Name: Touya Akira
Series: "Hikaru no Go"
Why: Wheee Akira~ ^_^ He's so cute. And he's such an intense kid sometimes- especially when it comes to Go. But he has such a cute smile! ^_^ I luv him cuz he's cute, he's smart, he's intelligent, and he's very committed to becoming a pro.
Best Pairing: I like him best paired with Shindo Hikaru XD

Name: Fujimiya Aya (or Ran)
Series: "Weiß Kreuz"
Why: I tend to like the cold, beautiful type, ne? ^.^; I like Aya/Ran because he's so angsty and pretty and he has a sworrrd *_* And he has an attitude problem. lol
Best Pairing: I like him best paired with Hikada Ken ^-^

Name: Cloud
Series: "Final Fantasy 7"
Why: Cloud is so cool~ XD He carries a huge sword, he has a cool hairstyle, and.. um.. I just like his character. ^^;;
Best Pairing: uh.. I dunno. Vincent? ^^;

Name: Cooro
Series: "+ Anima"
Why: Cooro kawaiiiii He's so cute. ^_^ He's always smiling and he's such a clueless ditz.. But he has a heart of gold, and black wings! Wheee He cracks me up lol
Best Pairing: Husky~

Name: Dark Mousey
Series: "DN Angel"
Why: He's good looking, he's a thief (like me! XD), he's a neat character.. I don't know much about the series T_T
Best Pairing: Daisuke? ^^;;

Name: Duo Maxwell
Series: "Gundam Wing"
Why: Who WOULDN'T like Duo? He's a smartass, he has a braid, he's American, he controls the coolest gundam in GW, he doesn't let his past angst stop him from having fun, and and.. I could go on and on. Duo has been my fave GW character since I first saw the series. ^__^
Best paring: Heero Yuy, of course ^_^ 1x2 is what made me stick to the series XD

Name: Gamma
Series: "Zombie Powder"
Why: Gamma is bad-ass. He acts pretty stupid sometimes, but he's got awesome powers, he's a wanted man, and though he acts kind of careless and coarse, he really does have a gentle heart.
Best pairing: Wolfina

Name: Sha Goyjo
Series: "Saiyuki"
Why: OK, I'll admit I was mainly attracted to Goyjo cuz he reminded me of Schuldich (mostly in looks). But he's cool in his own way. ^_^ He's an awesome fighter, he's funny, he's a smartass.. I can't write much more cuz I've actually never seen the series.. ^.^;; I only have the first graphic novel of this series.. hee..
Best pairing: Hakkai ^-^ kawaiii

Name: Heero Yuy
Series: "Gundam Wing"
Why: Another of those cold, emotionless types. ^^; He's really strong, isn't easily frightened or fazed, and he offsets Duo perfectly. He claims to do everything for the mission, but you can see his own mercy peeking through when he rescues Duo from OZ or protects Relena.
Best pairing: Duo~~~ XD

Name: Hiei
Series: "Yu Yu Hakusho"
Why: Hieiiiiiiiii XD I think this boy's the shit. He's short and never smiles, but he kicks ass. He's a fire demon, with a cool tattoo that does.. *smiles* But that would be a spoiler. ^_~ He's a great character, and a bad-ass fighter. Oh, and he has a sword XD
Best pairing: Kurama!!

Name: Shindo Hikaru
Series: "Hikaru no Go"
Why: I usually like the main characters of manga/anime at least to some degree. Hikaru is no exception. He's kinda selfish sometimes (but hey, he's a kid), but he's a sweetheart, and has an amazing hidden talent for Go. And he's so cuuute~ *fangirl squeal* ...*sweatdrop*
Best pairing: Akira! duh XD

Name: Nakano Hiroshi
Series: "Gravitation"
Why: This is one of the rare series where I don't care much for the main character after awhile. Shuuichi is just too.. whiny. Anyway, Hiro may tease Shuuichi a lot, and seem rather uncaring of his problems sometimes, but actually he cares a lot for his best friend. He would willingly beat up anybody that took advantage of his friends, and sticks up for them when they're not around. He's also funny, a great musician, and good looking. ^_~
Best pairing: Not sure... maybe K? ^^;

Name: Hotohori
Series: "Fushigi Yuugi"
Why: *____* GLOMP! Hotohori has got to be the best looking guy in FY. XD Not only that, but he's an emporer, a great swordsman, and has a really big, gentle heart that he extends to his friends and his kingdom. He would die for the ones he loves, and for the people under his imperial protection. He cares much more than people would think for the people of his kingdom, and would sacrifice anything for them.
Best pairing: Nuriko-chan~ ^__^

Name: Husky
Series: "+ Anima"
Why: Husky is so cute. ^_^ He has a rather short temper, and thinks Cooro's a twit (he is ^.^;; but we love him anyway). But he still panics when his friends are in trouble, and rushes to their aid, and he can turn into a pretty merman! Fishie~
Best pairing: Cooro-chan ^^

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