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Updates for Kojika's Neko Page

*6/15/04- Added Ed Tiger. Redid index page.

*9/21/03- Added Jeanne Kitty. Redid Updates page.

*9/14/03- added Tachibana kitty. Added Kagura Kitty.

*8/24/2003- redid index page. redid neko page. created neko 2002 page. Added Jing Kitty.

* 4/4/2003- redid index page. redid linkz page. added link. redid neko page.

*4/3/2003-Hm...well, I basically planned to do alot of things such as change the ctas to pictures on the page and fix the links page, but i might not have time to do that... I just learned html so this is going to be alot easier now.

*11/12/2002- yeay! tomorrow is my birthday! changed the index picture. I'll be out of town from 11/15-11/17 at the Indy AnimeCon, C Con

*10/28/2002- added Orphen & Majic and Sailor Star Maker kitties.

*10/19/2002- added Chacha and Sailor Star Healer kitties. Added update page. Redid index page.

*10/10/2002- added Saiha kitty. Added links to linkz page. redid index.

*9/2/2002- added shippou kitty

*8/26-27/2002- just got used to highschool so I'm back on track! added rath & rune kitty. shrunk kitties down. added some links.

*8/12/2002- added change of heart kitty. redid index page. fixed broken linkz page link

*8/2-8/12- out of town and spent a lot of time away from home at c-chan's house sorry for any inconvience

*8/01/2002- added lady of faith kitty

*7/31/2002- added pikachu kitty

*7/30/2002- added water & soap and chibi trunks kitties

*7/30/2002- updated index. added link page and guest book.

*7/29/2002- updated submit/reguest page, there are now rules up.

*7/25/2002- added celtic guardian kitty