Act 7
Slippery When Wet

    There was no stopping Tamaki when he had an idea in his head.
    The other club members had discovered this long ago, and Haruhi, having grown to know the flighty King so well in the past year, found herself reluctantly resigned to her fate less than two hours after the idea of a field trip occurred to the blonde.
    The man at the gate recognized Kyouya on sight and let them in free of charge, much to her immense relief. If nothing else, she soothed herself dryly, the excursion gave her an excuse to wear the new skirt she'd bought last week.
    The twins were already talking about getting snacks and getting on the fastest, most vomit-inducing ride-- in that order. Hunny was dragging Mori in one direction, making a beeline, no doubt, for the games where one could win big stuffed toys as prizes.
    A jovial clown, complete with rubber nose and insane wig, waddled over, arms spread wide. "Welcome to Fun Land!" he called. Kyouya ignored him. Tamaki laughed and clapped his hands in delight in a way that made the other boy wince.
    Haruhi found her mouth dropping open as she finally took a good look around.
    For something Kyouya's sister had contracted for a high school project, the place was obscenely large. Despite the fact that it was a school afternoon, the place was still busy. The sounds of children laughing and shrieking was almost as loud as the music coming from the various booths and games. There was almost every ride imaginable, from carousels to blurring upside-down rollercoasters. There were booths and booths of popcorn, candied apples, dango, and every other snack one could wish for. There were shooting games, games of strength, magician booths, and toss-the-ring games. There were so many rides she couldn't possibly imagine being able to choose from them.
    She did a double-take as she spotted two different arches peeping out from behind the other rides. "Two ferris wheels?" she sputtered.
    "Three, actually," Kyouya said, reigning Tamaki in by his shirt collar when he tried to make a dash for the nearest game booth. "Six rollercoasters, four carousels, two water rides, two houses of mirrors, one haunted house, and two state-of-the-art interactive 3D rides. And some other assorted games that I haven't bothered to look into."
    Haruhi could only stare at him.
    The twins had already procured a map of the place from a passing guide. "And one Tunnel of Love," they sang with mischievious grins.
    Kyouya leveled them with a warning look.
    "You don't intend to ride them all?" she demanded desperately of Tamaki, who was looking around excitedly.
    "Of course not," Kyouya cut in firmly before the other boy could respond. He glanced at his watch, ignoring Tamaki's dejected look. "We'll meet back here in two hours. Hikaru, call Mori and let him know." He started to turn away, but Tamaki caught him by the arm.
    "Where are you going?" Tamaki asked, baffled. "Aren't you going to play any games or ride a rollercoaster or--"
    "Amusement parks are for children," Kyouya said calmly, pulling his arm away. "I'll be waiting over there." He indicated the park benches where exhausted parents had collapsed for a breather. "I have bookkeeping to do."
    "Kyouyaaaaaa," Tamaki protested loudly. "We're supposed to be having fun! This was your idea!"
    "It was yours," Kyouya reminded him pertly.
    The twins smoothly stepped in, cutting off his escape route. "Don't be like that!"
    "Yeah, don't think you're getting out of it that easily."
    "I want to try the water ride," Tamaki declared eagerly, standing on tiptoes as he tried to spot it.
    "Get on the rollercoaster with us," Kaoru insisted, gripping Kyouya's elbow.
    Hikaru grabbed the other, ignoring Kyouya's glare. "Yeah, show us which one's the scariest one."
    "No, you have to show me where the water ride is first," Tamaki insisted.
    The twins stuck their tongues out at him and started to drag the offended boy away. "Too late, finders keepers!"
    "I think I'll go sit on the benches," Haruhi decided.
    The twins immediately released Kyouya and dove to intercept her. "No, you're coming with us!"
    "But I don't like rollercoasters," she complained as they pulled her away cheerfully.
    Kyouya glanced towards the benches, but Tamaki's hand fell on his shoulder.
    "Show me the water rides, Kyouya!" he said brightly, and hauled the indignant boy off, chattering animatedly about every ride and booth they passed.
    After a few moments Kyouya gave up the struggle and went along grudgingly. Better than letting the twins come back and cart him off again. At least Tamaki's childlike mind seemed to be too entranced by the sights and sounds around him to give any thought to the Game. He was grimly certain that if the twins cornered him, he would unwillingly find himself in the Tunnel of Love.
    He took Tamaki to the nearest water ride, where groups of people rode circular inflated rafts down man-made rapids to the pool ten feet below. Tamaki was beside himself with excitement as they tacked themselves in at the end of the line. Kyouya waited patiently beside him, waiting for his chance. The second the buffoon was in the raft, Kyouya planned on beating a hasty retreat. He could wait in the coffee shop on the other side of the park for two hours. It shouldn't take long for the others to forget about him while they enjoyed themselves.
    The line inched forward, with Tamaki getting more and more impatient.
    Then, to Kyouya's dismay, the man taking tickets happened to glance their way and recognize him. "Ootori-san," he called, waving his hand.
    "He's letting us cut!" Tamaki said happily. And he promptly seized Kyouya by the wrist and dragged him to the front of the line, dashing all hopes of escape.
