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~And you don't seem to understand
A shame you seemed an honest man
And all the fears you hold so dear
Will turn to whisper in your ear
And you know what they say might hurt you
And you know that it means so much
And you don't even feel a thing~

"If you're not going to buy anything, get out!"
"Aya-kun.." Omi glanced anxiously towards Yohji to get his attention. "Calm down..." The redhead seemed testier than usual this morning, snapping at the customers and giving his partners dark looks whenever they spoke to him or came too close to his personal space.
The older flower boy offered Omi a withering look as if to say "You shut up."
"The chibi's right, Aya," Yohji drawled, handing a potted daisy to a girl, flashing her a smile before looking towards the other man. "Maybe you should take your break early today."
"Where's Ken?" Aya snapped, ignoring the suggestion.
Omi nodded towards the stairs. "He's not feeling well. I checked on him, and he was burning hot but shivering. I told him to stay in bed. I guess I forgot to tell you."
Aya frowned. "He's sick?"
Omi nodded, wrapping bright pink ribbon around a dozen roses for a nearby schoolgirl who was watching him more than her flowers. "Un. He says he hasn't been feeling well lately, but he tried to ignore it. Now.."
"Now he's bedridden," Aya finished, scowling. "Wonderful." He slid cash into the register and stepped out from behind the counter, pulling off his apron. "I'll go see if he's really sick or just faking it," he said ominously, hanging his apron neatly on its hook and heading upstairs.
Yohji sighed, sliding behind the register. "Maa maa... he's still pissed about that last mission, ne?" he murmured as Omi came over to the counter, carrying a heavy vase for a girl.
Omi flicked a warning glance his way. "Shh...leave him alone, Yohji-kun," he entreated quietly. "He's just mad 'cause the target got away. Don't goad him."
"Hn." Yohji smirked, turning his winning smile on a small group of giggling girls who were presenting their purchases. "We'll see. Hola, ladies!"
Omi rolled his eyes.

~I am falling, I am fading
I have lost it all~

Ken lifted his head from the pillow at the sharp rap on his door. Before he could ask who it was, the door swung open and a slim figure stepped into the darkened room, pale hand reaching automatically for the light switch.
"Dame," Ken croaked, sitting up quickly, his breathing harsh. "The light hurts my eyes."
Aya hesitated, then finally lowered his hand, though he made no move to enter the room, standing in the doorway like a stranger.
Or an ice statue... Ken thought forlornly, swallowing and leaning back against the headboard of his bed. Beautiful but impenetrable. He stopped that train of thought quickly.
"You're sick?" There was no concern or interest in that quiet voice. Merely a leader checking to see if his team mate was useful or not.
Ken's eyes dropped to his lap. "Hai."
"...How sick? How long are you going to be in bed?"
"I..I don't know..." He shook his head. "Not long, I hope."
He could just barely see the pale, stony face in the light filtering in from the hall. He caught himself admiring the almost feminine beauty of Aya's face and slapped himself mentally. Baka!
Finally Aya turned, reaching for the doorknob. "Then get some rest. We can't afford having you sick if another mission comes up. Besides, we're swamped downstairs."
Ken opened his mouth to say "hai", but instead, something else popped out.
"Aya, matte..!"
The redhead hesitated in the door, glancing back at him, arching one elegant eyebrow in impatient question.
"Uhh..." Ken faltered, blinking and staring stupidly at the other man. "Boku wa..."
"What do you want?" Aya snapped, grip on the doorknob tightening in annoyance. "Spit it out!"
"B-boku wa.." He felt his face heating up and lowered his eyes, fists twisting in the sheets. "Nothing," he whispered hoarsely. "Never mind.." He swallowed hard. "I'm fine. See you later, Aya."
"Hn." The door closed with a soft click, and Ken took in a shuddering breath, pressing a fist to his clenched mouth and trembling slightly, eyes squeezed shut.
How can I tell you....?
That I...

