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Restless dark eyes shifted sideways as a nearby crash of thunder shook the foundations of the small shack the silent pilot had chosen as a safehouse. Rain slanted across the warped glass of the window, making it difficult to make out anything through it. Not that there was anything worth seeing. It was night, and there were no lights around for miles aside from this damn shanty. The overhead light flickered dully once. Seated crosslegged on the sleeping roll he'd spread on the floor earlier, Shenlong's stern-faced pilot gave a nearly inaudible sigh. For some reason he was having trouble relaxing. His meditation wouldn't work if his concentration wavered every time there was a noise. He scowled to himself. This was unlike him.
It was all Yuy's fault.
He uncoiled from his rigid position, leaning back on his hands and glaring at the window as if the other pilot would somehow sense his frustration, and repent.
Yes. All Yuy's fault.
Another rumble of thunder, this time a little further off. Wufei's eyes flicked momentarily towards the phone he had brought along. He jerked his gaze away angrily. The phone was for emergencies and for updates on the mission. It was not there for him to use as his personal cellphone. That was something Maxwell would do.
He curled his feet back underneath himself stubbornly and placed his hands on his knees. He closed his eyes and took a deep, calming breath, attempting to fall into the trance that usually came so easily to him.
But when he closed his eyes, all he could see in his mind's eye was Heero Yuy, turning to smirk at him in the hangar back on L2, catching the other pilot off guard. Heero confronting him about his attitude, and the argument- and fight -that ensued. Heero's eyes blazing into him, hands strong enough to bend steel wrapped firmly around Wufei's wrists, holding him to the bed. As if he'd wanted to escape by then. Heero scowling at him, tweaking his ponytail in an uncharacteristic flash of playfulness at something sarcastic the Chinese pilot had said.
Damn it!!
Wufei shot to his feet with a stream of curses and began pacing.
He could not believe that he, Chang Wufei, pilot of beloved Nataku, warrior, Gundam pilot, was daydreaming about his blue-eyed lover in the middle of a mission. Injustice! This was all Yuy's fault!
Why did that smug bastard have to suddenly go all horny on him? Damn the man. That first time, when in the heat of one of their arguments, when Heero had suddenly pinned him to the wall and claimed his mouth in a savage kiss...
You could have fought back, a little voice in his head informed him snidely. You could have told him to stop, and he might have.
Wufei snarled to himself, still pacing, running a hand over his tightly-constricted hair. A few strands drifted loose, and he blew them irritably from his face. Maybe he could have, he argued with himself, but it was Yuy's fault for suddenly deciding he had teenage hormones. Since when did the Perfect Soldier lust after anyone??
Since when does a warrior of the Dragon Clan tumble into another man's bed without a fight? that annoying voice demanded.
Wufei flushed with shame. He couldn't lie to himself forever. He hadn't exactly resisted. Hadn't thought about the consequences. In fact, he hadn't been thinking very coherently at all when Heero's mouth had crushed against his, and those calloused hands had begun to trace heated paths all over his body. He had been shocked, had given the beginnings of a protest, and then his traitorous body had taken over.
He'd slept with Heero. And now they were steady lovers.
He glared in furious silence at his dim reflection in the window. The others didn't know, of course. Quatre seemed to have his suspicions, but thankfully kept them to himself. Not as if the petite blond had room to talk. If he and Barton weren't shacking it up, then Wufei was the Prince of Persia.
If he was to be completely honest with himself, Wufei was not angry about the relationship itself. Heero had always intrigued him. Having that toned body all to himself wasn't exactly the worst thing that had happened to him in his young life. The sex was great, and he and Heero understood each other.
The thing that bothered him was one simple fact:
He missed the brooding Wing pilot.
In the past month and a half he'd pretended he hadn't felt anything for Heero aside from lust. That what felt like a strange, muffled affection was really just hormones. But it was hard to keep telling himself that when he was sitting here like a stupid love-struck puppy wanting to pick up the phone and call his Japanese lover just to talk. He wasn't even feeling horny. He just..
Missed the other's company.
He buried his face in his hands and swallowed a groan. Damn it.

Can you hear me?
Am I gettin' through to you?

