Frieza Saga

Gokou, Gohan, and Klilyn are in a hospital recoperating from the battle against Vegeta. Popo appears on a flying carpet outside the hospital and informs the cast of the existence of Namek (Porunga) dagonballs, dragonballs of Planet Namek, the home planet of Kami/ Piccolo. 1. The cast makes plans to journy to Namek to retrieve these dragonballs to wish the Z Warriors killed in the Vegeta Series back to life. 2. Because Namek is so far away, Popo mentions Kami's spaceship as the source of transportation. Bulma is chosen to go; she is the only engineer/ mechanic of the group who can operate a spaceship. Gohan and Kuririn, only slightly injured, volunterr to accompany Bulma on the trip. Gokou is too badly hurt to travel.

Gohan, Kuririn, and Bulma head off to Namek. On the way, their ship becomes engulfed by a mysterious invisible ship. The trio exit to inverstigate the strange ship and get ambushed by an army of aliens who all aim guns at the victims. When asked, the aliens reveal their belief that the Z Warriors belong to the group of Furiza. Gohan, Kuririn, and Bulma tell that they know nothing about Furiza, but the aliens plan to execute them anyway. Suddenly, a meteor shower hits the ship and everything gets shakey. Gohan and Kuririn save the aliens from falling parts of the ship. Bulma races to pilot the ship through the meteor shower. These good intentions prove that Gohan, Kuririn, and Bulma are not part of Furiza's crew. The aliens apologize and tell our heroes more about Furiza. It turns out that Furiza is leader of the group of space pirates who conquered and destroyed their home planet. They, the survivors, were forced to flee their planet. This is the reason they now live on a cloaked ship. Bulma, Gohan, and Kuririn get on their ship and leave, bidding farewell to some new friends.

Next stop, our heroes crash unconsciously onto a strange planet. When they awaken, they are greeted by two Nameks who tell that they have landed on Namek. Our heroes, overjoyed with relief, tell of their quest to find the Namek dragonballs. The Nameks agree to aid our heroes in their search and all seven dragonballs are gathered. Then, the planet fades and morphs. The Nameks also morph into two hideous sluggish aliens. It is revealed that the two aliens are really aliens who crashed and got stranded on the strange planet years ago. The aliens had the abilities to read minds and read our heroes' minds while they were unconscious, which explains how they knew about what our heroes' were talking about. Then, they used their psychic powers to manifest the planet into a fake Namek. They were in need of a ship to escape the planet, but couldn't just steal the ship while our heroes' were conscious because they had to wait for the stormy weather to clear before being able to fly out into space. When the time comes right, Kuririn and Gohan become tricked into getting binded by some octopus-like monsters. When the aliens are about to enter Kami's ship, they learn that they cannot get the door open. They find Bulam and threaten her to teach them how to operate the ship. At the same time, Gohan and Kuririn break free of the monsters binding them and easily beat the aliens. Our heroes regain possesion of their ship and continue their journey for the real Planet Namek.


Vegeta is in his space capsule retreating back to Furiza's planet. When he lands, he is taken into a recoperation pod and recoperates. Flashbacks are held reflecting on times with Furiza. It is revealed that the Saiyans were loyal servants to Furiza, but Furiza was never satisfied with them. This shows Vegeta's resent to serving Furiza. (*3)Vegeta, too, knows of the Namek dragonballs. With the Earth dragonballs gone, Vegeta also makes plans to seek the Namek dragonballs to fulfill his wish for immortality. After becoming immortal, Vegeta plans to kill Furiza, get revenge on Gokou, and become the strongest in the universe. Upon recovery, he races to get to Namek.

Arrival to Namek...

Bulma, Gohan, and Kuririn finally arrive to Namek, but discover that they have company. Two goons of Furiza attack our heroes and shoot at their spaceship. Though they are easily beaten, our heroes become stranded on Namek.

Vegeta,too, arrives on the planet. The being known as Furiza is also on Namek. He, too, hungers for the dragonballs to wish for immortality. A dragonball hunt begins...

