself fighting wildly with fists and feet, fumbling for his hidden weapons as Sasuke knocked one man out of the way and hurried to get to Sakura before her pursuers did. "Get out of my way!" Naruto hollered, leaping into the air and kicking two men upside their heads, his weapons appearing in his hands. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!!" Immediately a score of Narutos appeared, causing the men to howl in fear and shock.
Sasuke ducked one man who went sailing over his head, seizing Sakura by the arm and yanking her out of harm's way, kneeing one of her attackers in the groin and dragging her towards the exit. "Come on," he snarled.
"Ahh- Sasuke!" she gasped, stumbling as she raced after him. "You came to rescue me?!"
"We both did," he growled, glancing over his shoulder as the Naruto clones made short work of the remaining men. "Why the hell did you scream like that? That guy could have used you as a shield! That's why we were undercover!"
"Under..cover?" she breathed, blushing bright red. "O-oh! So.. that's why you two were.. um.."
Sasuke avoided her desperate gaze. "Aa," he agreed gruffly. "Now hurry up."

Naruto scowled darkly at his vulpine reflection, flicking a pebble bad-temperedly into the water, disturbing the boy glaring back at him. He leaned back on his hands, sighing loudly, grumbling to himself.
Why'd Sakura have to go and ruin it all? He'd been *that* damn close..! And after saving her, Sasuke hadn't said shit to him. He'd reverted back to his old condescending self. It pissed him off!!
He wasn't as good looking as Sasuke; everyone knew that. He wasn't as popular, as cool, as talented, as under control of his emotions. Girls always swooned over Sasuke..but Naruto...
Somehow he always seemed to place second next to the other ninja.
"Having fun scaring the fish?"
Naruto shot a quick glance over his shoulder at the familiar, cool voice. He offered his best glare, making a horrible face. "Nyah! Fuck you, Sasuke. You're such a prick." He turned his back on the other boy once more, grumpily wrapping his arms around his legs and resting his chin on his knees, glaring out at the slowly sinking sun.
He shot a sharp glance towards his partner as the other boy seated himself calmly beside him, leaning back on his hands and gazing out at the sunset as well with an expressionless face.
Naruto realized belatedly he was staring and quickly returned his attention to the sun, growling suspiciously to hide his discomfort, "What do you want, anyway? Here to make fun of me again?" He sneered. "Remember it was me who kicked those faggots' asses while you got Sakura out of there. Me!"
Sasuke made no indication that he had heard or cared.
Naruto made a face at him. "Oi! Hey, I'm talking to-"
"You like an"
Naruto blinked, snapping his mouth shut, caught off guard by the quiet tone. "Uhh.." he frowned, sweatdropping a little. Damn. "Yeah, so?" He smirked. "You wouldn't know her, though. She's super cute, and not interested in a dork like you."
Sasuke raised one eyebrow just the slightest, shooting him an unreadable look. "Really."
"Yeah, that's right," Naruto embellished. "I found the perfect girl, and you only like an idiot," he snickered, grinning at the sun. "She's cool and pretty and a great ninja. And brave. Everyone wants her." He laughed, unable to hide the bitter undertone. "She can be a cold bitch.. but I think it's just because she's..I dunno.. Afraid to love..."
He trailed off, watching the wind pick up a few dead leaves and blow them into the water, his sneer gone. Sasuke watched him silently.
"Everyone wants her," Naruto repeated quietly. "I thought she was a bitch.. she pissed me off, being so popular, so cool... But I guess I like her, now. Heh.. stupid, huh? But..she could have anyone she wanted. I'm just the freak. The one who can't do anything right. She can't stand me, so.. I don't have a chance."
He laughed abruptly, to hide his agitation, and leered at Sasuke, who was still staring at him with emotionless eyes. "So what about you, huh? What about this chick you like? The idiot. What's she like, huh?"
Sasuke's eyes flicked over his friend's face, as if searching for something. Then he snorted quietly, and gave the ghost of a smile. "He's... still an idiot."
"H-huh?" Naruto blinked, flushing. "'He'--?"
Then Sasuke was leaning in, seizing the back of the other boy's skull and pressing his mouth forcefully to his own.
By the time they finally pulled away, both boys were breathing hard, foreheads almost touching. "Demo.." Naruto was once again at a loss for words. He swallowed, tentatively laying his palm on Sasuke's thigh, taking in a shuddery breath when the other boy didn't draw away from the touch. He glanced hesitatingly up into his partner's face.
Sasuke was smirking at him, fingers still tangled in Naruto's blond hair. "But," he murmured. "I like idiots."
Naruto laughed breathlessly and pulled the young ninja in for another kiss.