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Welcome to the links page! ^_^ Mami-san and I do a lot of travelling around the web in our spare time, and have come across hundreds of wonderful sites, but here we're just going to list some of our favorites.
Please give these sites a chance if you haven't been to them before, or if you have a site of your own you'd like us to put here, just e-mail us and send us the link. ^_^


Gundam Wing Addiction- a huge collection of GW fics frum several authors

Gundam Wing Heaven

Sidara's Fanfiction and Original Works

A Little Piece of Gundam Wing- good compilation of GW fanfics, and a contest

MadamHydra's Lair- a collection of her awesome fanfics

Death & the Dragon- a 2x5x2 centric site, with fics by the hostesses and others

GWYAOI.org- links and recs to many GW fanart and fanfic sites on the web, almost solely 1x2

Jaded- yaoi fanfics on various series by Jade

Suzume's fanfic recommendations; there's some really good ones there

Asuka's 1x2x5 archive

The Ventilation Shaft- a GW fanfic archive by K D

originals and fanfics by Amaretto Sour

all the Lost fanfiction you could ever want- yuri, het, and yaoi

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