We were standing all alone
You were leaning in to speak to me
Acting like a mover shaker
Dancing to madonna then you kissed me
And I think about it all the time
Sweet temptation rush all over me
And I think about it all the time
Passion desire so intense
I can't take anymore because

    Yohji was pretty sure this evening out would have been a lot more enjoyable if it weren't for his company. He sighed, fingernails tapping out a random tune on the countertop. Emerald eyes slid to one side to take in his companion. Aya's gaze was resting pointedly on Yohji's hand, a silent command for Yohji to stop making such noise. Yohji rolled his eyes, abandoning the drumming for the drink that had just been placed before him. Omi was out on the floor, blending in with the younger crowd and making himself inconspicuous. Ken was outside, part of the long line waiting to get in still. It gave him a good view of everyone arriving, and he would let them know when their targets showed up.

    And there was Yohji, stuck sitting at a barstool right next to their antisocial redhead. Aya didn't want him to get in the crowd, believing he would lose track of the mission. Yohji figured he had the worst job. He had a feeling Aya would argue with him for that, since the redhead had to lower himself to sit in a club, after all.

    Yohji reached up, supposedly tucking his hair behind his ear. His finger found the switch to activate his headset where it was nestled on the back of his earlobe. "Anything?" he asked.

    "Not yet," Ken returned. "Jeez, it's cold out here."

    "Want to trade?" It was probably warmer out there than it was sitting next to Mr. Ice Cube. The air around Aya was always ten degrees colder than everywhere else.

    "Thanks anyway."

    Yohji sighed again, reaching for his drink. An intrusion into his mind made him pause with the cup just a breath from his mouth. /Need some warming up?/

    ~Schuldich...~ Yohji's eyes slid toward Aya. The redhead was looking agitated, unable to appear relaxed and casual in such an environment. ~What are you doing here?~

    /What do you think?/

    Aya frowned beside Yohji, turning as if something had caught his attention. As soon as the redhead's back was to Yohji, a hand closed on the oldest Weiß's upper arm. Yohji set down his drink, sliding backwards off his stool. Keeping a careful eye on the oblivious Aya, he allowed himself to be pulled backwards. Both men moved quickly to put distance between them and the swordsman, losing themselves in the throng of dancing bodies.

    /Not so hard, is it?/ Schuldich sent at him, tossing him a smirk.

    "You don't think anyone's going to find it suspicious that I'm vanishing in the middle of a mission?" Yohji asked dryly. He didn't resist, however, and allowed the other man to lead him through the crowd. They made it to the far wall easily and Schuldich spun him, pressing his back to the wall. Yohji could see the dancing group past the German's shoulder. Now and then a head would move enough that he could make out Aya's fiery hair on the other side of the room. Briefly he wondered where Omi was at.

    "He's closer to the restrooms. They won't even notice..." Schuldich assured him, leaning forward to catch Yohji's lips.

    Yohji laughed, dodging the kiss. "They'll notice, all right," he said, "and then Aya will be all over my ass for disappearing."

    Schuldich's lips pulled into a wide smirk. "I guess I'll have to get there first..."

    "Baka," Yohji muttered, allowing Schuldich to kiss him. Hands pressed against him, running down the clothes that clung so tightly to him. Fingers stopped at his hips, squeezing. Yohji took a handful of orange hair, keeping Schuldich's face where he wanted it as they kissed. Once, a long time ago, he would have worried about what such actions in a public place would do to his reputation. Now he no longer cared. Let the world think what it wanted. The only thing he danced around now was doing this to his teammates' faces. It would be a bit easier if his current lover was just a man. Being Schuldich as well added a few more complications.

    /But isn't it so tempting to think of their reactions?/ Schuldich asked, taking a breather and nipping at Yohji's jaw. /I would love to see the looks on their faces./

    ~Let me think...No.~ Yohji tilted his head back, giving the German access to his throat. ~It'd be fun for the two seconds before Aya ran both of us through on his katana.~

    "Balinese, where are you?" Aya asked.

    Yohji sighed at the tinny voice whispering in his ear, one hand moving towards the headset's switch again. Schuldich's hand caught him before he could reach it.

    "I can't see him," Omi spoke up.

    Schuldich grinned at him and Yohji felt his lips twitch in response. ~I told you they'd notice.~

    /If you were so afraid of them realizing you'd disappeared you wouldn't have let me drag you this far,/ Schuldich tut-tutted. With that, he kissed Yohji again.

