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Yamazaki Riho

The first time we meet Yamazaki Riho is when she's still working as Tatsuhiko's secretary. At this point, she still doesn't know that Tatsuhiko is a vampire, that Guni exists, etc.

After being taken over by a Breed, Riho is saved by Tatsuhiko and learns what he is.

Well, dummy Riho comes back, only to get grabbed by Cain and left to die in a church. Tatsuhiko, to save her life, has to make her a vampire. Guni, of course, encourages Tatsuhiko to do this, and they tend to talk about it a lot in later in episodes.

I think I forgot to add that Riho has this major crush on Tatsuhiko throughout the whole series, and it takes until episode twelve for Tatsuhiko to finally realize that Riho is something he'll never want to lose, and he needs to hold on to her.

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