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KK: W00t!!! New layout, ppls!! YEAH!!! Many thanks to Kage of Yuumei!! I owe you one girl!
***Bare with me as I am basically remodeling the site due to this layout!! This requires time, of which I have none, so this will be a LONG-ASS project!! *sighes* Oh well....***
Well, same old rules apply:
1) I don't own Yu-Gi-Ou! It was created by Kazuki Takahashi and is copyrighted to all these other strange, rich ppls who need to hand out their money. Why can't they hand out their money?!?!
2) I'm a yaoi/shounen ai fan, so you'll see a LOT of yaoi & shounen ai going on here! (Note: Yaoi & Shounen ai is boyxboy stuff. You know, homosexuality?) Don't like, fine, get out. Don't flame, just, get the hell out of my site!
3) I'm not too fond of Anzu/Tea and, lately, Yami no Yuugi, so you may see a lot of Anzu and Yami bashing here. If you do not like seeing Anzu or Yami(although it's minor) bashed, GET OUT!!!
4) Kaiba Seto and Kaiba Noa are mine. Period. Don't be comin' here and tellin' this fan that Kaiba Seto or Kaiba Noa are yours, cause they're not! *sticks out tounge*

Site Navagation Guide:

The Show!
SAP: Here at KK House(As we prefer calling it) we have a crazy little show running. If you really care what we do here in our free time, you can check this out!

The Fans!
Mai: If you send something in, it get's put up! We collect pictures and fics! Send them in or just go read & look at what's in there!

The Wallpaper!
Isis: While surfing the web, KK-sama has collected many pieces of wallpaper. You can take them and place them on your desktop, or even place them on your site, I guess.(All wallpapers are used with permission...)
Gozaburo: KK-baka now has some wallpapers she did herself. Same rule applies to them as to her buttons and banners, she just didn't put it up on the page.

The Yu-Gi-Ou! Characters!
Mei: All of the important charaters are here,
Kyuu: All you have to do is go there!
Katsuya: That was not up to your standards... *to guests* Here's where we store the info on the characters from the TV show! It's under construction, although open, since KK-san is too lazy to work on it...
KK: Katsuya... *chases Katsuya from room*
Kurai: She actually does have a couple of the characters up...

Kurai: What we've been doing here lately. There can sometimes be more than one update in a day, so you may want to check frequently...
SAP: Most recent: 07/07/03!!

Which Couples Do YOU Support?
Yami: When you watch Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, which characters do you like to pair up? Do you think Jyou/Joey and Mai look good together, or do you prefer Yuugi and me? Check and see if a banner with your couple is up here! If not, tell KK-san and she'll make it for you, as long as it follows her rules, which she says at the top.
Yuugi: Now we have triangles too! And, even better, you can make your own banner, send it in, and it'll be put up!

Absolute Junk!
KK: Uhm, just a bunch of things I collected. Quiz prizes and such...

Malik: Ever get mad at the dubbers for doing something wrong to one of your favorite characters? What to rant about it? That's basically what this it, a place to rant. We should really change the name...

My Buttons
KK: Buttons for you ppl to use to link to our site. Use them wisely, but don't steal them, & remember to link back to us!

Links Outta Here
Shadi: Yes! Flee while you still can!!!
KK: Yami Malik, stop controlling Shadi!!
Y. Malik: Whoops... *flees himself*

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Seto's Last Words:
"You'll never take me alive!"

(KK's mini disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! is still not mine. This site is copyrighted to me, Kaiba Katmon =^.^=, 2003. All fanwork/wallpaper/banners/buttons are copyrighted to their creators. Layout copyrighted to Kages, 2003. Original characters copyrighted to me. Any and all mistakes entirely my fault, shoot me. Ja!)