In the end, the problem was solved for him. An hour later, the phone began to ring shrilly, and he picked it up, answering brusquely.
"What's up, man?"
Wufei frowned. Maxwell. Of all the people. "What do you want, 02?" he asked, sounding resigned even to his own ears.
"Hey, man, I told you these lines are secure," Duo's indignant voice sounded a bit tinny, but clear. "Quit with the zero-shit."
"Did you call for a reason, Maxwell, or are you just determined to annoy me from a hundred miles away?" Wufei demanded acidly.
"Geez, who slipped a lemon in your green tea this morning?" Duo huffed. "Chill out. Actually, I have an update for you on your target."
Wufei straightened. "Go ahead."
Duo rattled off the new information, and Wufei carefully memorized it, storing it away in his mind for future use. This new change wasn't too big, and it wouldn't ruin the mission, but it would make things a little more difficult. A grim smile touched his lips. Well, he did love a challenge.
"You got all that?" Duo asked.
A challenge like a certain emotionless pilot with midnight eyes..
"Cool," Duo said cheerfully. "Well, I'll let you get back to sleeping or whatever you were doing..."
Wufei spoke without thinking. "Wait."
"What's up?"
Wufei felt like hitting himself on the head, but pressed on hastily before he could think better of it. "Is Yuy there?"
There was a slight pause that made Wufei instantly wary- did Duo suspect anything? -before the American answered in the same cheerful tone, "Yeah, sure, hang on a sec." Wufei heard the boy take a deep breath, and thoughtfully held the phone at arm's length. "YO, HEERO!" Duo bellowed. "PHONE!"
Wufei scowled at the phone like it was a roach before bringing it back to his ear. "Are you trying to deafen me, Maxwell?" he growled.
"Oops, sorry 'bout that," Duo said absently. "Here's Heero. See ya, Wu-man!"
Wufei sputtered. "Don't call me that," he snapped.
"Call you what?" Heero's familiar voice came over the line, predictably cold and distant, as always. Well. Almost always. He wasn't quite so cold when they were alone.
Wufei shook his head as if to scatter the random thoughts. He realized suddenly that he had no excuse for wanting to speak with Wing's pilot, and gave himself another mental kick in the head.

Is it late there?
There's a laughter on the line
Are you sure you're there alone?

"I'm here," he said curtly.
"Is the change going to affect your mission by much?"
Wufei frowned slightly, before realizing Heero was probably assuming that's why he'd wanted to talk. "No," he said. "Nothing extreme. I should have it finished by Thursday." Three days. Three days of sitting in this god-forsaken shack, or lurking around OZ's compound, and thinking of his homicidal lover.
There was a pause, as Heero waited for Wufei to tell him why he'd wanted to speak to him. Wufei grasped at straws, and asked the first stupid thing that popped into his head. "Is it raining over there, too?"
He could almost see Heero arch his brow at the mundane question. "Yes," he said after a moment. "Has the power gone out there?"
Still trying to figure out what the hell Wufei was talking to him for. Wufei raised his eyes to the ceiling and silently declared himself ten times a fool. "Iie." He heard Duo say something in the background, then laugh. Heero, with practiced efficiency, ignored the American. Wufei scowled. He wondered if Duo was sitting there babbling, but silently wondering what Wufei's reasons were for talking to Heero. It must be obvious by now to anyone else in the room that Heero was confused about it as well.
"Never mind," he muttered. "I'd better sum up my mission statement so far and send it to the doctor."
Wufei hesitated, unwilling to speak just yet. He had yet to utter anything intelligent in this conversation. Let Heero say something first, damn it.

Cause I'm
Tryin' to explain
Something's wrong
You just don't sound the same

The other voices disappeared, and Wufei could hear a door shut over the phone. Heero had left the room to speak to him privately. "Is something wrong?"
Wufei shook his head, realized Heero couldn't see it, and said, "No."
"Then why did you ask to talk to me?" there was a hint of irritation in Heero's voice. But of course the perfect soldier wouldn't think that someone would be talking to him just for the hell of it. Just to hear his voice. That was something Maxwell might do, or Quatre. Wufei gave a silent sigh and scowled down at his lap. He felt ashamed and embarrassed, but also suddenly annoyed. Neither he nor Heero was exactly the romantic type, but as long as Wufei was suffering these mild if embarrassing twinges of something like affection, he was a little offended that Heero wasn't suffering as he was.
Before he could think of something to fill in the awkward silence, Heero spoke up again, his voice suddenly calmer. "Did Duo tell you about Relena?"
"Huh?" Wufei asked intelligently. Was Heero trying to hold a conversation with him that didn't pertain to his mission? Holy shit. "Iie," he said. His mouth twisted in a sneer of disgust. "What is that pink terror up to now?"
Heero's voice was so flat- so carefully neutral -that Wufei could tell the other boy was hiding a smirk. "She gave Duo a black eye."
Wufei's jaw dropped. He shut his mouth hastily, blinking several times. "She hit him?" he asked incredulously. "Why?"
"I heard that, Heero," he heard Duo shout faintly in the background. "It's not that fucking funny!"
Heero ignored him. "Duo called her an 'obsessive stalker'," he explained dryly.
Wufei arched an elegant brow, feeling a smirk threaten his own lips. "She's still after you, Yuy?"
"Hn." Heero grunted in annoyance.