Dodoria and Zarboon...

There are seven villages in Namek, each with an elder possessing a dragonball. Furiza and his henchmen slowly eradicate village by village after robbing them of the dragonballs. Bulma hides and transmits the news of trouble on Namek back to Earth through a portable satellite telephone. In one village, Gohan and Kuririn pass by and spy on Furiza to learn his character and witness the brutality of the monster. Furiza's goons kill all defenders and crush all resistance of the Nameks. The elder of the village still refuses to give up his dragonballs to such a monster as Furiza. Furiza then threatens to have two Namek children killed if the elder did not give up the dragonballs at once. Among the children is Dende. Unable to restrain from helping the endangered Nameks, Gohan and Kuririn leap in to help. Furiza's left-hand man, Dodoria, goes to kill the Namek children but get kicked and punched away by Gohan and Kuririn. The heroes carry Dende way to safety and flee from Dodoria. The chase comes dangerously close, but Dodoria loses his victims in an encounter with Vegeta. Vegeta, recovered, is much stronger now and easily beats Dodoria. (*4)Dodoria tries to bargain for his life by revealing that the truth of what happened to Planet Vegeta. Vegeta unforgivingly kills Dodoria anyway.

Vegeta's power level has grown so strong that he can sense the dragonballs without the need of any mechanical device like a scouter. He learns that Furiza already has five of the dragonballs and is aware that he is not yet capable of defeating Furiza with his current stregth. Vegeta reasons that if he captures just one of the dragonballs, Furiza will be unable to gather all the dragonballs needed to make a wish. With this plan, Vegeta heads to an unattacked Namek village and treats it with the same brutality as Furiza to steal a dragonball. After eliminating the village, he hides the dragonball underwater . After flying off again, Vegeta encounters Zarbon, Furiza's right-hand man. The two battle and fight to a stalemate. Zarbon transforms into his second phrase and defeats Vegeta. Only Vegeta knows where the remaining dragonballs that Furiza needs is, so Zarbon cannot kill him. Vegeta is captured back to Furiza's spaceship and put into a recovery pod.

Furiza learns that his quest for the dragonballs have run into some trouble, so he summons the Ginew Force, Furiza's elite warriors who have conquered many planets undefeatedly.

Vegeta recovers in the recovery cell and destroys it along with any guards. Furiza's lair is deserted but the dragonballs stolen by Furiza are still there. Furiza steals these and flees.

Gohan borrows Bulma's dragon radar and discovers that one dragonball is close by and goes to retrieve it. Vegeta encounters Gohan but spares him because he is in a hurry to retrieve the dragonball hid underwater, unaware that Gohan has it.

Dende tells our heroes more about his planet and recommends them to meet the dying Guru, the Namek senior elder responsible for fathering everyone on Namek. Kuririn flies to Guru to inform him of what is happening to the planet. Guru senses good intentions in the Earthling, unleashes his hidden powers, and hands him the 1-star dragonball. Kuririn heads back to tell Bulma and Gohan the news. Vegeta spots Kuririn and follows him. Zarbon spots Vegeta and follows him. Vegeta lands to take our heroes' dragonballs, but so does Zarbon. Zarbon and Vegeta fight. Vegeta powers up and kills Zarbon. Kuririn is forced to trade his dragonball for the sparing of Bulma and his life. Vegeta laughs and flies off again. Immediately afterwards, Gohan returns with the dragonball that he retrieved.


Back on Earth, Gokou, still in the hospital, learns of the trouble on Namek but regrets not being able to do anything. Yarijobe visits Gokou and gives him a senzu bean. Gokou eats it and immediately recovers. Gokou's next stop is to Dr. Briefs. Based on Nappa's spacepod, Dr. Briefs was able to design a spaceship capable of traveling to Namek. The ship is ready and Gokou sets voyage to Namek. On the ship, Gokou trains himself under the gravity machine and trains to 100 times the gravity of Earth. Kaiou teleports Gokou news that new students have arrived on his planet for special training - Tenshin-han, Chauzu, Yamcha, and Piccolo!

