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Tatsuhiko Shido's Character Shrine

Tatsuhiko Shido is probably one of the most difficult characters to explain.

His original love, Cain, made him into the vampire he is today.

Cain then took away Shido's memory when Shido finally gained the courage to run from him. This is believed to have happened after the death of Tatsuhiko's sister, Phaedra.

So, fleeing Cain, searching for his past, and trying to find himself a future as a private detective, Tatsuhiko comes to Tokyo. What do you want to bet that the first being he meets is everyone's favorite urban fairie, who is supposed to bring good luck, Guni. Mind you, this little fairie won't shut up at first, which really bugs Tatsuhiko, but that's to be expected! ^_~

So, the two now compainions {whether Tatsuhiko's happy or not...} stay over at the hotel Mastunaga Yayoi and her older sister own. One of the two is a Breed, and Tatsuhiko, the great guy he is, does everything to help Yayoi get over her sister's death. In the end, Yayoi joins the NOS and becomes extremely helpful to Tatsuhiko as both an inside contact and a being to feed on!

So, now we have a threesome, and guess who comes in to screw it up, Yamazaki Riho.{She's probably one of my least favorite characters. This is just me, though...} Riho's parents are killed by the Breed and she ends up becoming Tatsuhiko's secretary. The only problem? The kid is madly in love with Tatsuhiko, but doesn't know what he is. Well, she finds out...

And comes back.

So Cain decides he's going to use her to get back at Tatsuhiko. Guess what! Tatsuhiko kills Cain and Riho is now a vampire!
Well, after a few more episodes, Cain comes back. Vampires are forever, don't you know...{Tell that to Phaedra...} Cain desides to give Tatsuhiko a dream, in which Riho has turned against Tatsuhiko, in somewhat the same way Tatsuhiko turned against him. What do we get, evil Riho...

Guess what, doesn't quite work the way Cain had planned, and Tatsuhiko finally gets about a billion steps closer to telling Riho he loves her.

Well, Tatsuhiko has this totally cool sword, made from his own blood. He bites himself, and it just appears!

Also, in the NightWalker world, vampires can do a bit more wandering in the sun. Problem? It's only, like, just before sunset. Also, they have to cover their whole bodies, hense Tatsuhiko's huge overcoat and sunglasses.

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