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Welcome to my Linkz page! Get it, that's why there's a picture of it's not that funny...well anyways please check out the few links I have. If you wish to submit a site just e-mail me. Thank you for spending time with us!

If you wanna link to me here's my banner if you can use it! (Note: This site is a part of Tsuki no Kagera.)

Chose your destination...

Tsuki no Kagera-Kojika's home page! majutsushi orphen, Sukisho, Yami no Matsuei, and DragonVoice. The Darker Side of Destiny-part of Tsuki no Kagera...fanfiction, fanart, and other fan related material...

Moon Reflection-the sister site to my to be domain name
Wanna know which Orphen charcter you are most like? Then take my test!
Pink Door Inc- have you heard enough babble about it yet? Want to find out what it is? Here's the place!
the Sphinx Adoption Center- here you can find some of your favorite anime charcters as sphinx!
Ghost of Dawn kitty adoption site, in fact it's the one that inspired me to make kitties and such! A must see!
Dark Shadows-hime-chan's site and my sister's site, tee hee