Ginew Force...

The Ginew Force is arriving. Gohan and Kuririn fly back to Guru to have Guru release Gohan's hidden powers. On the way, Vegeta follows. Gohan goes to Guru while Kuririn stalls Vegeta. Vegeta catches up with Kuririn and offers a temporary alliance. He requests that Gohan and Kuririn give him their dragonball so that he can wish for immorality before it is too late. He tells that he senses the coming of the Ginew Force, an "unbeatable team" of Furiza, and that the only way to win is if he gets his wish granted. After much reluctance, Gohan and Kuririn agree. They fly to Bulma to retrieve the remaining dragonball and abandon her once again. All seven dragonballs are gathered into one place, but it is too late. The Ginew Force have arrived.

Ginew, Jees, Baata, Recoom, and Guldo, the five members of Team Ginew, stand before the three and do their silly dance introducing themselves as members of the Special Ginew Corp. Vegeta tells Kuririn to destroy a dragonballs so that they cannot bring the dragonballs back to Furiza to let Furiza make his wish. Guldo freezes time temporarily to steal the dragonballs from Kuririn before his fist can shatter it. Vegeta then throws the remaining dragonballs awa to separate them from the Ginew Force, but Baata, whose special ability is super speed, goes after the balls and easily retrieves them. The Ginew Force now have all seven dragonballs. Ginew, leader and strongest of the bunch, flies off with the dragonballs to give them to Furiza. The remaining members of the Ginew Force and left to "deal with" Gohan, Kuririn, and Vegeta.

Guldo, a short, green four eyed slug-like being, is the first to fight. He possesses the special ability to Furiza time in a breathe. Gohan and Kuririn attack, but Guldo keeps freezing time to run away from all attacks while his attackers are frozen in time. Finally, he manages to Furiza Gohan and Kuririn with he phychic powers. Guldo again uses phychic power to grind a nearby tree into a giant spear and launches it at Gohan and Kuririn, still sitting ducks unable to move. Vegeta jumps in and chops Guldo's head off before blowing it away with a blast. Gohan and Kuririn are shocked that Vegeta saved their lives, but Vegeta only says that it was because he had an out score to settle with Guldo.

Next up, is Recoom, a huge orange ogre. Vegeta, Kuririn, and Gohan attack, but all end up getting easily beaten on the brink of death by Recoom. Recoom is about to finish off his victims as Jees and Baata laugh at more of their silly comments.

Gokou finally arrives. He calmly walks out and gives the three senzu beans he has to Gohan, Kuririn, and Vegeta. Gohan and Kuririn warn Gokou about the invincibility of Recoom, but Vegeta sees that Gokou's power levels has reached new peaks. Recoom attacks and easily gets beaten by Gokou in a single punch. Gohan and Kuririn know that they will only be in the way of Gokou if they stay to help, so they fly away. Vegeta also leaves the scene.

Baata, a blue monster known for being the "fastest in the universe", and Jees, a red rock-and-roll like puk with long white hair, get angry at Gokou's toying around and attack at full power, but are losing to Gokou anyway. Baata gets knocked down and Jees escapes. Vegeta mocks Gokou for being to soft at letting Jees get away, and then kills off the knocked out Baata and Recoom.

Ginew reaches Furiza and gives him the dragonballs. Furiza summons for his wish of immortality, but nothing happens. They bury the dragonballs outside the Furiza's ship to hide them. Furiza goes to seek the Namek Elder Senior to find out how to work the dragonballs while Ginew is left to stay guard. Jees arrives and informs Ginew of what has happened. Ginew heads to fight Gokou.

As Ginew and Gokou battle, Ginew realizes that Gokou is stronger than him. Ginew badly jabs himself and shoots a strange beam at Gokou. Unaware of what is happening, Gokou gets his body swapped by Ginew. By the time that Gokou realizes that Ginew's special technique is body swapping, it is too late. Ginew laughs and he and Jees fly back to the dragonballs. Gokou is stouck in Ginew's battered body forced to chase after his own body.