    There was just enough room in the raft for the both of them to squeeze in side by side. A couple and a noisy family took up the rest of it, and Kyouya clenched his teeth in irritation. He glared at his friend, who was practically bouncing in anticipation. "I have no desire to ride any of these ridiculous--"
    "Here we gooooo!" one of the children shrieked as the tether was released.
    After that, Kyouya was too busy clinging to the sides for dear life to put together an intelligent protest.
    It was one thing to see the designs and to observe the rides from the ground.
    It was another thing entirely to be smooshed in what suddenly appeared to be a plastic deathtrap, surrounded by screaming children as the brightly-colored raft spun and bounced insanely through the rushing water like a cork. Water splashed over the sides a bit at first, but gushed in whenever they collided with a wall. The children's shrieks of delight only intensified at each splash, though Kyouya quickly became drenched and generally displeased about the fact.
    Tamaki, however, was quite obviously enjoying himself, if his wild laughter was anything to go off of.
    They hit one side particularly hard, spinning the raft wildly and pressing the occupants against each other with its momentum. Kyouya slitted his eyes against the spray of water and clenched his teeth as Tamaki's laughter went off again right in his ear. He was going to punch the idiot as soon as the stupid ride was over. Then he was going to send for some dry clothes, punch the boy again, and go sit in his coffee shop where there was NO water, NO rafts, and NO Tamaki.
    "Here it comes!" a child cried in anticipation.
    Kyouya had almost forgotten about the ride's finale.
    They were flying down the rapids with enough force that when they went over the edge, they actually seemed to hover in the air for an instant. Then came the plunge, straight down to the pool waiting below. Kyouya's stomach lurched in protest at the sudden drop.
    Then they hit the water with a smack, and everyone was drenched one final time.
    The water here was calm, and the raft spun lazily away while the occupants gasped and laughed at each other. Kyouya realized he was gripping the handlebars on the raft's sides so hard his fingers hurt, and carefully pried his fingers loose. He turned his head to stare at his friend, blinking water out of his eyelashes.
    "Again again," Tamaki crowed, fists in the air. He was flushed with excitement, a wide grin of delight on his face.
    The attendent leaned over and caught the raft with a long hook, pulling them in. Everyone stumbled out, chattering happily. Kyouya stiffly walked a few feet away from them and stood staring at nothing, waiting for his heartbeat to slow down and gritting his teeth.
    Tamaki hurried over, shoes sloshing water everywhere. "That was fantasic, Kyouya!" he cried happily. He looked at Kyouya closely, then down at himself before bursting into boyish laughter. "We're soaked!"
    Kyouya's answering glare bordered on homicidal. He had just realized he'd forgotten to take his cellphone out of his pocket for the ride, rendering it useless.
    "We should dry off," Tamaki decided, shaking his arms and spraying an already irritable Kyouya with even more water. He pointed towards an attendant who was standing beside a table full of fluffy towels, and splish-splashed his way over. Kyouya followed more slowly, looking for a dry spot on his shirt to dry off his glasses.
    He had to use the corner of a towel, and blinked to clear his vision as he resettled the glasses on the bridge of his nose. He turned to offer his friend a scathing remark, but the words died on his tongue.
    With a typical lack of self-consciousness, Tamaki had already divested himself of his shirt and was using a towel to wipe his face dry. The shirt's thin material had been little protection against the deluge; he was soaked to the skin. Kyouya found himself staring blankly at the rivulets of water making their way down the other boy's bared chest, and tried to remember what he was angry about.
    "Kyouya, you need to dry off," Tamaki insisted. He reached out abruptly, throwing his towel over his friend's head and rubbing vigorously. "You'll catch a cold with wet hair," he declared cheerily.
    Kyouya sputtered indignantly, trying to twist his head away without success. He reached out and seized the other boy's wrists firmly, halting the aggressive attack on his damp hair. From underneath the towel he offered the blonde a dark scowl.
    Tamaki laughed at him, releasing the towel and tugging his hands free. "You can't walk around wet all day, Kyouya. You don't have to look so puffed-up about it." And with alarming casualness he began quickly undoing the buttons of Kyouya's shirt.
    Kyouya jumped, startled, yanking the towel from his head and swinging it. It made a statisfying wet smacking noise as it struck the self-proclaimed King on the side of the head. "Idiot! What do you think you're doing?"
    Tamaki yelped, trying to duck away from another blow. His hands fumbled in their work, and Kyouya's breath came in sharply as a cold hand slipped past cloth and slid across his side.
    Tamaki's hands were freezing from the temperature of the water, so Kyouya could find no reason in his stumbling thoughts as to why the light touch felt like a fire brand.
    Then he took a step back, because Tamaki had not removed his hand.
    Tamaki stepped forward, right into his personal space, and Kyouya's brain screeched to a halt.
    The towel was still half-draped over the blonde's head from the attack, making his damp hair unruly, the golden locks nearly obscuring his curious eyes. He was suddenly way too close for comfort, and wet and half-naked and--
    What the hell is the matter with you? Kyouya's subconscious screeched, barely audible over the pounding of his heart in his ears. Stop STARING and get away!
