Saiyan Saga

The saga starts off innocently enough, as a young Gohan dangles from a branch about to fall, our hero Gokou swoops in to save the day, they then go off to meet the others. Meanwhile on another part of the planet, a strange spherical ship lands on the Earth. What emerges but a fierce Saiya-jin named Radditz. He begins a quest for Son Gokou and encounters him at the Kame House, this become ugly after this event. After Gokou refused to join him, Radditz kidnaps the young Son Gohan and flies off. Surprisingly enough, Piccolo then arrives to align himself with our hero. They both then fly off to stop Radditz. The fight between the three starts off by Radditz completely overpowering our dynamic duo, but that doesn't stop them. Piccolo decides that he must revert to use his new Makankosappa technique to stop the alien. The attack was executed but misses. Suddenly while seeing his father attacked, Son Gohan bursts from his prison and sucker-head butts (I can make up words if I want) Radditz, sending him off balance enough for Gokou to restrain him and Piccolo to be able to use his attack once again. This time it connects, killing Radditz and Son Gokou in the process. Kuririn and the others soon arrive to find a near-death Gokou. They try to console him. Radditz then reveals that his scouter also works as a communicator, and that his comrades will arrive in approximately one year. As the others are recovering over Gokou's death, Piccolo "kidnaps" Son Gohan and decides to train him because of the awesome power he displayed fighting Radditz. Meanwhile, a heaven bound Gokou decides to take a journey down Snake Way, to meet and be trained by the legendary Kaio-shin. On Earth, the other fighters (Tien, Yamucha, Chaozu, and Kuririn) begin to train under Kami-sama.

(End of American Season #1 ...)

After months of vigorous training, the Saiya-jin Nappa and Vegeta arrive. They begin a battle with the Earth's heroes. The Saiya-jin's first release small green creatures know as Saibamen. The Z fighters quickly dispose of them, and are then crushed by the large Nappa. So far Chaozu, Yamucha, and Tien have all fallen. In an attempt to save Son Gohan, Piccolo takes Nappa's ki blast and dies. Suddenly, Son Gokou arrives and makes short work of Nappa, letting Vegeta finish him off. The two remaining warriors then begin a fight to the bitter end. The turning point in the battle was Gokou's Kamehameha against Vegeta Galik-Ho attack, Gokou after much stress succeeds and Vegeta falls to Earth. Now knowing the Son Gokou is stronger than him, Vegeta is forced to transform into his Oozaru (Were-Monkey) state and begins to beat Gokou's ass. Finally Gokou's last attempt, the dangerous Genki-dama is formed but then knocked off by Vegeta. Later Gokou again gathers energy for the Genki-dama and gives it to Kuririn, he fires, misses, bounces off Gohan, and bitch slaps Vegeta to hell! This time they thought Vegeta was finally finished, but unfortunately the Saiya-jin fell back to Earth and began his assault once more. This time, Gohan being half saiya-jin transformed into an Oozaru and smacked Vegeta around some more. After some clever thinking the saiya-jin was able to stop the were-monkey's wrath, but got caught under it during the revert of form. That was it! Vegeta could no longer stand it, and gave up. He retreated to his ship and took off.

(This is not even close to the end of Vegeta, he later becomes good and one of the shows' main characters.)

This is not the end of Vegeta...

Notes: Gokou here acts the same as in Dragonball, showing mercy to Vegeta like he did to Piccolo. The young son of Son Gokou and Chi-Chi, easily becomes one of the strongest Z fighters ever. He also is the destroyer of Cell, but that's a whole other Saga ;-) Kuririn: Still the same wise cracking "cue-ball" from Dragonball, only taller by an inch or so. Piccolo: The same reincarnation of a demon we all know and love. The only difference is that Piccolo begins to turn good it this point, and later becomes pure hearted.

Vegeta: The stubborn rigid Saiya-jin warrior, a new character who's rough exterior hides a hidden sense of hatred for Son Gokou for being stronger than him. Vegeta later becomes the second strongest warrior and eventually accepts Son Gokou as the better fighter.
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