Vegeta arrives to Furiza's spaceship to seek the dragonballs, but Gohan and Kuririn also arrive. Vegeta hides behind the ship to watch the Earthings, planning to kill them once they summon Shenlong for him. Gohan and Kuririn use Bulma's dragon radar to locate the dragonballs and summon it, but nothing happens. Everyone is baffled why. Gohan and Kuririn sense the "ki" of people coming and hide. Ginew and Jeese land, looking at the dragonballs and wondering who dug them up. Because Ginew is in Gokou's body, Kuririn mistakes him for Gokou and comes out to greet him. Gohan senses something wrong in his father's body and yells that that Gokou is not his dad. Gohan and Kuririn face the remainder of the Ginew Force, but Gokou also arrives. He reasons that since he has trouble controlling his new body because he's not used to it, so will Ginew in his body. Ginew tries to power up to Gokou's power level, but cannot because he deson't know the Kaiou-ken technique. Gokou tells that Gohan and Kuririn and beat Ginew in Ginew's lack of experience. Ginew gets beaten and calls for Jees to help. Vegeta comes out of hiding and challenges Jees.

Vegeta is confident of his power. He learned that Saiyans grow stronger each time they face the brink of death. After surviving his attack from Gokou and then from Recoom, Vegeta's power level has increased tremendously. He toys with Jees and then kills him. Then, Vegeta flies to Ginew and badly beats him. Ginew begins to admire Vegeta's body and decided to change bodies with him. Ginew does his change body technique on Vegeta but Gokou jumps in the way and gets his old body back. However, it was so badly beaten that he cannot move. Ginew, back in his old body, attempts his change body technique on Vegeta once again. Vegeta still doesn't know what's happening and charge at Ginew. Gokou turns nearby frog in Ginew's path and forces Ginew to change into a frog.


Guru sends Dende to seek Gohan and Kuririn to teach them how to summon the Porunga Shenlong. Furiza arrives to Guru and is about to kill him for refusing to teach the words needed to work the dragonballs. Nail, body guard of Guru and the strongest warrior of the planet, tells Furiza that if Guru dies, so will the dragonballs. Furiza is forced to spare Guru and fights Nail instead. The two fly to a remote area to fight. Nail is no match for Furiza, but continues fighting anyway to stall time for Dende to reach the Earthlings. Furiza finally learns that he whole fight against Nail was a trick and races back to his spaceship. Nail is left to die.

Vegeta offers an alliance with our heroes because Furiza is the common enemy in this battle. Everyone enters Furiza's spaceship as Furiza continues to head back. Gokou is put into a Saiyan recovery pod and Kuririn and Gohan are given Saiyan armor. Kuririn flies off to seek Guru to learn the words to summoning Shenlong. Vegeta takes a nap because he hasn't slept in a while while on Namek. Gohan is outside the ship to guard the dragonballs.

Kuririn and Dende bump into each other and head back to Gohan. The three take the dragonballs away from the spaceship to now let Vegeta know. Dende summons the Porunga Shenlong, which can grant three wishes. Piccolo is wished back to life for the first wish, and is teleported to Namek as the second wish. However, Dende forgot to specify where on Namek so Piccolo is in the middle of nowhere. Vegeta awakens from his sleep and quickly rushes to Shenlong, prepared to kill Gohan and Kuririn for cheating him out of his wish for immortality. One wish remains. After much reluctance, Dende goes to ask Shenlong to grant Vegeta's wish because only Vegeta had the potential of killing Furiza. As Shenlong is about to grant Vegeta's wish, Guru dies and the dragonballs thus turn to stones. Vegeta's wish is denied, and Furiza arrives before his victims. Gokou is still recoverying.

Furiza's First Transformation...

Vegeta, more powerful than before, faces Furiza and is able to stand up to him. Furiza tells that he can change bodies three times. With each transformation, his power level great increases. Since Vegeta has gotten so strong, Furiza undergoes his first stage of transformation.


