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Yami no Matsuei

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All images and characters copyrightMatsushita Youko eq and Hakusensha

DISCLAIMER:This synopsis and chara profiles are subjective and the views expressed within are simply those of the reviewer. Remember that 1) as previously stated, I don't claim to be an expert on this series, so certain details may be absent and, if there are any errors, I do appreciate constructive feedback. Also 2) this page exists because this title is one of my preferred choices and any negative comments that are made about it generally tend to reflect relatively minor aspects. Heck, nobody's perfect, ne?

Yami no Matsuei can be described as a fantasy/action/detective drama with a bit of shounen-ai thrown in. The story is mainly set in Meifu, the Land of the Dead, and present day Japan. The main character, Tsuzuki Asato, is one of the shinigamis (gods of death) who were once human and now work for the JuOhCho in Meifu, where the souls of those who have recently passed on are processed, catalogued and judged. Tsuzuki and his partner, Kurosaki Hisoka, are mainly responsible for investigating unusual cases where certain people aren't passing on when they are assigned to (either beforehand or not at all) within a predetermined "cho" (district, area or a "beat", if you prefer) in Japan. Therefore these shinigami are able to traverse between the Land of the Living and the Land of the Dead, which is one of the perks of their line of work, and usually work in pairs to aid in their objective. They also possess unique magical powers and are able to call upon certain supernatural beings, or shikigamis, that help them in their endeavors. Another point of interest is that Meifu is basically the same as the world of the living only sorta "flipped over" or mirrored.
The artwork in the mangas for this series is beautiful and exquisitely detailed. The anime so far seems quite well done also.

Reviewer's status with this title:
Anime/OVA: ALL Manga: vol.1-11
listed in order of importance (and cuteness) according to yours truly >_O

YOD (Year of Death): 1926
Star Sign (why not?): Pisces

Tsuzuki Asato

An awful cook that has incurable sweet tooth, Tsuzuki is typically optimistic in nature and is seemingly unaware of or unaffected by all the power that he possesses. Although he is somewhat unambitious and usually blissfully oblivious, Tsuzuki seems to be hiding a dark, secret pain carried over from his past life within himself. As a shinigami, he switched working partners quite often (Tatsumi being one of them) until he was finally paired up with Hisoka. He can also summon up 12 shikigamis (including Touda), which is quite unusual for a shinigami.

YOD: Mmm... dunno. Probably after Tsuzuki's
Star Sign: Capricorn

Tatsumi Seiichirou

An ex-shinigami and now a secretary to Konoe, head of the Shokan division of the EnmaCho which is part of the JuOhCho for whom Tsuzuki works (got that?), Tatsumi is very stern and serious and is pretty much the brains behind the whole outfit and somewhat of a penny-pincher as well. His magical powers consist of being able to control shadows to do his will. Although he used to be Tsuzuki's partner, he can be a bit harsh towards him, but, in truth, he cares very deeply for his ex-partner. And I strongly suspect that he and Tsuzuki were once an item at some point and still share a very deep and intimate relationship. (Anyone who wants to dispute this, just look at the pix below)

YOD: in the 1970's?
Star Sign: Aries

Watari Yukata

Watari-san tends to have a constantly cheerful and amicable disposition, getting along with just about everybody. He is a shinigami as well, working in a different district than Tsuzuki. He's also somewhat of a scientist/alchemist busying himself with many experiments and coming up with some new magic potion or other. Watari's special power, however, is bringing life to inanimate objects, such as his very poorly drawn likenesses of Tsuzuki. (Poor Watari!) Also, he's hardly ever seen without his trusty, cute 'n fluffy sidekick, an owl called 003. ^___^


Touda is one of the shikigami whose master is Tsuzuki. Although he isn't anything close to being a main character, he is extremely drool-worthy and I mean EXTREMELY! (see below for a mini-shrine - wink, wink) His element is fire and, when he is helping and protecting his master, he transforms into a giant snake that emits fire and can fly! Trs cool, ne?

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Muraki Kazutaka

I'm not exactly sure what this guy is... I'm guessing he's somewhere between a living human with special powers and a maniacal demon. All I know for sure is that Muraki is pretty much the baddie in this series, is/was a doctor, tortured and killed Hisoka and more or less wants to "know" Tsuzuki in the biblical sense. He also suffers from some strange affliction in his right eye *shrugs* Yeah, pretty much someone you would NOT take home to meet Mother.

YOD: 1996
Star Sign: Libra

Kurosaki Hisoka

Hisoka was murdered at the age of 16 by Muraki and is one of the younger shinigamis. Both in his past life and as a shingami, he possesses the special ability to detect other's thoughts and emotions. His character usually ranges from somewhat cold, harsh and sullen to completely aloof and unemotional. I think the author tries to imply in the story that some kind of relationship is developing between him and Tsuzuki, which I honestly have a hard time buying into. (Can you tell I'm not exactly Hisoka's biggest fan? Gomen...)


These two cute chicken-like creatures are twin brother gods who are in charge of the library of the JuOhCho where all the history and records of both the living and the dead are kept. Because of this, they are continually called upon by the shinigami to help in their investigations.


A MINI-SHRINE to Touda! Why? 'Cuz he's sooo cool and dead sexy! (duh!)

OMG! Can you believe how gorgeous this guy is? Huh? (Yeah, I know, I'm gushing) But these pictures above have to be a couple of the most beautiful manga illustrations I've seen! (The ones below aren't too bad either! ~_^)

Touda (before and after the evil haircut!)

And my Tatsumi X Tsuzuki shrine, featuring indisputable proof that they are/were a couple:

I like to call the one on the right, "Breakfast :The Morning After" >_<;;

More huggles 'n snuggles 'n a very near kissy-poo! *groan*

Other charas in YnM that need much more time and development dedicated to them! ('cuz I sez so!)


This guy is Muraki's best friend, but don't hold that against him! He very much disapproves of his pal's twisted obsessions. He also runs a hotel/geisha house, but, damn, if he ain't easy on the eyes, hey? And check out that hair!!! *drool* Btw, cute neko mask, eh?


This dashing character is also a shinigami like Tsuzuki, but is assigned to a different area of Japan. And his working partner is like a 13 year old girl or something... Kooky! He's a somewhat disgruntled (see above left pic) yet oddly charming character, who transforms into a huge lionesque beast whenever he comes into contact with women or bishounen! @_@ (Very amusing, ne?)


Click on the link below to view some scans from a sampling of my YnM doujinshis. WARNING: They are pretty graphic (as in NC-17-yaoi-m/m love-hentai graphic) so all you little kiddies, puritans and homophobes better give this a miss -

Yami no Matsuei Djs

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