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The Katmon =^.^= & Gang's Crazy House!!

January 14, 2003
Katmon: About the only thing I've done is add my Yu-Gi-Oh! site's button to the thing at the bottom. I'm hoping you ppl with check it out, although you may not like Yu-Gi-Oh! so much...
Green: At least those morons you keep around are gone...
Bluey: I'm still here.
Kurai: As am I.
Green: Damnit...
Katmon: Watch your mouth... *sighes*
Sora: She didn't forget us after all!!
Katmon: Yeah... Sora was bugging me at my Yu-Gi-Oh! site to get over here and update!! I'm planning on putting up the buttons I have made for this place before the end of the day. Hang in there. You can get to them from the Links section. See ya'll around!

{'Nothing says love like a pyromaniac!'
~My friends on Frankenstein's monster(for our class debate)
Katmon =^.^= & Gang!

December 18, 2002
Katmon: THEY WORK!!!
Green: About time, too...
Kurai: Oh, hush... You're ruining her moment.
Green: I'm gonna ruin your life if you start bossing me around!
Katmon: Green! You'll be nice to Kurai, or you shall die!
Seto: Now, Katmon...
Katmon: Green needs an atittude adjustment! Bluey!
Bluey: Just tell the ppl what you finally got to work, okay?
Katmon: Oh... I'm almost positive that all the pictures on the site FINALLY work!! I'll check it at school tomorrow... *looks at clock* *sighes* I need sleep... *zombie walk*
Green: No wonder she's being so weird!
Seiji: Are you sure she's being weird? I thought she always acted like this!
Katmon: HEY! I resent that remark!
Seto: Can we PLEASE all just go to bed?!?!
Katmon: Sorry... Okay, you know the drill, sign the guestbook, be nice... Oh, yeah, I put up my new NightWalker Shrine! I still have to put it up on the other page... *sighes* Later...
Anywhoo, do you all realize that this place has been running on Angelfire for almost a year now?!?! This is great! Happy Birthday, Katmon =^.^= & Gang's Crazy House!!
Also, Meri Kurisumasu, min'na! {Merry Christmas, all!} I hope to get some work done over the break, but don't count on it!
Until then!
Katmon =^.^=, Green, Kurai, Seiji, Bluey, & Seto! {The others are in bed...}
(Katmon: Seto-chan, can you do a quote? Onegai?!
Seto: Okay, Katmon... I'll do your favorite!
Katmon: *claps like a three-yr-old* Goodie!
Seto: I'm just here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and I'm all out of bubblegum!
Katmon: *huggles Seto* Arigatou, Seto-chan!
Green: And the front-page rating has been moved up to 'PG-13'!!
Kurai: It's been 'R' since you got here, Green... *drags Green away*)

October 3,2002
Katmon: Hey, ya'll... It's been a while, I know, and I'm sorry. That week of freedom I had? Well, it went down the drain. Then school started and my Grampa started having MAJOR heart probs. I mean, he'd been having them for a while now... *sighes* Anyway, he died 9/6/02 and we've all been to Hell and back, a few times... Now my dad's throwing a fit because....
Why am I telling YOU what's happenin' in my life now?
Green: For an excuse!
Katmon: I hate you.
Green: I love you too!
Katmon: Anywho, now dad's trying to get my sister and me to live in his house, which we can't do, and there was a scene at church because of this... *groans* There nice lil' summary of my life. I'm pissed at Dad, missing Grampa, and in a REALLY bad mood, so sign the Guestbook to cheer me up!
Green: I knew she'd mention that stupid book.
Katmon: Why haven't YOU signed it yet, anyway?
Green: Because I signed the other one.
Katmon: I give up... I really do give up now...

{A STRANGE QUOTE: " 'Come on, say it again. I'm a perfect devil. Tell me how bad I am. It makes me feel so good!' "
~~Lestat de Lioncourt(From Queen of the Damned, by Anne Rice)}

Katmon =^.^= & Gang!


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