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Matsunaga Yayoi

One of those all around fun characters. Matsunaga Yayoi and her sister owned the hotel Tatsuhiko spend his first few days in Tokyo in, and Yayoi's sister was his first case in Tokyo. After Yayoi's sister's death, Yayoi joined the NOS, and Tatsuhiko.

Of course, so Tatsuhiko won't have to feed on unsuspecting humans, Yayoi provides the perfect snack for Tatsuhiko, and later Riho.

I feel the need to also add here that, since Tatsuhiko can't drive, Yayoi tends to be the one to drive him around. She also fairly handy with her little{*coughs* LITTLE?! *coughs*} gun.

Of course, don't let little Riho step in on the Yayoi Tatsuhiko pairing too much! These two were very close before little Riho stepped in, and I even have a bit of wallpaper to prove it!! {Note: I'll put this wallpaper up on a wallpaper page, when I make one...}

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