Piccolo senses the huge "ki"in the battle between Furiza and Vegeta and flies towards that direction. On the way, he encounters the dying Nail, who makes the offer to fuse with him. Piccolo accepts with skeptism and finally fuses with Nail. His power level greatly increases. Piccolo continues to head for Furiza, believing that he can beat anyone with his unbelievable power now.

Furiza's Second Transformation...

Vegeta is no longer a match for Furiza. Piccolo arrives in time for battle and stands up to Furiza. Furiza decides it time to transform again. Piccolo is beaten down. Kuririn throws a laser spin disc at Furiza and the fireball truncates his tail. Furiza, now an even bigger monster with huge horns, flies to Kuririn and jabs a horn through Kuririn. Gohan attacks Furiza to save him. Kuririn is thrown aside and Gohan gets beaten close to death. At the next scene, Kuririn is back up and lures Furiza away. Furiza doesn't know how Kuririn survived, by follows him anyway. In the distraction, Dende heals Gohan like how he secretly did to Kuririn. Piccolo rejoins the fight and Furiza focuses on killing Piccolo. Vegeta is no longer a hope for victory, but remembers his lesson on how a Saiyan's strength greatly increases each time he reaches close to death; Vegeta recalls Dende's healing abilities and requests Kuririn to shoot a fatal blast at him. Meanwhile, Piccolo and Furiza continue to battle, but Furiza is by far much stronger and beats Piccolo half to death.

Furiza's Final Stage...

Gohan watches Piccolo getting killed and powers up with anger. His hidden powers are revealed once again as he casts a fireball that even Furiza has trouble blocking. Furiza begins to morph to his perfect stage, but it requires time. As Furiza cracks from the shell of his old body, Dende heals Piccolo. The dying Vegeta requests to be healed, but Dende refuses because of how Vegeta treated his people. After much difficulty, Dende accepts that Vegeta is their only hope at the moment.

As Furiza transfroms, he watches Dende heal Piccolo and Vegeta and figures out the usefulness in the young Namek towards his enemies. With annoyance, Furiza shoots and kills Dende. Another shot is shot at Gohan, but Gohan, Kuririn, and Piccolo are not skilled enough to see such speed of the blast. Vegeta sees it and pushes Gohan out of the way. Vegeta and Furiza go head to head. The result is Furiza fulfilling his promise of "torture beyond hell" on Vegeta. Gokou is fully recovered and rushes to the scene.

Gokou arrives with a more impressive "ki" level. Vegeta is knocked free from Furiza's grip and tells that Gokou is the Super Saiyan Furiza feared so much. Furiza grows annoyed of Vegeta's comments and shoots a beam through Vegeta's heart, killing him. Vegeta's dying words are for Gokou to take vengeance for all Saiyans. Gokou makes a grave to bury Vegeta in and then faces Furiza.


Bulma is alone wandering around in the dangers of Namek's wilderness. She encounters a frog that she calls "has potential" because it is different from the rest and lets it follow her around as a companion, unaware that the frog is really Ginew. Bulma puts together a gadget that allows animals to talk for her frog buddy. This gives Ginew back his ability for speech. Ginew screams "change!", and swaps bodies with Bulma. Ginew then drives Bulma's flying motorcycle with Bulma hanging on the back, demanding her body back.

They coincidently reach where Gohan, Kuririn, and Piccolo are watching the fight between Gokou and Furiza. Our heroes learn that Bulma is not herself because her body was cheering for Furiza instead of Gokou. Ginew learns that his new body is not good for fighting after catfighting Kuririn, and prepares to swap bodies with Piccolo. Gohan throws Bulma in the way and Bulma regains her own body while Ginew becomes the frog again. The movement in the air caused from the fight between Gokou and Furiza blows Bulma and Ginew away, again.

Furiza's Terror...