    "Balinese," Aya tried again, more stern.

    "Anal retentive..." Yohji muttered, tilting his head away from Schuldich and pressing the switch. "Here," he spoke, free hand flexing on Schuldich's shoulder. The other assassin was trailing his fingers down Yohji's throat as he watched Yohji's face. The German couldn't hear his friends' voices, but he could most likely guess the gist of the conversation. He seemed to be amused.

    "Where are you?"

    "I kinda got dragged off," Yohji answered. "Some girl I dated once or twice...I'm on my way back now." He released the switch as Schuldich claimed his lips and breath again.

    /A girl, am I?/ he asked, amused.

    ~The ugliest girl I know,~ Yohji answered, snickering into the kiss.

    Schuldich bit down, hard. /Prick./

    Yohji winced. As soon as Schuldich leaned back he rubbed the injured lip with his fingers. "Bastard. Remind me why I put up with you."

    Schuldich laughed, backing away. "Because I'm _much_ better in bed than you are."

    Yohji gave him a dirty look. "That just got you a week of celibacy."

    Schuldich grinned. "I think you'll change your mind."

    "Will I?"

    Schuldich gave him a feral grin and vanished into the crowd.

I feel the magic all around you
It's bringing me to my knees
Like a wannabe
I've got to be chained to you

    Schuldich didn't show up immediately at his flat that night after the mission. Yohji had half-expected him to come, even though he'd told Schuldich that there wouldn't be sex for a week. Now he'd been home for two hours and the clock was reading four a.m. He shrugged at his reflection, turning towards his bed. He was fighting a mix of amusement and disappointment: amusement that Schuldich was accepting the penalty for his teasing and disappointment because he was no longer used to sleeping alone.

    He crawled into bed, tugging the covers over his form. He was unable to sleep. The bed seemed odd without a second person in it. His hand moved of its own accord, reaching out to touch the empty spot beside him. He rolled over, settling himself in the middle of the bed. He closed his eyes, preparing himself to drift off.

    Apparently his body didn't want to cooperate. It had stored up energy throughout the day, preparing for the night's conquests. The mission had taken a long time to run, but the deaths had taken a simple forty-two seconds. Now he could feel the restless energy humming throughout him. He was used to having a bed partner now, to take away what energy was leftover from the day.

    How long had it been, anyway...? He opened his eyes, frowning thoughtfully up at the ceiling. Four months. He and Schuldich had first started steadily sleeping together almost four months ago.

    He still couldn't believe it had happened in the first place. In the beginning he'd been a mix between stunned and angry. Schuldich had pointed out with great amusement many times that it had been Yohji who invited him. Yohji had tried to blame him on the basis that Yohji had been drunk at the time. Schuldich had countered that an invitation was still an invitation- and even drunk, why had Yohji sought sex with a Schwarz assassin?

    Yohji turned onto his side, wondering now as he had then why he had asked Schuldich. He could dimly remember the night, could remember drowning sorrows with liquor and turning himself out onto the streets of Tokyo. It had been chance to bump into Schuldich on the way, and Yohji remembered little of the conversation that had taken place between them. It had something to do with girls and the nightlife. At one point Schuldich had made a comment that Yohji seemed to be having trouble scoring, as he was deeply drunk and out alone.

    "Is that an offer?" Yohji had asked.

    "Is that?" Schuldich had returned.

    Yohji had smiled dopily back and wandered off again. Schuldich hadn't let him get far. After that, Yohji had stayed in at night for almost a week. Schuldich had spoken to him each night, a couple words here and there, smoothing out Yohji's anger and confusion. Schuldich had even taught Yohji how to guard his mind against the telepath's intrusions, an attempt to gain his trust.

    Yohji had allowed Schuldich a second time, and a third, and after that he couldn't get enough. Schuldich had become an addiction. The man was turning up at all places at all times, hunting Yohji down for some sort of contact.

    And now Schuldich was nowhere in sight.

    "One week?" Yohji asked himself. "You're crazy, Kudou."

    /Missing me already?/ a nasal voice taunted.

    Yohji looked up to see Schuldich in the doorway to the bedroom. It seemed the telepath had decided to finally show up. He did have a key to the place, after all. Now he was looking at Yohji with amusement.

