Patterns of Blood ~ About Us

    You're either very curious or very bored if you wandered to this corner of the site.
    It's come up a couple times in e-mails or comments in the guestbook, referring to us as "friends". Possibly some people just assumed we were friends with a common interest who decided to start a site.
    Truth is, we're sisters. Yes, by blood o_O;
    Amiko is actually the older sister by just over a year. Well-- oldest. Mami is actually the middle sister of three. The youngest focuses on her art and doesn't participate in fandom much.
    The two of us got into anime at the same time, and though it was Amiko who first made her embarrassing first steps into the fanfic world with Slayers and Gundam Wing, Mami soon followed, and soon it became somewhat of an obsession for the both of us. We both had been writing original fics since we could pick up a pencil, anyway, and fanfics gave us a chance to hone our writing skills without the annoying part where you have to explain character's appearance, background, mannerism, etc. Anyway, that was back in... 2000? 2001? Maybe slightly earlier.
    Anyway, after several years, we decided to make this site. ^_^ We did not expect so many people to visit and comment on our fics, however, and for that-- THANK YOU!
    To learn a little more about each of us, click either picture below. They're vague details, but they're something. We aren't about to put personal thoughts and crap in there because...
    You really don't want to know how twisted we are inside. You really don't.


    If you have any questions/comments for one of us in specific, please feel free to e-mail us at our individual accounts.
    Anything you have to say to the both of us or regarding the site in general, however, should be sent to our co-address,