~And you don't seem the lying kind
A shame then I can read your mind
And all the things that I read there
Candlelit smile that we both share
and you know I don't mean to hurt you
But you know that it means so much
And you don't even feel a thing~

"Feeling better, Ken-kun?" Omi smiled radiantly as the soccer player slid into a seat at the table and reached for the milk, looking bleary-eyed but not as exhausted as he had the past few days.
Ken offered the genki boy a wan smile. "Hai, domo. At least I'm not too weak to walk." He accepted the cereal that Omi pushed towards him, filling his bowl. He glanced up as Aya walked in the room. "'Morning, Aya."
The redhead offered him a stare and walked past him to the fridge. Ken made a face. "Well aren't we morning sunshine. What crawled into *your* nightshirt?"
"Hn." Aya pulled the juice from the fridge and padded over to the cabinet to get a cup. "Mind your own business."
Despite his irritation, Ken couldn't help but notice how cute Aya looked with his hair all rumpled from sleep as he shuffled around the kitchen. He frowned slightly at the sluggish way the assassin moved. Aya was the inhuman one of the group; he was usually the only one of them that could look like he'd been awake for hours no matter how early it was, looking sharp and alert. "What's the matter, didn't get much sleep?"
Aya sent him a glare, unable to answer as he gluged orange juice. Ken tore his eyes away from the sight, clearing his throat and hurriedly chomping down on his cereal-laden spoon. "Didja have a nightmare or sumfin?" he mumbled around the cereal, trying to make conversation. Talking woke him up, sooner or later.
To his mild surprise, Aya stiffened, staring down into his glass as if he would kill the swirling liquid with his glare, lowering the cup from his lips, leaving a faint orange mustache.
"Oh, I'm right?" Ken lowered his spoon to his bowl, curiosity piqued. "You had a nightmare? About what? Did it keep ya awake?"
"Mind your own business!" Omi and Ken both jumped as Aya slammed the cup onto the counter, glaring at him furiously. Omi glanced towards Ken nervously and slid out of his seat. "I'd...better check on Yohji," he said lamely, and hurried out of the room.
Ken gulped, cereal forgotten as he stared at Aya, who was still fuming, those icy eyes locked on him. "Uhh...Sorry, I.." He frowned. "You don't hafta be so damn prickly so early in the morning, you know," he grumbled defensively. "I was just *asking*."
"Don't ask," he suggested in clipped tones.
Ken rose, glaring right back. "Will you quit being an ass?" he practically shouted. "I *said* I was sorry! It's not like I'm prying into your freaking personal life or anything. You need to loosen up, Aya. You're always acting so damn *mopey* about *everything*! Schwarz, Taketori, your sister--"
Aya was at the table in a flash, seizing a fistful of the front of Ken's shirt and hauling him across the tabletop so his seething face was inches from Ken's own startled ones. "Hey--!"
"Don't talk about her," Aya hissed quietly. "What goes on in *my* life...what I'm 'concerned' about..is None. Of. Your. Business. Got that, Hidaka?"

~I am falling, I am fading, I am drowning
Help me to breathe
I am hurting, I have lost it all
I am losing
Help me to breathe~