Why don't you
Why don't you
Go outside
Go outside

Wufei held the phone a little farther from his ear as he heard a door slam open, followed by blaring American music. "I don't see why you think it's so damn funny that your perfect pasifist little princess hit me," Duo was protesting indignantly and at the top of his voice. "She just can't deal with the truth!"
"Shut the door, Duo," Heero ordered coldly. "And turn off that noise."
"Uncultured weenie," Wufei could hear Duo snort. "You never heard Billie Myers before? We could play Madonna if you want. I have some Metallica somewh-"
"OUT," Heero snarled.
"All right, all right," Duo said huffily. "Geez, what have you two got to talk about that's so damn important?" There was a yelp, then the door slammed again.
Wufei blinked, pressing the phone to his ear once more. "What did you-"
"Went for my gun," Heero grunted.
Wufei finally pinned down where he'd heard the faint music and the name Billie Myers. "Kiss the Rain," he muttered absently.
Wufei felt his face flush, and cursed himself internally. "Nothing," he mumbled. "It's that stupid song.."
There was a crash of thunder, and the lights flickered. Wufei tensed a little in surprise at the loud noise. Heero was suddenly very silent on the phone.
Wufei hesitated, unsure whether to try to continue their bizarre attempt at a conversation, or just say goodbye.
"Why did you call?" Heero finally asked, his voice quiet and serious.
Wufei offered the ceiling a weak scowl. "Maxwell called me," he pointed out.
"Why did you ask for me?" Heero corrected with a hint of impatience.
Wufei blew a nearly inaudible sigh of irritation and uneasiness. "I don't know," he admitted grudgingly.
There was another awkward silence.

Kiss the rain
Whenever you need me
Kiss the rain
Whenever I'm gone too long
If your lips
Feel lonely and thirsty
Kiss the rain
And wait for the dawn.
Keep in mind
We're under the same sky
And the night's
As empty for me as for you
If you feel
You can't wait till morning
Kiss the rain
Kiss the rain
Kiss the rain

"You two are retards."
Wufei jumped at the sound of Duo's voice right in his ear. "Maxwell, what the hell-"
"Sorry, curiosity killed the cat and all that," Duo said flippantly. "It's not really that hard for me to pick up this transmission with the radio since- ahem -yours truly is the one that set our communications up."
"Duo- omae o korosu," Heero snarled.
"BAKA!" Wufei practically shouted, furious and embarrassed. How much had the braided pilot heard?? "Maxwell, I suggest you start running now and get a head start," he ground out from behind clenched teeth. "When I get back, they're never going to find your remains."
"Damn, chill out-- and don't even think about it, Heero," Duo added hastily. "I'm locked in Deathscythe. Trying to shoot me won't work this time."
"Get off the line, Duo." Heero's voice was filled with murderous intent.
"Look, just shut up for a sec, will ya?" Duo snapped. "Wu-man, quit being a baby and admit you called Heero because you missed him."
Wufei sprang to his feet sputtering.
"And Heero," Duo continued blithely, "quit acting so damn cold and admit you've been sulking ever since Wufei went on his mission. You miss each other. Yes. Very nice. Get over it, quit pussy-footing around it. You two get too grumpy when you haven't had any in awhile."
"MAXWELL!" Wufei howled in fury. A faint click informed them both that Duo had hung up on his end.
Heero's voice was icy. "I'll be right back."
"Don't bother, Yuy," Wufei managed to growl. "He's going to stay hidden in his Gundam like a rat for awhile." He was pacing, his heart pounding with humiliation and anger. "How did he find out?" he demanded in exasperation.
"I don't know, but we shouldn't be surprised," Heero grunted irritably. "He sticks his nose into everyone's business." There was a slight pause, then Heero asked in a voice that was a little too neutral, "Is that why you wanted to talk to me?"
Wufei cut off his mental scheming on exactly what pain he was going to inflict upon Duo on his return. Caught. Damn it.