Gokou and Furiza toy with each other at first, but Furiza later boasts how he can beat Gokou at just 50% his power level. Gokou powers up to 20x the Kaiou-ken method, but is still losing to Furiza. In a final desperate attempt, Gokou prepares a Genki Dama made from "ki" of local planets. Furiza is unaware of what Gokou is doing because he cannot detect "ki", and therefore can't sense the power of the growing Genki Dama. Furiza soon learns of Gokou's trick and rushes to kill him. Gohan and Kuririn donate their "ki" to Piccolo and Piccolo goes to stall time for Gokou. Piccolo gets beat up, but Gokou's fireball is ready. Furiza is crushed under the attack, but survives...


On Kaiou's planet, the Ginew Force (all except Ginew, who is still alive as a frog) appear. Yamcha, Chauzu, and Tenshinhan fight them while Kaiou refuses to help. With much surprise, the Z Warriors discover that they became stronger than the Ginew Team that beated Vegeta. The Ginew get beaten into hell and Kaiou tells that it was he who requested King Yemma to bring the Ginew to his planet. He wanted to test the skills of his disciples.

Back on Earth, Dr. Briefs, under Chi-chi's pressure, is working on Capsule 3, his third ship for Namek. (Gohan, Kuririn, and Bulma took the first ship. Gokou rode on the second). Chi-chi, Yajirobe, Oolong, and Master Roshi were boarded and prepared for journey, but the Capsule broke down before takeoff.

Legendary Super Saiyan Warrior...

Furiza is more angry than ever and plans to kill our heroes one at a time. First, he blasts a beam at Gohan, but Piccolo takes it for Gohan. It rips through Piccolo and Piccolo quickly falls dying on the ground. Next, Furiza uses psychic power to airlift Kuririn. With the closing of Furiza's hand, Kuririn is literally disintegrated. Gokou sees Furiza's inhumanity and powers up in great anger. Gokou's hair turns golden and his eyes green, becoming the Super Saiyan Legend. Gokou tells Gohan that Piccolo is still alive. Gohan is then ordered to take Piccolo and find Bulma back to the ship that he came in and head back to Earth. Gokou and Furiza fight in a one-on-battle. Furiza is forced to now fight at 70% his power.

Gokou and Furiza battle. Furiza, angry at losing to an "inferior monkey", creates a fireball and launches it towards the core of the planet.Then, he laughs and boasts that the planet will explode in five minutes, mocking that he can survive in space after the explosion while Gokou cannot. Gokou and Furiza continue to battle. Furiza is now forced to battle using 100% his power. Gokou gets buried under a laval pit. Gohan, sensing his father in trouble, flies to Furiza. Although Gohan is no match for Freeeza, he hopes to stall Furiza long enough to stay on Namek when it explodes to bring Furiza down with him. As Furiza is about to kill Gohan, Gokou reappears and saves his son, telling him to leave the planet on his ship.


Kami telepathically tells Kaiou and he and Popo have gathered all seven Earth dragonballs and asks if he should wish those killed by Vegeta back to life. Kaiou tells Kami to wish for all those killed by Furiza back to life instead, reasoning that in turn, Guru will be brought to life as well; and thus,the Namek dragonballs. This step is taken and Nameks (as well as Vegeta) rise back to life. The Porunga Shenlong is reborn and one wish still reamains for the Shenlong to grant. Kaiou telepathically introduces himself to Guru and tells him to wish everyone on the planet, except Furiza, to Earth so that when Namek explodes, Furiza will go with it. Gokou interferes with this wish and tells to leave he and Furiza on Namek because he wants to fight Furiza. Furiza, Vegeta, and Dende all race to the dragon. (*5)Furiza is the first to make his wish, but the Porunga Shenlong ignores him and grants Dende's wish instead. Now, only Gokou and Furiza remain on the dying Namek.

Explosion of Namek...

