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My spiffy title picture!

As college is taking up most of my time, I haven't been producing very many drawings, but I'll do my best to create some new fan art on my free time :). I've been collecting alot of new series, so I'll try to make some interesting works... possibly from maburaho, naruto, one piece, witch hunter robin, or several other series.

I added a few drawings I've done in this long void of website neglect, so take a look ^^.

Just finished a picture of Kanchi from FLCL. This series is so bizarre that it's facinating to watch.

I put up a samurai guy (or something like that) drawing.

I added a random doodle that I did in math class. It sort of looks like Omi from WeiB Kreuz, but that wasn't it's intention.

I put up a picture of Ruri from Nadesico. Bow before her cuteness! lol

I just finished my picture of Guts from Berserk, so here it is.

Added a pic of Azumi from Real Bout High School.

I just put up the Rei Ayanami picture. It actually uses alot of symbolism, so see if you can pick it out.

I put up a picture of death, so yeah -_-; .

I just added a Random Drawings section, so yeah ^^ .

Wow, I actually uploaded some stuff lol. The chobits picture is my first attempt with india ink (using a dipping nib), so, yeah -_-; . The Asuka picture has been done for weeks, so I'm glad that it's finally up.

I finally got a chance to upload the kenshin pic, so here it is :D .

I've finished my latest picture (one of Kenshin Himura), but I don't have access to my digital camera for 2 weeks, so unless I can find a friend with a scanner or something, I can't post it for a while.

Well, I finally finished my Naru picture (took me waaaay too long), so here it is. I'm kinda dissappointed with the background, but oh well.

I've been trying to do a pic, I swear, but it just doesn't seem to turn out right. I'm tired of front views, so I've been trying for some side views, but it's very difficult for a beginner like me. Currently, I'm attempting something with Naru Narusegawa from Love Hina.

I put up a guest book! Yay! Please sign it!

Just added my lain pic. If you havn't seen Serial Expiraments Lain, this picture probably doesn't seem very funny, but oh well (actually, it's not very funny even if you have seen it).

I finished my Cloud picture (from Final Fantasy 7) today. It was made from a request by Jewel_Dagger.

I just added my newest pic to the list... Inu Yasha is a great series to draw from. The digital picture made the contrast a bit messed up, though. It's a bit more lightly done in real life.

I've really been into making anime sketches recently, so I decided to start this website. I'm sorry about the quality of the pictures; I don't have a scanner so I have to use my digital camera.