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When I first heard of NightWalker, it was when my lil sis and I were wandering around in a Blockbuster near us, looking for anime DVDs. We found the 2nd DVD in the set, and then I kept an eye out for it in anime stores. I found the two DVDs in an anime video rental place near us and got the first one. A few days later, I got my mother to lend me the money to borrow the 2nd one too. Now I have a crush on this great vampire anime, only to find that it is not very widely known. I feel bad for this poor, poor anime and I have decided to help it along with a small mini shrine off of my main Digimon site. I'll have links to this shrine all over the main site, but the major one is on the main page, and hopefully where you came in!
Katmon =^.^= Ichijouji {a.k.a. ~ nightwalker4eva}

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