The fight between Gokou and Furiza intensifies. It becomes clear that Furiza is no match for the Super Saiyan. As Furiza's idea of a final attack, he tosses laser spin discs that cut through anything at Gokou. The discs follow Gokou, but with skillful maneuvering, the attack ends up slicing Furiza in two. Furiza is dying and pleads for help. Gokou doesn't want to help the monster, but pities him and does so anyway, donating enough energy to let Furiza fly away from Namek for as long as Furiza promises to never cause trouble again. Gokou begins to fly away. Furiza, still refusing to admit defeat to a "low-class Saiyan piece of trash", shoots a final fireball at Gokou. Gokou counters it and overwhelms Furiza. (*7)The 5 minutes are up and Planet Namek explodes.


(*6)All who were affected by Dende's wish are on Earth. Dende heals Piccolo and sees the resemblance of Piccolo to Nail, realizing that the two have merged. Guru is dying and gives his final words. He transfers his role as Senior Elder to Rooli so that the Namek dagonballs may continue to "shine". He bids them all the take care and dies. Meanwhile, Vegeta sits and leaves wildly, shouting that when Namek explodes Gokou and Furiza will die with it and leave him the strongest warrior alive.

The deceased Z Warriors at Kaiou's place watch the scenes via Kaiou's back.

Piccolo's Cleansing...

The Z Warriors are resurrected. Everyone receives word that Gokou survived the explosion and is returning to Earth. However, trouble arises in the heavens. Garlic Jr. (from DBZ Movie 1) returns and attempts to steal Kami's positon as God of the Earth. Everyone on earth turns demonic and Piccolo turns evil again.

At the end, ultra cleansing water in Kami's temple is used and everyone on earth is restored to normal. Garlic is trapped into eternal nothingness again. Piccolo's evil spirit is gone forever.

Return of Furiza/ Battle of the Mysterious Youth...

A spaceship passes by what used to be Namek. Its leader, King Cold, is the father of Furiza. He finds the remains of his son's body flowing through space. King Cold's henchmen are sent to rescue Furiza. Furiza is literally rebuilt and becomes half robotic. Furiza tells his father to set a new course to Earth. King Cold still laughs at how anyone could have defeated a member of his family, the strongest in the universe. Now, father and son head to Earth for revenge of what happened.

Planet Namek has been restored. The Z Warriors, also all revived now, prepare for the coming of Furiza along with the aditional threat of King Cold. Without Gokou's help, they can only watch the spaceship land. King Cold and Furiza believe in a swift victory in desroying Earth, but a teenager appears out of nowhere. The mysterious boy easily uses a sword to cut up King Cold's henchmen. Then, he powers up and boasts that Gokou is not the only Super Saiyan. Vegeta recognizes the aura of the man to be that of a Saiyan, and resents the fact that there is another stronger than him. Furiza creates a fireball 10x the size as the one he used to destroy Namek and launches it at the boy. The teen easily catches the fireball with one hand and shatters the ball. Then, he takes out his sword again and slices Furiza to bits before blowing the body parts away with a single blast. King Cold, supposedly much stronger than Furiza, goes to battle the stranger but also gets quickly killed with a blast from the boy.

The stranger flies to the Z Warriors and tells that Gokou will be back in exactly 3 hours at a location not too far away. The Z cast follow the teen and wait. The boy refuses to tell anything, except for his age. In three hours, Gokou really does land on Earth on a spacepod. More startling, Gokou has never seen the teen before. The boy tells Gokou to talk to him alone.

The stranger introduces himself as Trunks. His story is told in Trunks Story. He tells that he is the only surviving warrior in a future 20 years from now. He traveled back in time to alter to past so that his ruined time would change. Trunks mentions that in exactly three years, two super strong beings will appear. These beings are cyborgs of Dr. Gero, the scientist of Red Ribbon who was thought to be dead. They will kill everyone (including their creator Dr. Gero and live only to destroy, recking everything in path for no reason). Trunks also tells that Gokou will develop a heart disease and die from it. The disease is incurable now, not curable by Trunks' timeline. Trunks hands Gokou the heart disease medicine and tells him to prepare for the future. Trunks also slips out that he is the son of Vegeta and Bulma. (Bulma and Yamcha broke up and Bulma felt sorry for Vegeta's loneliness. They fell in love and Trunks was to be born in two years.) Trunks tells that he will be back in three years and flies off in his time machine.

