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[all images and characters copyrightMatou Sanami ^g and Biblos ^g]

DISCLAIMER:This synopsis and chara profiles are subjective and the views expressed within are simply those of the reviewer. Remember that 1) as previously stated, I don't claim to be an expert on this series, so certain details may be absent and, if there are any errors, I do appreciate constructive feedback. Also 2) this page exists because this title is one of my preferred choices and any negative comments that are made about it generally tend to reflect relatively minor aspects. Heck, nobody's perfect, ne?

This title is basically an action/romance series by the awesome mangaka, Sanami Matou, which revolves around the relationship of two police detectives, Dee Latener and Randy (Ryo) McLane, who work in the 27th precinct of New York City, and the cases in which they are involved.
The manga is superbly drawn with bold,clear lines and has well-developed characters and story line. There is also a good amount (some may too much!) of UST (unrelieved sexual tension) between Dee and Ryo. However, IMHO, this is the motor that keeps the story going and interesting! The OVA is also quite well executed and based on a story from the second volume of the manga. NOTE: This opinion is based on the subtitled VHS version, I've heard the dubbed one is horrid!

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listed in order of importance (and cuteness) according to yours truly >_O

Dee Latener

A police detective in his late twenties, Dee grew up in an orphanage and basically was somewhat of a street punk as a young man. He also happens to be bisexual and head over heels in love with his police partner, Ryo (Randy McLane), reminding him (Ryo) of this fact whenever possible. Charming, cocky, honest and straightforward, he is an excellent cop with good instincts, as well as a damn fine specimen of a man! I mean, just LOOK at him! *drool*

Randy "Ryo" McLane

Ryo is Dee's somewhat more timid partner. He is also one year older than Dee and half Japanese, therefore Dee calls him by his Japanese name, Ryo. Ryo's parents were brutally murdered when he was an adolescent and one of the main reasons he joined the police force was to find his parents' killer. Friendly, warm, thoughtful and indecisive, he is very dedicated to his work, yet somewhat confused by Dee's open advances and feelings.

Bikky McLane

Bikky is Ryo's young adopted son. Ryo was working on a case in which Bikky's biological father was killed. Finding Bikky suddenly orphaned and having to protect him while the case was solved, Ryo's heart went out to the child and he decided to adopt him. In the OVA and parts of the manga, he is 10 years old, in other parts he's 16. Quick-tempered and defiant, Bikky does all he can to protect his new father from Dee's insistent clutches.


Cal is Bikky's good friend, at first, and girlfriend later on. She is two years his elder as well as an accomplished pick pocket! o_O Spunky and good natured, she does a pretty good job at keeping Bikky occupied and away so that Dee and Ryo can have some quality time alone. >_O

Berkeley Rose

Berk is the Police Commisioner at the 27th precinct and is somewhat aloof and arrogant. He also has a "thing" for Ryo (actually switching his previous location assignment in order to work close to him), yet he can hardly tolerate Dee, therefore providing the random sticky situation and a bit more tension to the story.

JJ Adams

JJ is also a police detective working at the 27th precinct, who was a cadet along with Dee at the police academy. He is younger than his fellow detectives and a lower ranking officer. However, he still has a huge, although unrequited, crush on his "sempei," Dee. Perky, tenacious and a helluva good shot, JJ has boundless amounts of energy and a curiously adamant inability to understand the concepts of "no" and "go away"...

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For your viewing pleasure, I've scanned some excerpts from a few of Matou-sensei's doujinshis.
These are very hot 'n heavy yaoi, featuring male/male sexual relations, and are not for the faint of heart, the prudish, the homophobic nor the lil' ones! Otherwise, enjoy!

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