Do you miss me?
I hear you say you do
But not the way I'm missing you

"What about you?" Wufei countered quickly, unwilling to answer Heero's question just yet. His lips curved in a small smirk. "Have you been sulking, Yuy?"
He didn't have to see the Wing pilot to know his lover was scowling at the receiver. "I wasn't sulking." His voice was a growl, but Wufei could detect the faint air of indignation, and couldn't muffle a snigger. "Are you laughing at me?" Heero demanded.
"Of course not, Yuy," Wufei lied, still smirking in a superior way. He felt a twinge of regret. Face to face, this kind of "argument" usually led to mock fighting and- more often than not -a brief struggle on the nearest surface for the position of seme.
There was a meaningful silence, and Wufei realized Heero was still waiting for an answer. Squashing his pride and his better judgement, he muttered, "Hai."
There was a pause as Heero processed that information, then repeated firmly, "I wasn't sulking." But Heero wasn't one to repeat himself unnecessarily, and Wufei tried to ignore the implications that specification could mean. Did Heero...?
Bah. Not in a million lightyears. Not that it should matter to Wufei in the first place. The phone gave a warning beep, and Wufei was almost relieved. "Batteries are low," he said, falling into brusque soldier mode. "I need to recharge so I can get a connection for the modem." He still had to send out his report of the mission so far. Not that there was too much to mention. Still, he'd made it a habit of keeping his fellow pilots and the "good doctor" up to date. That way at least if he died tomorrow, someone would know exactly how the mission was going, and be able to finish it in his stead if necessary.
"Understood. Notify us in any serious difficulties in the mission."
Wufei snorted quietly. "I'll notify you when the mission is complete," he said firmly.
That was all the 'goodluck and goodbye' either of them could expect from each other, so they hung up.
Wufei pulled the battery free and attached it to its charger, tossing the phone onto his sleeping bag. He seated himself on the floor and reached for his laptop, dragging it into his lap. Flicking the 'on' switch, he leaned back on his hands and gazed at the dark window as he waited for the laptop to power up.
There was a quick flash of lightening, then the window went dark again; so dark, that he could see his dim reflection. The blurry visual reminded him sharply of the many times his lover had sat on the nearest available surface, laptop balanced on his knees, fingers flying, intense eyes fixed on the glowing screen.
The computer beeped, prompting him for his password, and he shook himself a little irritably out of his musing to tap in the correct set of numbers and letters. He wasn't as fast a typer as Duo, and not nearly as fast as Heero, but small things like that didn't bother him anymore. Besides, there was no Duo hanging over his shoulder, complaining about how long he was taking.
He was logged in. Pulling up his unfinished mission statement, he glanced over it, then began to type, putting in updates. By the time he was finished, the phone should be just about ready, and he could connect and send it out.
He typed carefully, so that he would not make stupid mistakes or typos and have to go back and fix them. He did this partly because he was something of a perfectionist.
And partly because Heero was going to read it, and that was one man's disapproval he did not want.

What's new?
How's the weather?
Is it stormy where you are?
You sound so close
But it feels like you're so far
Oh would it mean anything
If you knew
What I'm left imagining
In my mind
In my mind

Heero returned to the den and set the receiver back on its cradle. Quatre was sitting in a nearby chair, peeping at him curiously over the top of his paperwork. Heero wished he could tell the blond to scram, but it was Quatre's house, after all. He turned on his heel and marched towards the front hall. He still had a nosey American to kill.
"Ah- Heero, please don't do anything rash," Quatre called anxiously, picking up the sudden murder that interrupted the calm of Heero's heartsong. "Besides, it's-"
Heero ignored him. He reached the door and wrenched it open. Rain was falling in sheets just past the porch. He could barely see three feet from the house.
"-pouring outside," he heard Quatre finish faintly.
Duo must've really been stupid- and too curious for his own good -to bother dashing through the rain to his Gundam, just to intercept a call between Wufei and Heero and try to play matchmaker.
Heero's lips lifted slightly in a silent snarl. Ignoring Quatre's worried voice coming from the den, he shoved the screen door open with a squeak of hinges and strode stubbornly out into the deluge, drawing his gun from the back of his shorts.

