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Shawn's polishing

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    Here is some of my polishing work, if you would like to send me a few items to be polished, or are interested in learning how to do it yourself, please E-mail me at or IM me on AOL Instant Messanger, my screen name is mx416ex27. Satisfaction guarnteed :
    400ex Side Case Covers-85$:

    400ex Shock Linkage-15$:

    400ex Throttle And Break Resiover Cover-5$ each:

    400ex Engine Mounts,Starter Cover, and Oil Filter Cover-35$ as a group:

    400ex Throttle Cover and Throtle Body-30$:

    400ex Exhaust Heat Sheild-25$ 400ex Starter Cover-10$:

    400ex Engine Mounts-20$:

    400ec AC Front Bumper-15$:

    400ex AC Nerf Bars-35$:

    400ex Oil Filter Cover-10$:

    400ex Starter Cover-10$:

    Aluminum Radiator on car 1955 Chevy Bel Air-N/A:

    Radiator Hose Clamps for 1955 Chevy Bel Air-15$:

    YFZ450 OEM Exhaust Baffle 15$: