NOTICE: Scanner is on the fritz, so kiriban are discontinued for now.. @_@; gomen

If you visit the site and the counter number is the same as the one above, hit the "print screen" button on your computer and e-mail the image of the counter to
Mami used to offer ficlets for kiribans, but she's so swamped with fics she's working on and fics she's promised other people that at the moment she won't be able to do that. ^^; gomen.
You can, however, request fanart.. and it doesn't have to be from one of our fics. It can be from someone else's- even your own.
If you want a specific scene, please make sure to describe the scene, or copy and paste that scene from the fic. Shounen ai or yaoi requests are fine, but don't expect to see any *cough* important body parts. ^^;; (Er, also, I can't draw mecha. So if you want GW fanart or something, it'll just have to be the characters. no gundams @_@; sorry.)
Arigato for visiting the site~ XD

~Amiko & Mami-san

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