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Welcome to my Ronin Warriors World. Here you'll find Ronin Warriors images, character and series information, Fan created art work, fiction, and poems, or you can talk to other Ronin Warriors fans at the message board. Don't forget to Sign My Guestbook^_^!

I hope you enjoy your visit!

Created September 22, 2000

::Updates:: 04/20/04

Hey everyone! I'm back after a long, long, time away with a new layout, and a new message board that's lonely and waiting for your love :P. Life has been really busy for me with college, house work, and everything else and I'm sorry for the real lack of updates. While I cannot promise that they will be regular, I will do my best to find some sort of routine that works. This Spring semester I have been elected President of the anime club at the community college that I attend. That has basically sapped all of my free time. However, there is hope as, I'm here now, and I hope to find time in the future to keep all of my sites going with something new every once in a while. Keep an eye out here because there is a large chance that this place will be moving soon. Hehe, it looks like there are some true loyal visitors here because my account says I've gone over my bandwidth twice ^_^. I hope I can find a more accommodating place soon until I gather the money to get a host and domain.

Just a few little notes before I go. Over the time that I've been absent, my web-design skills have changed considerably, so there may be some drastic changes to the structure at least, even if the site still "looks" the same. Check out WebStandards.org if you want a better grasp of what I mean. Also, in updating to this current look (which has not gone throughout the site yet), the counter got set down to the last number it was at when I last updated. I'm sorry for the inconvenience if you were watching it, hehe. And last but not least, I want to mention again that I will probably be changing hosts soon as this one is getting a bit small for this place, so get your mice ready to change any bookmarks you may be using. I will do my best to change the links that I've place around the web that give the URL to this place. Thank you all for visiting!
- Cosmic Glider


The first 2 OAVs (Original Animated Videos) are out!! Be sure to get your copies of the first legal releases in the US. For more information check our the following links: OAV 1   OAV 2


Alright! I finally got the image gallery updated. Every image that I have is up and running. I still have plenty of images that I need to seek out but they don't count ;). The only character currently displayed that has absolutely no images(not even a thumbnail), is Red Torrent. I plan to amend this problem as soon as possible. Well, until then, enjoy the image gallery ^_^.


Hey everyone!!! The first three DVDs are out with the RW episodes and uncut, subtitled YST episodes!! For more info., or to check out the release dates for the upcoming DVDs, go to Bandai's website by clicking here RW DVD Info..

All images and ideas are copyrighted by their respective owners. If any of your images are posted here and you don't like it, please e-mail me at here at cosmicglider@yahoo.com and I'll remove it as soon as I can.