The heart meter's blipping suddenly turns into a high pitched whine. I watch the single line that races across its surface, then turn away with a heavy sigh. I reach up with a hand, massaging my forehead. The last time I heard that sound it was when my sister died. I really really hate that noise.

    "Schuldich." Crawford is in the doorway, holding two mugs of coffee.

    "What do you want?" I ask, moving twoards him. He holds out a mug and I accept it, lifting it to take an appreciative sip. After all the crap they serve in this hospital, this coffee is heaven. Crwaford's eyes slide past me to the bed. A single light glows on it, showing an alarm has gone off to alert the nurses that someone's heart has stopped.

    "It's too early."

    I shrug in response. "I don't care. It won't hurt as much as time goes by." I eye him through hooded jaded eyes. "I still think you enjoyed that." I reach up with a hand to touch the bandages covering my chest. I look like Farfarello now, with bandages warpped around me from my waist to my armpits.

    He smiles slightly- not a smirk, but a smile. It looks eerie on his face, at first. I gaze at him. He looks so different, so much better, now that he has replaced his glasses with contacts. "Perhaps," he answers.

    I am caught by surprise by his response and laugh. Crawford takes my mug back.

    "What do you think you're doing?" a flat, cold voice demands. Crawford and I turn. Crawford's eyes glint with amusement. I turn to my gaze on the person standing behind the American. Violet eyes glare at me. Crawford seems to take a cue and makes a silent exit. "Get back in bed," Aya snaps at me, entering the room. Only a faint trace of a limp can be seen.

    "Now, now, Aya-kun..."


    I roll my eyes and sit on the mattress, my smirk widening slighlty. "Is this better, Nurse Aya?" I ask. He nods. I reach out and catch his wrists, pulling him forward until he is sitting on my lap.

    "No, your wounds-" he starts to protest, but I cut him off when I kiss him. His mouth is pliant under mine as my tongue slides its way between his lips. We begin a lazy oral war, tongues brushing against each other with sensual challenge. I taste of coffee, he tastes of sweet darkness. His hand comes up to brush against my bandages. Blood lightly stains them from when I got out of bed- just about any movements I make agitate the sword wound I got when I flitted between Aya and Crawford. Aya does not want me to leave the hospital yet. I guess I can stay, since that is what he wants. This is the third time I have almost left the hospital. Once I was stopped by Nagi's powers, the other by nurses, and now by Aya. What surprises me was that all three people didn't think I was going to try to escape. Hell, I've been in here for a week and a half.

    I lean backwards until I am laying on the bed, bringing Aya to lay down beside me. I have sorely missed the feel of him beside me, missed the way he fits against me perfectly. He gives a little sigh, a satisfied sound. "You know this doesn't change anything," I tell him. "You're still just a fucktoy."

    "I am content with that," he murmurs in reply. I can feel his breath on my throat, faint but warm, can feel his heartbeat from where our chests are pressed together.

    I smirk slightly. "You're not worried about your teammates coming in?" I ask. I do not know how they reacted to my rescue of Aya, because the pain and force of the sword blow knocked me out. However, I can feel their minds within this building.

    "No," he answers quietly, half asleep. "They can think what they want." I feel his mind slip into the waters of sleep. I pull him closer, pressing my lips briefly to the top of his head. Estet has fallen. Schwarz does not need to exist anymore, but if it does, we don't need to face off against Weiß again. Aya and I are free from the threat of having to kill each other, but still chained tightly together.

    I've decided I don't mind the chains anymore. The freedom within them is more than I could wish for.

    With that, I drift off to sleep, Aya clutched possessively against me.


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