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   How do people start writing fanfiction themselves? Well, obviously they wander the 'net reading other peoples'. Eventually they get so enraptured with the stories, they are just itching to create their own, in hopes of somehow writing a piece that will make other people laugh, cry, or grin the way you did when reading a fic by a favorite author.
   Well, I wanted to give credit to those authors and works that inspired me to start writing, or to continue to write. Myself, I'm not as picky in my writing as I should be-- compared to Mami, who goes nuts making sure a story is just right. I write down a chapter, shove it off on her to beta for grammar mistakes, and post it. x_x; Rarely is there a lot of thought put into it, unless it's a long fic... and then the planning comes in the later chapters. ^^;
   But I am picky about what I read. I WILL NOT read NCS, if I can possibly help it (I haven't even read Mami's Cry Me a River). That may seem weird, since sometimes I allude to rape in my own fics, but... I dunno. I can write it (kinda), but I can't stand reading it. So no NCS fics on my rec page. Neither am I a big fan of the major angst fics. I have read them, mind you, and there are some really good ones out there. But I don't go out of my way to read them. If it says "horrible, major angst" or "deathfic", I almost always veer away. But like I said, I've read some good ones, and they're on here.
   Anybody who knows me even vaguely knows I also despise OOCness. In comedies and parodies, that's fine. Same with some AU fics. But if it's a stereotypical fic where all Trowa says is "..." and all Wufei does is rant "Justice! Justice!! Baka onna!!" I don't want to read it. -_- Keep it for the comedies, folks. I'm also not very big on fluff and sap. -__-;; Bleh. Not only because sometimes it means making them OOC (Wufei or Heero pouring their heart out, whispering sweet nothings, and acting reallly sweet? Come ON), but also cuz.. well... Bleh. o_o; Personal tastes. I love a happy ending, and a little gentleness is sweet, but some people tend to overdo it.
   So anywho... that's my rant/warnings/explanation/whatever. ^_^ I highly encourage you all to check these fics out and give 'em a chance. And remember to e-mail the writers to let them know what you think. ^_^ Writers love feedback, and these guys deserve it.
   PS- the links to these fics aren't necessarily the author's personal site; they're just the link where I found the fic. A lot of the fics are hosted on archives (, for example), but the link I give will lead straight to the story.
PPS- You'll notice none of Mami's fics are on here. Why? Because A) I like almost all of them anyway and B) They're here on the site. You want 'em, go get em. ^^;


Maxwell's Demon (by Madamhydra)
Summary: Relena is generally portrayed as being rather clueless. But what if Relena actually *knew* something that none of the other Gundam pilots did? What if she was the only one who realizes the sinister truth about Duo Maxwell? What if she was RIGHT!? (Madamhydra's summary)
Comments: This is a fic I read when I was first getting into the GW fandom... and it's still a fave. There's Relena bashing (yay!), but not TOO cruelly. Heero and Duo's relationship is deliciously IC, I think, and Duo is badass, which I love. If you haven't read this fic, yet, go read it!
Warnings: a little Relena bashing, a little supernatural, lime

The Arrangement (by Maldoror)
Summary: Heero approaches Wufei with an offer of an arrangement with mutual benefits: relieving sexual tension for each other so that they may continue to properly function as soldiers. Wufei's not too thrilled with the idea, but it means he gets to spar with Heero. So much time together, however, is starting to open both their eyes to each other's personalities, strengths.. and weaknesses.
Comments: I LOVE this fic. I just recently found it, and I read all current chapters in one sitting. I am SO jealous of Maldoror's talent with writing fight scenes. Her descriptions of Wufei's fighting style blew me away. And while Duo is unfortunately portrayed as a pest, that can be forgiven for the awesome insight into the way Wufei thinks and acts. Oh, btw, if you're expecting a romantic fic, this one isn't. ^^; It's all about efficiency, hormones, and violence.
1x5x1 is my latest GW pairing obsession, so this fic was much appreciated. Not to mention I'm fascinated with Wufei. I didn't like him much when I first started GW, but I was determined to work with him. I told myself, 'he's a warrior, he has a sword, he has honor, and his past seems a little warped. there's got to be more to him than sexist bastard.' Stuyding this 'cooler' side of Wufei and trying to write him as such in "Harvest Moon" and other fics got me addicted to him. And I have to say I'm a little jealous of how Maldoror pulls him off, as well. She does a better job than me, that's for damn sure. >_< Wufei ROCKS in this fic. GO READ!!
As a side note, I suggest reading all her fics. ^_^ She's one of my fave authors.
Warnings: heavy limes, spoilers for series, violence, slight Duo bashing, eventual lemons, angst, NOT a romance

