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Which Paradise Kiss Character Are You?

Which of Ai Yazawa's nutty creations are you?

1. What would I find in you dressed in most of the time?:
    Spikes, safety clips, torn pants and an old shirt that's origin is unclear.
    Something completely you. It'd be a crime to wear something that you don't like.
    Refined, and elegant garments. Some might consider it old fashioned.
    Either a cute hand-me-down, or an outfit you've compiled yourself out of random (yet cute!) oddities. ^^
    Usually your school uniform/anything you can slap on before you head off to school (or work.)
2. Your teacher tells you that there's an upcoming test. What do you do?:
    Begin studying immediately.
    Worry about it, but study whenever you have someone to study with!
    Make a mental note of it, and will most likely study after tea.
    Completey blow it off - you don't attend my classes most of the time, anyway.
    Forget about it, remember about it the night before, and study at the last minute.
3. Jewelry?:
    You don't wear jewelry...But you could classify the (insert metal accessories here) you wear as jewelry...
    Normally you don't wear any jewelry...You like to keep things simple and plain.
    Mainly earrings, if anything. You normally don't wear jewelry - your outfits make a fine statement without it.
    Diamonds, pearls, pendants...You name it.
    Anything that goes well and matches with today's outfits!
4. You're going clothes-shopping. You're headed:
    Everywhere! You can find great mix n' match stuffs in all kinds of places / nothings like a good hand-me down!
    No where really carries what you like to wear, so you end up making it yourself.
    You don't know, you just find things here and there and all's good. / Hot Topic.
    You really don't know...basically where ever your friends drag me.
    You make the majority of your clothes, though sometimes you'll find a nice, expensive (article of clothing) here and there...
5. You spent too long answering the above questions, and failed that test. You:
    Cry and run to a friend to comfort you.
    Don't care. When have you actually cared about school?
    Feel horrible, and study even harder. Failure is not acceptable now...
    Hold a grudge against the teacher for a while.
    Sigh, and hope to do better next time.
6. The book that you were reading last night before bed was:
    Your science textbook.
    The Rainbow Fish!
    What book? You don't read books. That was a magazine, you idiot.
    A foreign fashion book, but you couln't really define that as reading because you were just looking at pictures...
    An old, hardcover classic.
7. What's would I find in your CD player right now?:
    Nothing. You don't listen to music too much.
    Something soft and lulling.
    Ayumi Hamasaki (For the J-Pop impaired, it could be said that she is the Britney Spears of Japan, but that would be degrading Ayumi!)
    You don't have a CD player - you have an old record player with classical music playing from it.
    Hard core rock/punk rock/maybe even emo.
8. If someone asked if you have ever heard of the magazine "Zipper," you would most likely reply (You don't really have to know it - just choose what sounds like you):
    "Wai! Of course!" with a big smile
    " haven't..."
    "Feckin' yes!"
    "Yes, I have."
    "Of course..." with a raised eyebrow.
9. You see a bug on the windowsill. You:
    Smash it with your fist, and then wipe your hand on your pants.
    Irritably flick it away - you can't stand the sight of bugs.
    Run to get a newspaper so you can roll it up and whack the bug with it.
    As long as it doesn't come near you - you'll ignore it.
    Squeak and call it cute / squeak and run away.
10. You see a 20 dollar bill fall out of a man's pocket. You:
    Pick it up, and if he doesn't notice he dropped it, pocket it.
    Dash over pick it up, and with a big happy smile, hand it back to him.
    Pick it up, and get it back to the man, even if you have to run a bit.
    Hastily pick it up and keep it.
    Attempt to give it back to the man, but if he doesn't take it from you, so be it.
11. A friend asks to copy your answers of last night's homework since they were out late and didn't do it. You:
    Nervously say no, and hope they won't hate you.
    Cheerily agree - your answers are their answers!
    Eye them oddly. Why would they want your answers/you never do your homework.
    Not really care, but warn them not to blame you for wrong answers.
    Say no politely until they stop asking you about it.
12. You're on a date with someone and when you go to the bathroom you see a large peice of spinach in your teeth. You:
    Don't care, but pick it out anyway. You don't want to look like a slob.
    Can't believe it and quickly take it out with a laugh.
    No one would notice, you're too charming and have other aspects to you that others will see first.
    Impossible - you're too careful and proper to have something like that happen.
    Blink a bit, and hasitly removie it, hoping no one noticed.