    Then Tamaki's mouth was twitching in the hint of a wicked smile, and Kyouya found his eyes following the slight movement helplessly.
    He had forgotten they were in the middle of a very public amusement park, much less why he was supposed to be angry at the other boy in the first place.
    When Tamaki inched forward tentatively and put a hot mouth against the shell of Kyouya's ear, the dark-haired boy gave an involantary shudder.
    "Does this mean I'm winning?" Tamaki murmured right in his ear, hand still inside his shirt and pressing more firmly against his side.
    He knows exactly what 'seduce' means, a little dry voice pointed out in Kyouya's head.
    He lurched away, almost stumbling in his wet clothes.
    The sounds of the park came crashing back in, and he stood staring at his friend in disbelief.
    Tamaki blinked, startled at his sudden retreat.
    "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Kyouya demanded, infuriated at the slight strain to his voice.
    Tamaki stared at him, seemingly bewildered, then flashed a sudden sunny smile. "Just playing the Game, Mother." Then he returned quite cheerfully to drying himself off, while Kyouya continued to gape at him.


    Haruhi wobbled unsteadily and reached out to cling to a reassuringly firm lightpost. "I hate rollercoasters," she repeated vehemently.
    "How can you hate that?" Hikaru demanded, still bright-eyed and exhuberant after the wild ride.
    "Nothing like a possible high-speed death to make you feel alive," Kaoru said with heavy sarcasm, joining Haruhi at the lamp post. He looked decidedly green; Hikaru had chosen the rollercoaster with the most spins, turns, and drops, and Kaoru had not found it as enjoyable as he'd anticipated.
    Hikaru gave them both a look of disgust, throwing his arms in the air. "It was fun!"
    "Sure it was," Kaoru said weakly, swallowing hard. "I hope the nachos stay down."
    "Don't throw up on me," Haruhi said firmly. "There are bushes right over there."
    "How convenient," Kaoru murmured, looking towards the bushes thoughtfully but refusing to release his white-knuckled grip on the lamp post. "Let's try something less 'fun' and death-defying next."
    "Wuss," Hikaru accused.
    "I think I'm done with rides," Haruhi said.
    Even Kaoru frowned disapprovingly at her. "You can't quit after one ride!"
    "There are still forty other things to try," Hikaru insisted. He scowled. "If you want to be such a baby about it, we can try some games for awhile." He looked eagerly over the map. "Then we can try the haunted house!"
    "Haruhi isn't afraid of any of that stuff," Kaoru reminded him, amused despite himself. "So if you were hoping to have her cling to you for that, you're going to be disappointed."
    Hikaru made a face at him, though a faint blush brightened his cheeks. "I wasn't," he snapped. He buried his nose in the map again. "Okay, how about... Ah~ look, they have one of those rides that takes you up fifty feet off the ground and then falls! We have to try it!"
    Kaoru and Haruhi groaned, sagging against the post.
    "Grow a spine," Hikaru snapped in exasperation, clearly disappointed in his brother's unwillingness to side with him.
    "Wait a minute," Haruhi interrupted, hoping to steer the boy's mind away from the subject, "I thought you said something about using this trip to get a one-up on Tamaki-senpai in the Game. Shouldn't you be looking for Kyouya-senpai?"
    "Plenty of time for that," Hikaru scoffed, flapping his hand. "What do you babies want to do next? The carousel?"
    Kaoru had had enough of his brother's merciless nagging. He put on his most injured expression, wobbling his lip for good measure. "Hidoi, Hikaru," he whimpered. "That ride made my stomach upset, and all you can do is..." he broke off tearfully, turning his face away, shoulders slumped.
    Hikaru felt his ears burning. Kaoru had never pulled this trick outside of club meetings, when it was for the benefit of the girls. Regardless, he found himself responding automatically. "Don't be like that," he protested, coming over quickly and putting a comforting hand on the other's back. "We can rest if you want. We can play some games until you feel better."
    Kaoru's face was turned towards Haruhi, and she arched a brow at him as he rolled his eyes and stuck out his tongue impishly. But when he turned his head back towards his brother, his face was injured uke all over again. "Honto?"
    "We can play a ring toss game," Hikaru suggested quickly. "And win something for Haruhi."
    Kaoru's eyes filled. "No more scary rides?"
    "No, of course not."
    "You promise?"
    "Yes, yes."
    "Good." Kaoru straightened, all traces of his submissive act gone as he headed determinedly for the game booths. "No more insane rollercoasters. Remember, you promised."
    Hikaru gaped at his retreating back, then suddenly flushed in a mixture of irritation and embarrassment. "You cheated!" he said hotly.
    Kaoru sent him a quick grin over his shoulder. "It's your fault for falling for it," he teased.
    Hikaru sputtered for a few moments, but Haruhi, struggling not to laugh, slipped her arm through his and pulled him along towards the games.

Author's Notes: AHAHA I pulled off of every memory of times Tamaki took childish delight in stupid things in the series for this chapter XDD;;;
Also, of the twins, Hikaru has always been the quickest to lose his temper and sulk lol

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