Walking the Tightrope (by Asuka Kureru)
Summary: Wufei secretly loves Duo, but Duo is with Heero. Duo loves Wufei, but can't bear the thought of leaving Heero. So what happens? Heero, to make Duo happy, proposes a threesome. Wufei and Heero can share Duo, and Duo gets them both. All good, right? Well.. not really. After all, a real ménage à troi means all three are with each other. But Wufei and Heero feel awkward around each other; maybe even jealous. Will they be able to pull it off and keep everyone happy?
Comments: The first link below will lead you to "Equilibrium", which is actually the one-shot prequel. You can't read one without the other, really, so make sure you read Equilibrium first.
This fic is hot hot hot. XD It got me into strawberries (1x5x1). The idea of an aggressive sexual relationship between the two of them is realllly appealing. Mwahaha. Yes, I am a hentai. *cough* 1x2x5 is even better. XD *is jealous of Duo* If you want a fic with lots of lime and lemony goodness, as well as comedy and a little angst, this fic is yummy- er, great. XD Enjoy.
Warnings: heavy limes, lemon, mild angst, threesome
LINK 1....LINK 2....E-MAIL

The Inbox Series (by girl_starfish)
Summary: Messages the G-boys receive while on missions. Duo's driving everyone insane, Relena is in stalk-mode, and Quatre has a liiiittle bit of a caffeine problem.
Comments: This fic won best humour in the "A Little Piece of Gundam Wing" fanfic contest (Ouishii). And no wonder- it's HILARIOUS. Do not drink while reading this fic! I was laughing so hard my eyes were watering. The e-mail addresses the characters have make it even funnier. XDD If you need a laugh, this fic is for you. It's OOC, of course, but it's a comedy, and that works. Poor Wufei.. *dies* XD
BTW, there are multiple links listed below, because there's three parts: Heero's Inbox, Trowa's Inbox, and Duo's Inbox.
Warnings: OOC... and, once again, do not consume beverages or food while reading, due to choking hazard o_o;

Like Glass (by Goddess Blue)
Summary: Draco falls in love, and thanks to lessons in his past, is not too happy about it. Complete with Quidditch Pitch snogging sessions. (summary by Goddess Blue)
Comments: I went in search of Draco/Harry smut one day shortly before posting "Pride of Ice", and ran across this fic. XD Yum yum. It's not NC-17, but the kiss scenes are yummy. And I'm used to looking at Draco as seme, so seeing Harry in that position was interesting. Draco's the one longing after Harry, but Harry's the one to kiss him first. And they're much more IC than most fics make them. XD whee Go read.
Warnings: lime, spoilers?

Irresistable Poison (by Rhysenn)
Summary: Under the influence of a love potion, Draco learns that poison doesn't always bring death -- there are other ways to suffer and live. Chemical emotion runs feverish as Harry and Draco discover the intoxication of love. (summary by Rhysenn)
Comments: The first HP fanfic I read. Awesome story; HP slash fics are stacked against this fic- and not just by myself. It's angsty, but it's got a pretty happy ending, and it's a great read.
Warnings: limes, spoilers?

Acherontia Atropos (by Katsu)
Summary: An alternate universe, where Duo finds out that everything he ever learned from Dracula movies was WRONG. (summary by Katsu)
Comments: I read this fic several years ago, and it will always remain one of my favorite GW fanfics- if not THE favorite. I fell in love with the way she wrote and the way she portrayed Duo. If I could write Duo even a fraction of how well she does, I'd be happy. Be prepared for some pretty graphic violence. Unfortunately it's only shounen ai, but for once I didn't even care very much. There's also a sequel.
Warnings: violence, gore, supernatural, angst

Bottoms Up (by The Treacle Tart)
Summary: Snape and Lupin discover they share a similar reaction to inebriation.
Comments: Now this was an interesting find. ^^; It's kind of silly, and some of the past "encounters" mentioned made me go "O__O ew", but it was also funny, well-written, and sweet. It made me smile.
Warnings: reference to VERY bizarre pairings, shounen ai