Would you go
Would you go
Kiss the rain

He walked across the lawn, eyes slitted nearly shut to block out the rainwater, and managed to make it to the specially enlarged garage without getting lost in the low visibility or falling on his ass in the churned mud.
He left tracks of water as he walked past the other Gundams to where Duo's was near the back, in the shadows. Halting at the mecha's feet, he glared upwards, knowing by the slight glow to the Gundam's eyes that Duo had activated at least some of Deathsycthe's systems; most assuredly radar. He knew Heero was here.
A few moments later there was a hiss of air and the hatch slid open far above. Duo was not stupid enough to poke out his head, to Heero's mild disappointment. He put the gun away.
"Look, Heero, quit taking this so personally!" Duo shouted down to him. "You don't really wanna kill me just for insuring you get some ass when 'Fei gets back, do you?"
Heero quelled his sudden rise of temper with difficulty. "This is none of your concern, Duo," he snapped, his voice carrying in the large building. "Stay out of it."
"I couldn't help it!" Duo protested. "You two are too fucking stubborn to admit--"
"Admit what?" Heero snarled, daring Duo to voice the impossible.
Duo hesitated, then said huffily, "Anyway, I don't see what the big deal is. Quatre knows, too, y'know. Which means he prob'ly mentioned it to Trowa. So it's not like it's a big secret or anything. Besides, like I said," Duo sounded a little too smug, "even if I pissed you two off for now, you are most assuredly getting laid when Wufei gets back, my man." He lifted his head into sight for a moment to grin encouragingly.
Heero reached for his gun again.
"Hey, hey, chill out!" Duo ducked hastily out of view. "Jeez, here I am rootin' for ya-"
"Duo. Omae o korosu."
Duo had heard the threat too many times to let it bother him now- especially when he was safely hidden in his Gundam. "Yeah, yeah, I know. Look, don't be so pissy. I did you a favor.. and it's not like I think you're crazy for shackin' it up with 'Fei. I mean, yeah, he's a justice-driven, arrogant little SOB, but he's also hot. Nice bod. At least you've got taste. I'd rather you bang Wufei than, say, Relena..."
"That's enough!" Heero barked, infuriated. If he'd been anyone else, he might have been embarrassed- or recognized that a part of his fury was due to embrrassment. But since he had never experienced the emotion before, he channeled it all into a ray of fury, directly at the pilot huddled out of sight above his head. "Stay out of it, Duo!"
Duo edged just slightly into view, making a face. "That sounded like a threat," he observed.
Heero gave him a long, cold glare, not arguing the observation. Duo shrank out of sight and remained silent. He got the point.
Growling, Heero turned and marched out of the shed. As much as he'd like to bash Death's pilot in the mouth, he knew Duo wouldn't be stupid enough to come out until Heero had sufficiently cooled down.
Besides, he wondered suddenly as he stepped outside into the storm, what does it matter?
He came to a stop, sneakers sinking in the mud a little, the rain hammering against his skin. He lowered his head a little to protect his eyes as he glared at the ground mutely, picking at himself internally as if searching for a malfunction with his Gundam.
It was none of their business. The other pilots had no right to pry. What Duo had done was unacceptable.
But what was done was done. The others didn't seem to have any problem with the whole thing-- and while Heero didn't give a damn what their opinions of him were, there had been the risk of them telling the scientists. And Dr. J would not have taken the news very well. J would have had a heart attack if Heero had taken a civilian as a parter... there were too many risks involved; emotional, political, and mission-wise. While it was in some ways better to be with another pilot- especially when it wasn't someone as soft-hearted as Quatre -J had made it clear that any type of relationship during the war was foolish, and a waste of time. Heero had believed that once.
But then, he'd never been aroused before. Not until Wufei.