    ~You didn't have to come, you know,~ Yohji said. ~It's not like you're going to get any.~

    /Aren't I?/ Schuldich's smirk widened as he crossed the room.

And when you looked into my eyes
Felt a sudden sense of urgency
Fascination casts a spell and you
Became more than just a mystery
And I think about you all the time
Is this fate is it my destiny
That I think about you all the time
I no longer pretend to have my hand
On the wheel because

    The bed shifted beneath Yohji as Schuldich climbed onto the bed. "Can you stop me?" Schuldich asked, finally choosing to speak aloud. He reached out, gripping Yohji's shoulder to roll the other man onto his back. Orange hair spilled over his shoulders, tips brushing against Yohji's face.

    "Good night, Schuldich," Yohji answered simply, closing his eyes as if ready to go to sleep. Hah. He was more awake now than he'd been just a few moments ago. His entire body was vibrating with Schuldich's presence.

    The bed creaked as Schuldich leaned down. The German's mouth brushed against Yohji's ear as he whispered directly into it. "You know you can't resist me."

    Yohji fought back the urge to shiver and failed, opening his eyes again. "Can't I?" he asked.

    "Care to try?"

    Yohji lifted his hand, pressing his palm to Schuldich's mouth as he pushed the German's face away. "I'm trying to sleep." Schuldich's eyes were laughing at him and he bit Yohji's hand. Yohji pulled back with a frown. "If I get rabies, you're paying for the shots."

    "I'm more concerned with whether or not I'll poison myself with peroxide when I try to wash my mouth out," Schuldich retorted.

    It was a childish impulse, but Yohji gave in anyway and stuck his tongue out.

    Schuldich took it as an invitation, leaning down and kissing him. Hands were on him, sliding across his bared chest as they made their way to the drawstring of Yohji's pajama pants. Yohji's fingers tangled in Schuldich's hair as he allowed Schuldich to settle himself on top of the honey-haired man.

    /You're almost too easy, Kudou./

    ~Am I?~ Yohji asked, punctuating the sentence by tugging Schuldich's hair.

    He'd learned that was the quickest way to get Schuldich's attention or make the man back off. It worked as well now as it always did, and Schuldich winced, sitting up as far as he could. An amused grin danced on Yohji's lips at Schuldich's disapproving look. "I said no, not until you apologize for that bed comment."

    Schuldich snickered. "It must have dealt quite a blow to your ego," he observed, detangling Yohji's fingers. He let himself slump to one side, sprawling on the mattress and pushing at Yohji. "You're taking up too much of the bed."

    Yohji arched a brow at him. "I'm waiting for that apology."

    "And I'm trying to sleep," Schuldich returned.

    Yohji moved back onto his side of the bed, fluffing his pillow with a few well-laid blows. "You'll get sex when I get my apology."

    "I think you'll give in first."

    "Will I?" Yohji asked.

    "We'll see," Schuldich answered, a grin on his mouth before his eyes closed.

    Yohji closed his own eyes. ~We'll see,~ he repeated to himself. Their quiet breathing did little to break the quiet of the room and Yohji could feel himself finally starting to drift to sleep. He was dozing when fingers snaked across his chest. His eyes popped opened instantly to aim an accusing glare in Schuldich's direction.

    Schuldich smirked, eyes sliding open. "You said no sex. You didn't say no touching."

I feel the magic all around you
It's bringing me to my knees
Like a wannabe
I've got to be chained to you
I feel the magic building around you
I feel the magic all around you
It's bringing me to my knees
Like a wannabe
I've got to be chained to you


    Yohji opened tired eyes to see Omi's face too close to his. "Nani?" he managed to get out.

    "You're falling asleep at the counter."

    ~Three points for Omi's stating of the obvious.~

    "Don't tell me you were dumb enough to have company last night," Ken said. The words "after such a late mission" remained unspoken. The boy sounded exasperated as he placed one girl's vase in front of Yohji. "Can you ring this up?"

    Yohji covered a yawn with one hand, pushing his head up from where it had been nestled so comfortably on his arms. He lifted the free hand, punching in a few numbers. He hadn't gotten a wink of sleep last night, not with Schuldich in the same bed. He could only get some satisfaction with the thought that the German had to be equally tired- and unsuccessful.

    "Yohji..." Ken reached past him, altering the numbers he'd put in. "That's not the right price."