Weiß Kreuz Fairy Tales (by Sakki-san)
Summary: Parody after parody with our fave WK and Schwarz boys. Pairings are numerous, humorous, and random.
Comments: Everyone needs a laugh every now and then. This fic has been helping me laugh since '02. Each chapter is a different parody- of a movie, anime, or fairy tale -with the WK characters playing the parts. It's OOC, it's beyond silly, and it's freaking hilarious.
Warnings: random pairings, cussing, limes, OOCness, rampant silliness

The Education of Heero Yuy (by Vermilion Flame)
Summary: Heero discovers there have been serious gaps in his education, and decides Duo is just the right teacher to correct that problem. (summary by Vermilion Flame)
Comments: Hah! Finally found it again. ^_^
A really awesome 1x2x1, but with a twist in the telling: the story is told as Heero relating his experiences to Wing. It's an interesting idea, and not just anyone can pull it off. But Vermilion does it admirably. Not a fic to miss ^_^
Warnings: lemon(s)

Scarlet Ribbons (by Jessi Albano)
Summary: Schuldich has been dropping by Aya's mind for visits during her coma- for reasons neither of them quite understands. The first time was an accident. Why does he keep coming back?
Comments: Holy piss, a het fic I actually enjoyed. x_x Mami directed me to this fic a couple years ago, and I fell in love with it. One of the very few het fanfics I've ever read. (tho there are ran/ken hints) Aya is awesome, and Schu is deliciously IC, too, so it isn't all fluffy and romantic to a sickening degree. A must-read.
Warnings: het fic (guy/girl), slight spoilers

The Games We Play (by Keelywolfe)
Summary: Relena needs a bodyguard for the day, and Duo needs some Ritalin. (summary by Keelywolfe)
Comments: This fic is short, but it made me grin throughout. Relena was very likable, and I admire any yaoi author who can make her that way. The first paragraph cracked me up. The story is sweet, humorous, and has a slight twist near the ending. One of those "feel good" fics.
Warnings: um..none?

Whatever the Reasons (by Haze)
Summary: A post-war fic. Heero lives in a dingy apartment on L1, alone with his memories of the war and uncertain what he has to look forward to in life. Then Trowa re-enters his life, and things are suddenly easier and yet more complicated at the same time. But what does Trowa want?
Comments: I've read this fic a couple times, me being the 1x3x1 fanatic I am. ^_^ And even better, it's IC! XD whee~ A good, descriptive fic by a talented author. I should really find some more of her fics. If you're looking for an honest and in-character 1x3, this is it. ^_^
Warnings: slight spoilers? angst (nothing too bad, though)

Damsel in Distress versus the Knight in Shiny Armor (by Muffie)
Summary: A beautiful princess has been sacrificed to a dragon to save the kingdom and it's up to Heero to save her. Relena doesn't like it. Neither does the beautiful princess. Heero doesn't care for the idea either, but, well, he did say "mission accepted". Yaoi. (summary by Muffie)
Comments: Sound cliche? Don't worry... it's NOT. In fact, the author takes a twisted joy in poking fun at cliche's. Yes, Duo is the princess. Yes, he wears a dress most of the time. You'll be pleasantly surprised, however, to discover he is not girly in this fic at all. He kicks ass. This fic had me laughing my ass off. I love it! If you need a wicked laugh, read this. ^___^
Oh, as a side note-- this has one of the best first kiss scenes ever done in fanfiction in my opinion *_*
Warnings: cussing, lots of innuendos and dirty jokes, Relena bashing, satire, hilarity, limes

The Mirror of Maybe (by Midnight Blue)
Summary: "Set after Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and as an alternative to the events detailed in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, it is a Slash story involving Harry Potter and Severus Snape." (<- summary by Midnight Blue) Basically, Harry steps into a mirror... and when he comes out shortly thereafter, he's not the same person he was before.
Comments: I'm.. not exactly sure how to summarize this fic without giving away a lot or giving the fic justice. I remember reading several chapters of this a couple years ago (it's still ongoing), but completely forgot about it until Mami mentioned it. Awesome story, amazing detail, enviable foresight and planning. This story rocks. And I'm not usually that fond of Snape/Harry. Go read ._.
Warnings: yaoi, spoilers, angst, possible upcoming lemon(s)?

I must give credit where credit is due... *tips hat* Cheers to Tayla Firedancer, whose beautiful 1x2x1 fics introduced me to the world of GW yaoi. Read her fics and be happy. ^_^

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