Ken swallowed hard, unable to speak so close to Aya's infamous anger. "That must've been one hell of a nightmare," he finally said meekly, saying the first thing to pop into his head, as always.
Something in Aya's face constricted, as if in disbelief. "I don't get you," he said frankly, and though his eyes were still narrowed, his voice was almost furiously exasperated. "You don't know *when* to shut up, do you??"
Ken's eyes trailed down from those plum eyes towards the light orange mustache still on Aya's upper lip. He suddenly wondered how it would taste if he licked that mustache off. "Uh..."
"Ch'." Aya shoved him away abruptly, and Ken fell back into his seat with an undignified squawk. Aya straightened, staring down at him. The anger from seconds ago was now churning only in the background of those eyes as he leveled Ken with an almost unreadable look. "What are you looking at?" he demanded quietly, and Ken blinked before realizing the older boy had caught him looking at his mouth. He felt his cheeks heat up and tried to stammer an excuse.
"Uhh...You, uh, have a mustache.." He pointed meekly as Aya arched one elegant eyebrow at him. "From..your juice." He swallowed, glancing back up at those shuttered eyes. "On your..lip."
It was gone in one lick, and Ken glanced away, biting his tongue as his cheeks reddened once more.
"Is it gone?" Aya demanded.
"Uh, yeah.." he replied without looking.
"You're not even looking."
Ken risked a quick look at him, puzzled. Since when did Aya the Emotionless care about personal appearance? Aya walked around the table and put one hand on the tabletop, leaning over slightly so he was staring straight into Ken's flushing, startled face, eyes narrowed slightly. "Well?"
"Uh..." He tried to swallow, but couldn't, his eyes locked to those sculpted lips. "M..Most of it," he said weakly."
Damn you, Ken raged silently, unaware that his gaze hadn't drifted from Aya's mouth. You have *no* idea how much torture this is, you icy bastard.
The lips he was memorizing suddenly quirked in the slightest smirk, and Ken's gaze shot up quickly to Aya's eyes, which were almost as sarcastic as his voice. "What's the matter, Ken?" he asked quietly, tone mocking as he straightened, staring down at the other boy. "Do you have a sudden fascination with making sure there's no lint on my clothes or stray hairs out of place or milk mustaches on my face?"
Ken blinked, caught off guard. "H-huh?"
"Why do you keep watching me?" Aya's question was brunt and demanding, and Ken flinched a little. "Do you think I'm blind? I can feel your eyes on me in the flowershop, on a mission...and whenever I turn my back on you."
Ken gulped, glaring at the flower boy helplessly. "I do not," he denied.
"Don't you?" Aya's eyebrow arched again. "I'm an assassin, Ken. I can feel you watching me almost as intensely as an enemy watches his target. You got a problem with me, Hidaka? You like watching me or something?"
Ken just glared, crossing his arms over his chest. "What if I do?" he snapped, cheeks flaming.
Aya blinked, mild surprise flickering in his violet eyes.
Ken stood, pushing past Aya roughly, snatching up the milk and wrenching open the fridge, muttering under his breath. Bakabakabakabaka.. Whether he was referring to Aya or himself, he wasn't sure.
He could feel Aya's eyes burning into him, but pretended he didn't notice as he walked past in a huff. Suddenly a strong hand snapped out, snagging him by the wrist and jerking him to a halt. "Hey!" he cried indignantly, turning.
Then suddenly a hot mouth was on his, lips sliding over his own, an insistant tongue pushing past his teeth into his mouth.
He stiffened immediately in shock, instinctively trying to pull away, but when an arm entwined about his waist, pulling him demandingly closer, he opened his mouth to the invasion, meeting Aya's tongue with his own and gripping his shoulders in a tight grip, a little moan emitting from his throat, making the other assassin's grip on him tighten possessively as the kiss grew hotter and deeper.
Finally they were forced to pull away for air and simply stood there, gasping, not saying a word. Ken lowered his head, resting his forehead on Aya's shoulder, cheeks flushed as he gulped in air, heart hammering so hard he thought it would burst from his chest. "Aya.." he breathed, finally lifting his head and getting captured in deep violet pools that stared back at him intensely. "What..."
"Stop talking, Ken," Aya growled, reaching up with his free hand to grip the soccer player's chin in a firm but careful grip. "Don't you dare start arguing with me again."
Ken blinked and slowly shook his head, reaching around to loops his arms around the taller man's neck, tilting his chin in invitation. Aya needed no second bidding, swooping down and capturing the younger man's mouth with his own, nibbling at his lips almost hungrily before thrusting his tongue inside once more, pulling Ken against him so they were like one.
"Aya-kun, Yohji-kun says--ACK!!"
They jerked apart, dilated eyes swinging towards the doorway where Omi stood, pale face a mask of shock. He opened and closed his mouth several times as slowly his cheeks began to flush in embarrassment. "I-I-I..." Turning quickly, he dashed from the room. "S-sumimasen!!"
Ken blinked, glancing apprehensively up at Aya, who was still staring coolly at the door. The redhead looked down at him, arching one eyebrow. "Oops," he said mildly, and leaned down once more before Ken could get out a protest, claiming the younger man's mouth with his own until Ken was limp against him. Aya gave a mental smirk, tracing one hand down the slim man's back.
"Ken" he murmured in the other boy's ear when they pulled away once more, sliding his hands into Ken's back pockets. The soccer player buried his neck in Aya's throat, closing his eyes and breathing his scent.
"Hm..?" Ken's voice was dreamy and muffled.
Aya grinned to himself, tugging their bodies tightly together, triumphant at last in his private stalk of the younger boy. "Help me to breathe."

~I am falling, I am fading, I am drowning
Help me to breathe
I am hurting, I have lost it all
I am losing
Help me to breathe~


Author's notes: so whaddya think? ^_^; my first attempt at a WK fic =p It seems kind of a fast ending to me, but I wanted to try to do just a short, one-shot fic like "Teach Me" since I need practice at those. ^.^;; Hope ya liked it, and I hope to try my hand at more Weiß Kreuz fics in the future~! Ja! ^__~