Tenchi in Tokyo

Tenchi in Tokyo is known as Shin Tenchi in Japan. For this series, the images were reworked, giving the series a new, and somewhat disliked, look. This series begins when Tenchi announces that he is going to Tokyo for two years to become a shrine master, like his grandfather. The girls all get seperation anxiety shortly after he leaves. With the help of Washuu's dimensional portal, they only have to take two steps to get to his bedroom! When Tenchi falls for a girl in Tokyo, named Sakuya Kumashiro, he desperately fights with the girls to remove the portal, to no avail. Tenchi thinks that his life is finally becoming normal. But what he doesn't know is that the Masaki household is being watched over by a mysterious young girl named Yugi, and Sakuya isn't quite who...or what, she seems to be.

The way in which all the girls arrived at Tenchi's house is a lot less complicated. The renegade mad scientist, Washuu, was hired by the space pirate, Ryoko, to help her steal the Jurai Lightstone. The LightStone was a tiny stone which held incredible power. (Ryoko wanted to sell it on the black market for a not-so-small fortune.) Ayeka and Sasami, the princesses of Jurai, chased Ryoko to get the stone back. Two members from the GP, Mihoshi and Kiyone, were also chasing Ryoko, trying to get the princesses to leave it to them. Ryoko ship was quickly losing power so they were forced to find another source and fast. That's when they sensed a special energy coming from the heirloom Tenchi wore around his neck. When Ryoko crashed to Earth and tried to use the power of the LightStone, Tenchi's heirloom transformed into a huge sword, which he used to save everyone. He nursed them all back to health, for they were all injured in the battle with Ryoko. Afterwards, none of them wanted to leave, so they all stayed with Tenchi and each of them received a crystal from the heirloom.

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