I posted my first Weiss Kreuz fanfic in February 2001, the first in a four part arc called Gefallene Engel. Recently my older sister and I were talking about old fics, stories that we liked the plots of but didn't like how they were written, and we said perhaps we should pick a fic and rewrite one to see what we could make out of it. I picked Gefallene Engel, Fallen Angels.
    What used to be a four fic arc is now one complicated story. The original arc is located at the bottom of the page. Some things from the original version were kept, others tweaked, and a good chunk was left out completely. The html was coded by Ami, and the image for this page was tweaked and made pretty by Ami as well.
    Rewriting GE was a pain to do, and all credit for actually finishing it goes to Sidara, who hounded me about it. Thanks to Katja-san, for providing the German translations.

Began: 6.22.04
Completed: 8.10.04

    A nightmare from the past returns to haunt Schwarz, and Weiss is dragged into the life and death games. Schwarz was almost destroyed the last time they went head to head with Schatten; how can they possibly survive this time?

Warnings: Angst, Yaoi, Violence, Language, Sexual Situations Between Two Men, References to Abuse, References to Torture, Nonconsensual Sex

Rated: R


The original arc:

Gefallene Engel       Completed 3/13/01
Schwarz is threatened by the rise of the Group, an organization from their past. Weiß gets tangled in the hunt and a temporary truce is agreed upon between them. Even with the combined forces, chances of escape and survival grow slimmer and slimmer.

Grau       Completed 3/25/01
Schwarz and Weiß are still recovering from their battle with the Group. The promise of freedom from their roles as assassins hangs on agreement between Aya and Crawford. Crawford may be willing, but it will take a fight to get past Aya's stubborn grudge. The rise of a forgotten enemy does nothing to help.

Anmut       Completed 6/5/02
After deep injury and personal trauma, Schuldich finds himself needing to get back on his feet. What better way to assert himself than to return to his usual tricks and habits? Yohji is the victim this time, but Schuldich didn't expect Farfarello's vehement refusal of the game.

Gefallene Engel was originally a four part arc. I have been asked where the fourth fic is many times. It was never written, and now there is no point in writing it because I am rewriting the arc. Everything that Geliebter was going to be has changed with the new setting and situations of the new version.

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