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The world of NightWalker is bathed in blood and seeped in mystery. Tastuhiko Shido is a private detective who takes cases that primarily deal with strange murders. These murders all have one thing in common, the NightBreed! The Breed are a distant cousin of the vampire, whose thirst for blood and inclination for violence is unparalleled. Tatsuhiko, being a vampire, is disgusted by the way the Breed act and has pledged himself to rid the world of them.
Tatsuhiko feeds off of his sassy partner, Matsunaga Yayoi, who has police contacts that often help keep them out of trouble. Tatsuhiko's secretary, Yamazaki Riho, is infatuated with Tatsuhiko and wants to date him. But, what will happen when she learns of his dark secret? And who is the mysterious Cain?
All these these questions and more will be answered in NightWalker!

{Note: Thanks to for this storyline. I kinda stole it, because I liked the way it was done, but I changed a few things, like adding last names and using Tatsuhiko's personal name, instead of his family name. Don't kill me, this thing just drives me nuts... I'll explain, somewhere....}