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ThE {-drgnz-}

Here is a little info about this AwEsOmE ESF Clan Site/Info site. This is a new ESF Clan and soon we will get big and dominate all. I will try to schedule every two weeks, and practices twice a week. We also have something called an FPmatch. What is an FPmatch u ask? Well, it stands for Friendly Practice Match. We will have a map specifically designed for FPmatches that will have a ring, and outside of the ring, little booth like hubs, with a door on the back and glass facing the ring. It will be a one on one deathmatch, and you will wait ur turn watching in these booth like rooms. There will also be two refs watching the game, and running it. Thanks to Pikkon and Oolong we have refs!! haha. I thought it would be a great idea to have them as our refs, so i reskinned them and have pics in the FPmatches section. Clan {-drgnz-}(which stands for Dragonz)is a fun clan. It is based and configured for fun , fun and even more fun. If any member is not happy for any reason , his needs will be tended to immediately. This will be a great motto kinda thing that will help keep this clan ThE BeSt ESF ClAn TheRe EVeR wAz!!!!

--Chibi Trunks--