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Grander Musashi RV
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Musashi Kazama
Main lure: King Orcaizer
Legenders: 1) Hawk and 2) God
Profile: Musashi possesses a sense of fair play and he is a honorable fisherman. He always cares for mother nature like BB and Masatsugu. He couldn't think of closer friends than Mio and Suguru.

Main Lure: Dragon
Legender: Dragon
Profile: She is usually very protective of Mother Nature . She was Musashi's rival competitioner and Suguru's love interest. BB trusted and believed in her Dragon lure and even cared for her Dragon unlike Musashi who was so reckless and thoughtless of his Legender Hawk. Because of that, Musashi was unable to contain his own Legender. She defeated Musashi in battle to gain the second Legender but at a great price. Her Dragon was shattered, causing BB to weep. However when she was granted her own Legender, her lure was reborn into a Legender.

Real name: Carl Amann
Main lure: Giga Bass
Legender: Shark
Profile: He is ruthless and hot-tempered. He possesses little patience. he doesn't mind interefering with other fishernmen. He has no concern for the mother nature and he didn't learn to value life until he met Marlene whom he is attracted to. With Marlene's help, Carl finally caught his own legender but not without a cost. The cost was Marlene's life. When Carl witnessed Marlene's sacrifice that led to her death, he finally understood how important the life is thus he swore to honor her memory. Everyone saw that the third Legender Carl caught was transformed into a lure called Shark.

Real name: Yun
Main Lure: Top Clarken
Legender: Scissor
Profile: Always deceitful and he's not the guy to fight fairly. He considered himself to be a loner and doesn't want friends except his pet. However He fell in love with Mio whom he retold his origin to. Owing to Mio, Musashi and Suguru who aided him, He was able to win his own Legender. When Yun received the fifth Legender, it was in his hands. At first he was reluctant to open his hands, fearing it might be a Devil Legender. But encouraged by Mio, Musashi and Suguru, he opened his hands to reveal his Legender was a Scissor. Yun rejoiced as he knew he earned the Legender.

Real name: Masatsugu Hattori
Main lure: G-Cobra
Legender: Spider
Profile: Masatsugu's my favorite GM RV character. He is a trained ninja with a code of honor. Like BB, he is deeply concerned for the mother nature. Like Musashi, Masatsugu has a sense of fair play. Masatsugu battled with Kuki in a fight to claim the sixth Legender because Masatsugu had to protect the fishes from Kuki's reckless ravages. Masatsugu won the battle with the aid of Musashi, BB, and even Carl and Yun and thus earned his own Legender. Everyone waited until Masatsugu's Legender Lure was revealed to be a spider. Yun commented that it is a fitting lure for a ninja.

Kuki Jr.
Main lure: Skeleton Minnow
Profile: Son of Kuki Sr. who was once Musashi's enemy. Kuki is always ruthless and doesn't object to using lowly tricks or deceptions to win his fights. He claimed his own Legender while competing with his rivals although he hasn't earned it. So Kuki's Legender was Devil Legender which has possessed him. But when he competed with Musashi for a final time and refused to let his Legender kill Musashi, he has changed. When his heart had changed, so has his Legender which transformed into an Angel Legender.

Real name: Jim
Profile: Mentor and friend to Musashi

Real name: Mio
Profile: A friend of Musashi. She develops an interest in Yun and believes in him when he was innocent of the charge of stealing Kuki's lure

Real name: Suguru
Profile:Another friend of Musashi. Sometimes he argues with Musashi but is willing to help him when he needs it. Suguru has a crush on BB, Musashi's rival.

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