    The girls nearest them whispered concerns about Yohji's weariness. Yohji was too tired to make out individual words, but he had no desire to hear them, either. It seemed to him that Ken was waiting for some kind of response, so Yohji offered up a simple "Oh." He leaned back in the chair he'd pulled out earlier, closing his eyes with every intention of napping.

    A hand closed on his shoulder and Yohji forced his eyes open to peer up at Aya's disapproving face. "Get up. Don't come back until you're capable of working."

    Yohji yawned again. "Hai, hai." Now if he could get to his feet...It took two tries before he made it there successfully.

    Omi peered at him. "Will you be able to get home like that, Yohji-kun?" he asked.

    "I'll be fine." He waved a hand at Omi in dismissal, padding his way towards the door. The girls made room for him, whispering more to themselves about his tired state. They were probably wondering who the lucky one was that he'd been with. He didn't trust himself driving while this tired, and now he wondered how long of a walk it would be. As he stepped out of the shop and into too-bright sunlight, he realized that he might not have to walk, after all.

    A car was parked at the curb, an all-too familiar one. Schuldich was comfortable in the driver's seat, jade eyes on Yohji. Yohji opened the passenger door, sliding in.

    "You're not getting anything," he said as he buckled himself in.

    "Ch'. You seem to think I have a one track mind," Schuldich said, pulling away from the curb. "Either that or you assume I have to do you favors to get what I want. One, I don't do favors. Two, you're so tired you'd fall asleep halfway through."

    "Are you saying that you're not good enough to keep me awake?" Yohji asked, eyes closed.

    "Do you want to walk?"

    Yohji snickered.

    "Didn't think so."

    Schuldich stopped at the front of the apartment building where Yohji lived and Yohji dragged himself out of the car. "Thanks for the ride," he said, turning back to offer Schuldich a tired but grateful smile.

    Schuldich returned the smile with a feral smirk. "Rest up for tonight."

    "You _do_ have a one track mind," Yohji muttered, turning away from the car.

    "Saa...How terrible." With that, Schuldich pulled away and Yohji made his way to the front doors.

And I think about you all the time
And I think about you all the time
Yeah I think about it all the time
Tell me it's madness I barely know you

    The bed shifted under an added weight and Yohji opened his eyes to see Schuldich seating himself on the mattress. He snaked a hand out from under the blankets to rub at his eyes, glancing at the clock. He'd slept for ten hours. He was not going to be able to sleep tonight.

    "You're right," Schuldich agreed.

    "Has it been a week yet?" Yohji asked, not bothering to cover his yawn.

    "You don't really think you'll last that long, do you?" Schuldich asked. "You wouldn't like it if I were to vanish for the week. I'm here because you couldn't make it without me."

    "Maybe you're here because _you_ need _me_," Yohji returned. "If I'm so terrible in bed, why do you keep showing up?"

    "Because you're easy," Schuldich answered agreeably.

    Yohji rolled his eyes. "You're not doing anything to help yourself."

    And Schuldich's presence wasn't doing anything to help him. His body was informing him that it was wide awake and ready to go. He studied Schuldich's face. The German seemed amused. "See?" Schuldich asked. "All I have to do is sit here."

    "And all I have to do is lay here and tell you no."

    "I always get what I want, Yohji."

    "Not this time." Yohji stuck out his hand. "Give me your key." Schuldich blinked, as if not understanding the question, then turned it over. Yohji buried it under his pillow. "I can't afford to fall asleep at work everyday while waiting for you to get your act together."

    /Do you think I have to be in this room to keep you awake?/ Schuldich asked.

    "You did teach me how to make a shield," Yohji pointed out.

    "Well..." Schuldich slid towards the edge of the bed. "You think you can last without me...Let's see how far you get. I won't come. I won't contact you. You can have silence and absence for as long as you want."

    "Thank you," Yohji answered primly. Schuldich grinned and left the room. Yohji waited until he heard the front door close behind the German before rolling onto his back. "Damn." One week without sex, without words, without touching.

    Time to see which of them could be more stubborn. It wasn't really the comment that would push Yohji through this. Instead he was curious as to which one would give in first. Would it be him? Would it be Schuldich? Schuldich was, after all, the one who had always showed up. He had always appeared in random places for some sort of contact. Yohji had gotten used to the German popping up wherever and whenever he pleased.

    The one that gave up handed control to the other person. Who had the upper hand in this odd relationship?

