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Files - Posted by: Chibi Trunks 5/10/02 @ 9:40pm MTN
Hey I just got done with the files section. We will have some files up soon. (In the next few days). We have a secret mapper that might be joining our clan. This would be excellent im just waiting for the good mans decision. If he did join, he would be a Co Leader, Webmaster, and Mapper.

New Member - Posted by: Chibi Trunks 5/09/02 @ 7:52pm MTN
Looks like there's a new member. He's Gohan's younger brother Goten! Welcome to the team.

Refs - Posted by: Chibi Trunks 5/09/02 @ 2:44pm MTN
Heres some pics of the refs for the FPmatches. There done, and just need to be compiled. I will put some pics up in the FPmatches section of them as well. Hope u guys enjoy the concept!

Grand Opening! - Posted by: Chibi Trunks 5/09/02 @ 1:41pm MTN
Hey just a few finishing touches and the clan will open and recruits recruited. This will be great fun! Make sure u check out the fpmatches section cause its a great idea i came up with!! You will love the refs !! haha.

A New Start - Posted by: Chibi Trunks 5/08/02 @ 3:30am MTN
Hello peoples! I am very tired and have been working on the new Earths Special Forces clan Dragonz ({-drgnz-})site all night. Since 9pm to be exact. I worked on the banner for awhile then began working on this homepage. The frames will be updated in a few days or so. This should be a kick ass clan. If u have any suggestions or whatever email me!