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All the Japanese Slang


You Can Stand

The world's MOST popular resource for colloquial Japanese words!

(but that's not saying much...)


I am going to change this page so that it is a REAL source of educational information. Although Japanese slang may sound like an interesting topic, it is of little use to anyone who is serious about learning the Japanese language. Although I will leave the slang jisho in place, I realize that it is "out of touch" in regards to true 若者の俗語. I am not in Japan, and it would be impossible to access the true language of the youth since I am a gaijin, who does not live in Japan. (oh, and I am also considered an "Ojisan" so that is like "strike 3" )
***I am going to reiterate...learning Japanese slang will not help you speak Japanese, it may get a few laughs, but that is
about it.  Many Japanese people will not even recognize these slang terms and think you are...uh, weird.

Just in case you're feeling a little discouraged about how little you actually know about this foreign language, take a look at this so you can take comfort in knowing that the Japanese are having the same trouble as you!


Japanese Verbs and Essentials of Grammar by Rita L. Lampkin, Publisher: Passport Books (less than $15)

Japanese-English Dictionary by Seigo Nakao, Publisher: Random House (less than $10)

Merriam Webster's Japanese-English Dictionary, Publisher: Merriam-Webster (less than $10)

Beyond Polite Japanese by Akihiko Yonekawa, Publisher: Kodansha (less than $20)

Handbook of Modern Japanese Grammar by Yoko M. McClain, Publisher: Hokuseido Press (less than $30)

If it seems that many words are not listed in these dictionaries, then you may need a larger one like the ones published byTuttle or Kenkyusha .These are usually more expensive but usually have a larger vocabulary with more obscure definitions.

Owning a verb guide is also helpful, I recommend the Tuttle Language Library book, "The Complete Japanese Verb Guide" it has "...over 600 verbs" which is more than 501 verbs (inside joke for Japanese language students) and it conjugates the verb SURU properly ( just my opinion folks! ).

Check Out These Goodies!

So, how should you learn the Japanese language?

For comprehension skills, I suggest renting/buying Japanese videos or DVDs and just watch them over and over. Keep a dictionary handy!!! After a while you will probably be comfortable enough to get rid of the subtitles and just listen for phrases you recognize. The subtitles are usually not the correct translations anyway (trust me). Look up words that you can distinguish, and slowly you will be able to increase your vocabulary. If at all possible, just record the audio. Listen to your recordings over and over and gradually you will notice that you understand more and more. Anime dialogue is usually easier to understand than live action movies. So when you start understanding a whole lot of anime conversations, then you can move to the more advanced live action dialogues. Just remember, dialogues in anime use different speech levels than you would hear coming from native speakers (real Japanese people).  If however, you want to learn Japanese for business, or for conversation purposes, then maybe you should stick to the traditional books and CDs. You will need to spend more time learning about formal keigo (humble, and honorrific speech forms).

For learning to read Japanese, I recommend you STUDY! Study long and hard! Buy some Kanji guides and Kanji cards, and DRILL! DRILL! DRILL! Until they stick in your head!  You have an internet connection (obviously) so start reading the Japan Yahoo page (it's a start).

For practical study of native dialogue, there are many sources available on the internet. There are a few Japanese radio stations that let you stream audio and the sound is usually very good! I will recommend NHK Radio because most of their programming uses standard Japanese. Also, try WEBio Radio, it has many different programs. Here is one page that you will probably like (if you can read Kana! LOL) but check it out anyways, these are AUDIOBOOKS IN JAPANESE!!! 

And unforunately, I  can't get Japanese TV here, so I will have to settle for Japanese streaming video and such as:

iiV Channel    TV4All     Broadband Channels    impressTV   VideoLinkJapan  TokyoDV VideoNews.Com  TBSnews (tons of clips)

BONUS ! If you are patient enough, you can download real Japanese TV shows and dramas:


and more radio:


If you want more learning material, then check out:JIM BREEM'S JAPANESE PAGE

I bow to the great achievement that this page represents, (Go enryo shimasu!)

P.S- If you are really serious about speaking proper Japanese, then find yourself a Japanese friend. On the internet you can find people living in Japan who are just as interested in English. And if you are nice, they will chat with you using the Yahoo or MSN messenger.

Anywhooooo...... check out my jiten page!

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