Gokou returns to his friends on the other side of a cliff. Gokou tells how he survived Namek. When Namek prepared to explode, Gokou entered Furiza's spaceship, but the ship didn't work. One of the Ginew Force's ship was nearby and Gokou rode in it. He crashed in a nearby planet, Yardat, where the Yardatrians (purple aliens who look like a blend of the Jedi-Master of Star Wars and the Brain of Pinky and the Brain) taught him how to teleport. Then, Gokou traveled back to Earth.

Piccolo then tells that Nameks have better hearing than Earthlings and Saiyans, and that he overheard the entire conversation between Gokou and Trunks. Piccolo tells everyone of Trunks' news. The Z Warriors prepare training for the coming of the next three years, the Cell Series...

Notes: Piccolo was among those killed by Nappa. With the death of Piccolo, Kami died as well because of his link with Piccolo. With Kami dead, the Earth dragonballs vanished, so those dragonballs could not be used. When Kami first landed on Earth, his spaceship landed in a canyon and was left there. Popo led Bulma to retrieve it to use it to journey to Namek; it was the only ship fast enough to travel to Namek in a short time. The spaceship is voice-operated. In order to fly it, Bulma learned the Namek language from Popo. As Radditz was dying, Kuririn told him that he had the last laugh because Piccolo and Gokou could be revived with the dragonballs. Before he died, Radditz transmitted the message to Vegeta and Nappa, acknowleding them about the dragonballs and laughing at Kuririn that his comrades will use the dragonballs to wish him back to life. Vegeta, however, betrayed Radditz and planned to wish for immortality for the hope of overwhelming his master, Furiza, and becoming the galaxy's strongest warrior. With Piccolo dead, the Earth dragonballs faded, so Vegeta's hopes now lied in the Namek dragonballs. In Lonely Final Battle, Furiza destroyed Planet Vegeta. To the few Saiyans who did survive, Furiza lied that the planet collided with a meteor. A wish from the Porunga dragonballs has to be said in the Namek language. Furiza does not know Namek, so the dragonballs would be unless to him even if he did have all seven. Gokou chose to remain on the exploding planet with Furiza so that he may have a worthy fight to avenge all those who suffered from Furiza. Gokou also gave Furiza a chance to powerup to 100% even when Kaiou advised Gokou to destroy Furiza at the opportunity. All the Nameks but those in one village were revived. The wish with the Earth dragonballs was to revive those killed by Furiza. Vegeta eliminated a village, and so those Nameks remained dead. Kuririn also remained dead because the Earth dragonballs can only revive a person back to life once. Later, Dende tells Gohan that the Namek dragonballs can revive a person who has not died of a natural cause for unlimited times. This is how the deceased Z warrior were returned to life. Furiza has the ability to survive in space. Saiyans don't. This is why Furiza believed that he will win at the end, even if Gokou beats him; and is the reason to his attack on Planet Namek's core. Gokou will perish when Namek explodes, but Furiza will not. Character development: Gohan has a mushroom hair-cut and becomes more bolder a character, no longer fearing the enemy as he did in the Vegeta Series. Piccolo officially becomes one of the good guys, as the evil spirit of Daimao leaves him when he fights on the side of good. Vegeta begins to consider changing views and no longer poses to threaten the Earth. Instead, he makes the excuse to remain on the planet to one day have a rematch with Gokou and defeat him. Garlic Jr. (from Movie 1) made a brief appearance in this series. He escaped from the portal of nothingness, but was defeated by Piccolo and entrapped again. Immediately after the deaths of Team Ginew, Kaiou requested King Emma to send the killed members to his planet to act as a practice test for his trainees, Yamcha, Tenshin-han, and Chauzu. Kaiou saw that his training pay off when the Z warriors proved strong enough to literally knock the Ginew squad to hell.
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