    He rolled out of bed. It was almost closing time at the shop, so there was no point in heading over there. Showing up meant the others would shove all of the cleaning up duties on him to make up for his absence. He wouldn't want that to happen, now would he? He ran over the week's work schedule as he padded towards the kitchen.

    He was on morning shift with Aya. The man lived just a block down the street. Maybe Yohji could hitch a ride and save himself the walk. Laziness warred with the desire not to be in the same car as Aya. He had a feeling laziness would win.

    Too bad his battle with Schuldich didn't have as predictable of an ending.

We were standing all alone
You were leaning in to speak to me
Ten steps back you're still a mystery
Acting live a mover shaker
Dancing to madonna then you kissed me
I can't take anymore because

    Yohji drummed restless fingers on the countertop, shifting from one foot to the other. His eyes travelled around the shop. Each girl that approached to check out was taken care of quickly and efficiently, then sent on her way. He knew his teammates were giving him odd looks. It had been three days since he'd last seen or heard from Schuldich and it was bothering him more than he thought it would. It was hard to sleep; he kept expecting Schuldich to show up. He woke up with every quiet sound, thinking it was someone crossing the room towards him.

    Three days of feeling restless and out-of-place. Three days he'd wanted to laugh at himself for feeling abandoned when it was him who'd sent Schuldich out. Jeez...He'd never been so antsy over any of his other lovers. Of course, none had lasted more than a few days. He'd had Schuldich for four months.

    But Schuldich was Schuldich, and now Yohji wondered if that was it. Had Schuldich moved on to easier grounds? Why would Schuldich drop himself for an apology just to keep a lover? The German didn't seem to be that type of person.

    Or did Schuldich show up at all those strange places and times because he was as locked into this as Yohji was?

    Who knew? They were dangerous questions to ask.

    "It is nearing closing time," Ken announced, lifting his voice to cut through the girls' noise. "Are there any last minute purchases?"

    A small line formed before Yohji. He was too lost in his own thoughts to even smile at the girls. He just glanced at what they were buying and punched it into the cash register. Money exchanged hands and it was the next girl's turn. He was too deep into his own thoughts to worry if it was offending the girls.

    The last girl was ushered out and Yohji watched her go, eyes lingering on the glass store front. This was usually his time to book it. He wasn't on closing duty, after all. Today, however, he didn't have the same drive to get out of here. Thoughts of an empty apartment came to mind, and he sighed as he pulled his apron off.

    ~You're hopeless, Kudou. Pathetic and hopeless.~

    He wordlessly picked up a broom, aware of the looks Omi and Ken were exchanging.

    "Yohji-kun...You're not on duty today," Omi pointed out.

    Yohji offered him a faint smile. "I'm already here, so I guess it doesn't matter."

    Ken whistled softly, scratching his head. "Man, what happened to the old Yohji? You're actually productive in the shop and afterwards you stay and clean up? You want to take over my shifts, too?"

    "Don't push your luck," Yohji returned dryly.

    "Worth a try," Ken sighed.

    /You take forever. Did you know that?/

    Yohji stopped midbrush, eyes shooting towards the front of the store. There was no sign of his lover. But the words were some contact, filling a hole he'd noticed in his mind since Schuldich had walked out. He felt his heart trip over itself and his mouth twitched into a smile. ~Looking for something?~

    "Yohji-kun?" Omi peered up at him.

    /Hey, if you don't want me to stick around I'll go someplace else./

    "Here, Ken." Yohji handed the broom over, moving towards the door. "I'll see you guys tomorrow."

    "I don't get it," Ken declared as the door swung slowly closed behind Yohji. "One minute he'll clean and the next he's walking out."

    A hand grabbed Yohji's elbow as soon as he was outside of the store, tugging him to one side. Yohji didn't question or resist as a mouth crushed his. Schuldich's hair fell around him and Yohji found his fingers burying themselves in the long tresses. Hands slid down Yohji's back to rest on his waist, flexing and tightening on Yohji's skin. Apparently, Schuldich was hungry.

    So was Yohji.

    /I told you you can't resist me./

    ~You're the one who showed up. Why?~

    /Hmm..._Maybe_ you're as good in bed as I am./

    Yohji grinned into the kiss. ~Good enough.~

I feel the magic all around you
It's bringing me to my knees
Like a wannabe
I've got to be chained to you
I feel the magic building around you
I feel the magic all around you
It's bringing me to my knees
Like a wannabe
I've got to be chained to you

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