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Usagi, a Saiyan Child

Written by: Kichigai Joshi & Mavan

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*Last Updated July 22, 2005*

I know I said we'd have chapters out a lot sooner, but Mavan has been stuck in Florida with the terrible hurricane season. Hopefully things will lighten up more down there, but until it does we're going to be slower than I had hoped. But no worries, it will get done :) For now go check out Chapter 22 of book 9.

May 21, 2005

Ok, we've shaved a month off of our time table, now it is my hope to shave off a week, maybe two or three even as time progress. Mavan and I are still working on this collaborative writing, but I think this new chapter came out very well. Go check it out.

April 17, 2005

speaking with Mavan, both of us have decided to take on an equal amount of the writing involved with producing each chapter. It is our hope that this will help us get the chapters out much quicker than we have been.

The Mailing list and Feedback

Since I can't use anymore, I've had a mailing list created to notify readers of chapter updates. Please feel free to join if you wish to know when new chapters have come out.

I have also kept the review feature from Feedback is always appreciated, as they let me know how you, the readers, feel about the direction that I'm taking the story.