And you'd fall over me
Think of me
Think of me
Only me

And of all the things to get him to feel that way, it was the arguments. Duo loved to tease Wufei, and Heero had never understood it. Just another stupid antic of the foolhardy American, he'd figured.
But once Heero had commented acidly on something Wufei had said- an ideal or belief the Chinese pilot had voiced at the wrong time. Still burning with anger over a failed mission, Heero had responded sharply. Wufei hadn't backed down or played it off like the others might have- he snarled right back at Wing's suicidal pilot, with cutting tone and burning sarcasm in every word.
They had bickered, neither one giving ground, until Duo had stepped in and told them to blow off steam somewhere else. They'd gone their separate ways that day, but after that something about arguing with Wufei had been intriguing to Heero. For some reason he enjoyed the arguments. And after the first couple of times, Wufei stopped being so genuinly offended.
And then there had been that one time... he couldn't even remember what the argument was about.
But Wufei had swung at Heero; the Wing pilot had unthinkingly pushed it too far. Instinctively he caught the wrist- had Wufei pinned to the wall in an instant...
And then he'd been kissing Wufei, ravaging his mouth with an unexpected roar of lust that almost scared him. And Wufei had- after only a moment's resistance -tangled his fingers in chocolate locks and kissed him back, arching forward to meeting the other pilot's body.
Their arguments had sparked something of the same adrenaline that Heero experienced in his Gundam. And Wufei's sudden attack had only kicked that adrenaline up a notch- but not in violence.
The sky lit up with a flash of jagged lightening, and a moment later a crash of thunder shook the earth.
Heero lifted his face slightly, stirred from his memories, and became suddenly aware of a distant ache. Shit.
His fists clenched to stop their instinctive move to touch the front of his shorts and confirm what he knew was already happening. Shit.
He opened his mouth and took a slow, deep breath, tasting rainwater on his tongue.
The taste of it reminded him suddenly of that blasted American song Duo had been playing. He hadn't understood the majority of it- English was not spoken in most places nowadays -but Wufei had. Or at least a little. He had said its name.
Kiss the Rain.
What a stupid song. Heero snorted, reaching up in a futile attempt to wipe water from his forehead and lashes as he stood in the pounding rain and shivered with the memory of what he and Wufei had done together on various occassions, ever since that "fight".
He'd admitted it. Admitted to what Duo accused him of, something that had never crossed Heero's mind.
Wufei missed him.
And.. he took in another deep breath in a determined attempt to quell the slight ache between his legs.
He did, too.
He missed the arguments. The teasing. Wufei's sarcastic remarks.
And, of course, the ensuing tumble onto the nearest hidden cot, table, or floor.
His mouth started to edge into a smirk before he realized with irritation that this was not helping ease the annoying bulge in his shorts.
Muttering something incoherant about stupid horny Americans that had nothing to do with his internal argument and made him sound like a hypocrite, he marched off towards the house, using the porchlight as a guide.
Three days.
At least three days before Wufei's return.
He realized he had come to a halt once more, not two yards from the relative dryness of the porch. His body gave a slight shiver from the cold-- Quatre was going to fuss at him the instant he saw him. Put on some dry clothes, you'll catch your death, get in a hot bath... He snorted quietly. "Nag nag nag," Duo always sighed when Quatre went all mother hen on them. Quatre would have to remind him two or three times, and then Duo would comply, with much teasing and complaining about how he could look after himself. Quatre didn't have to tell Heero or Trowa, because Trowa usually did it without being told, and if Heero didn't do it, then it meant he was busy, and god help the idiot foolish enough to interrupt. When Quatre began to nag at Wufei..
Heero's lips quirked slightly. Wufei always got irritated and highly offended. "Winner! Stop acting like a nagging woman! I can look after myself!" Sometimes that was enough to convince the blond to leave him to his own devices. Sometimes he persisted. Then Wufei would explode until Quatre fled, Duo intervened, or Heero asked him for help with his Gundam, input on this mission, or feedback from the last one. Or he would simply drag the Chinaman off to the showers. Because Wufei in a foul temper meant rough sex, and that was the way Heero liked it. If Wufei was angry enough, he usually had Heero underneath him before the other pilot could get a word out, and Heero didn't bother to put up enough of a fight to overpower his partner. Being on top got rid of Wufei's angry aggressiveness, and besides...
Being bottom sometimes wasn't so bad.
Unwanted, the memory of the last time Wufei had topped him flooded his mind.
Wufei shoving him roughly against the wall, ignoring his snarl; hot breath on his neck that made his skin shiver, calloused hands that had him unclothed in an alarmingly short time and were skimming his body in possessive movements.. A strong body thrusting against him, and his own body arching back helplessly, a moan springing unbidden from his lips as hands tightened on his hips and pleasure and pain mingled and rocked him to his core, making him want to scream...
God damn it, this wasn't helping!
Heero's breath had quickened, and he was hard just from the memory. He swallowed his desire with difficulty, letting the cold rain ease the ache. Slowly the pressure dissipated under the onslaught, and his body gave a convulsive shudder at the cold. His hair was plastered to his skull, shielding his eyes, and his clothes were stuck to him like a second skin. He was going to wake up tomorrow cold, as well, he remembered with a slight scowl. Just like this morning, and the one before that.
He was never cold in the mornings anymore. Somehow, without meaning to, without even saying anything, one of them would find themself in the bed of the other upon awakening the next morning. Limbs intertwined as they shared body warmth, Wufei's face relaxed and young-looking in slumber, his loose hair spread beneath him on the pillow, strands caught on his lips and in his lashes..
Heero's eyes slid closed at the memory, as if he could take warmth from his thoughts alone. He forced his body to stop shivering and lifted his face to let the rain wash his bangs back from his face. Wufei had asked him about the weather- said it was also raining there..
And suddenly he understood what that stupid song meant- 'kiss the rain'. It was so unbelievably corny: that the same rain was falling on both of them, miles apart from each other.
Corny and disgustingly romantic. It was no surprise Duo listened to a song like that.
Wufei had said something like that once- "Damn romantacizing Americans."
"Just because you refuse to admit it doesn't mean it isn't true," Duo had said in defense to Wufei's scathing remark.
"That what's true?" Wufei had demanded impatiently, turning in the doorway, skin shining with the sweat of his daily workout and sword practice. Heero's eyes had shifted slightly, leaving the computer screen for an instant to appreciate the view.
"That everybody needs someone," Duo had said promptly. "Even if they don't know it. Even if they pretend the rule doesn't apply to them. 'Cause.." and he'd shrugged, giving that strange, sad smile of his, "We're only human."
Only human.
Heero's mouth opened slightly, and rainwater washed his tongue, and danced off his lips.

Kiss the rain
Whenever you need me
Kiss the rain
Whenever I'm gone too long
If your lips
Feel lonely and thirsty
Kiss the rain
And wait for the dawn.
Keep in mind
We're under the same sky
And the night's
As empty for me as for you
If you feel
You can't wait till morning
Kiss the rain
Kiss the rain
Kiss the rain

Slowly Heero opened his eyes and lowered his face. He blinked rainwater from his lashes and focused on Quatre standing just behind the screen door, watching him with a mixture of puzzlement and concern. "Heero, what are you doing? Come inside before you catch hypothermia! How long have you been standing there?"
Heero hesitated, then gave his head a brief shake to free some of the excess water. He gave a grunt that acknowledged Quatre's words before the blond could start hen-pecking again, and stepped up onto the porch.
Quatre held the door open for him, and Heero stepped inside. Immediately he gave an involuntary shiver at the temperature change. Quatre had thoughtfully brought out some towels when he realized Heero had been gone for awhile. He handed one to Heero and began laying towels on the floor to soak up the puddles Heero was making, tutting and scolding the whole time. Heero ignored him, rubbing the towel into his hair and wiping off his face and arms. The screen door squealed and slammed behind him.
"Duo, why didn't you take an umbrella?" Quatre demanded. "At least you're not as wet as Heero. Look out for the puddles or you'll slip."
"Hai hai," Duo said cheerfully. Heero was ignoring him.
A moment later he felt more than heard the other pilot step up to his side, and lowered the towel enough to glare sideways at the grinning soldier of Death.
"So, Heero," he murmured, "is the rain a good kisser?"
Heero was silent for a long moment. Finally he lifted the towel to dry his hair more thoroughly, muffling his monotone response. "Aa."
Duo's grin widened. "Three days, buddy boy," he reminded Heero. He clapped the other pilot on the shoulder and hurried off to find some more mischief to get into.
Heero lowered the towel slowly, gazing at the floor with a carefully expressionless face, tuning out Quatre's voice.
Three days.
And then...
He handed Quatre the towel silently and headed upstairs to shower.
And then Wufei would be back. And everything would be normal again. Until then...
There was always the rain.

Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?


Author's Notes: I am not thrilled w/ this fic, because of the OOCness and fluffiness (I'm not that fond of fluff), but I guess ppl with a love for sap will like this fic, so I'm going to post it anyway. ^^;
Oh, and for anyone that went @_@?? at "seme"... Seme means the "top" position, or the leading role, in a relationship. Uke is the bottom, or the more submissive partner. I like to think of this pairing as having Heero as the top on the offset, but both of them switching roles at random, depending on who wants top more at the time. XD yihihi

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