A brief description of the main Tenchi Muyo characters.

Tenchi Masaki
Meaning of Name:Heaven and Earth
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Black
Blood Type: Unknown
English Voice:Matt K. Miller
Japanese Voice:Masami Kikuchi
A very unlikely hero, Tenchi is a typical teenage student until his life suddenly takes a bizarre twist when he meets up with several odd characters who are all too willing to move in with him when they become stranded on planet Earth. He soon finds out that he is not as typical as was thought. In fact, he is not entirely from the planet Earth!

Meaning of Name:Spirit Caller
Physical Age:17
Real Age:5,000+ (OAV)
Eye Color:Yellow
Hair Color:Light blue
Blood Type: AB
English Voice:Petrea Burchard
Japanese Voise:Ai Orikasa
Ryoko is very powerful with the abilities of flight, teleportation and the use of energy weapons (such as swords or powerballs). She seems very loud and rude, but in reality, she is really very sensitive and carries a deep love for Tenchi.

Meaning of Name:Delicate
Physical Age:20
Real Age:720 (OAV)
Eye Color:Red/Purple
Hair Color:Purple
Blood Type: AB
English Voice:Jennifer Darling
Japanese Voice:Yuma Takada
Ayeka is the first crowned princess of the planet Jurai and the heir to the throne. She looks to be very gentle and the complete opposite of Ryoko. Ocassionally, she shows a darker side made of an iron will. She generally shows this side when fighting with Ryoko over Tenchi's love. They are constantly fighting and are arch rivals because they both love Tenchi.

Meaning of Name:Sandy Beaches
Physical Age:8
Real Age:708 (OAV)
Eye Color:Pink
Hair Color:Blue
Blood Type: O
English Voice:Sherry Lynn
Japanese Voice:Chisa Yokoyama
Sasami is the second crowned princess of the planet Jurai and Ayeka's little sister. She is skilled cook and usually finds herself cooking for the entire Masaki household. She is fun-loving and has a level head. She shows affection towards Tenchi, but more as an older brother than anything else. Her and Ryo-ohki quickly became good friends and where one is you are sure to find the other close by.

Mihoshi Kuramitsu
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Blonde
Blood Type: O
English Voices:Ellen Gerstell(1994-1998) Rebecca Frostadt(1998-present)
Japanese Voice:Yuko Mizutani
Mihoshi is a member of the Galaxy Police (GP) and is often thought of as incompetent. Despite this, she always tries her hardest and often wins through bravery and a whole lot of luck. She is clumsy, accident-prone and easily distracted while she is also cheerful, hard-working and brave. Not to mention she has an incredible amount of luck.
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Washuu Hakubi
Meaning of Name:Eagle Feather
Physical Age:12
Real Age:20,000+ (OAV), 700+ (TV1)
Eye Color:Green
Hair Color:Red
Blood Type: B
English Voice:K. T. Vogt
Japanese Voice:Yuko Kobayashi
Washuu has got to be my all time favorite character! She has many different pasts, many of which are shrouded in mystery, and is possibly the most eccentric character. In the OAV she credited with the creation of Ryoko, Ryo-Ohki and Kagato's ship, the Soja. She is one of three goddesses (perhaps the most mysterious element of her, for that story arc has not yet been completed), and she has had a husband and a child. But they were taken away form her due to social status. That is why she chose to remain in the form of a child, so she didn't have to deal with the pressures and trivialities of being a grown-up. She was also Kagato's professor, but soon after she created Ryoko, he imprisoned her for 5,000 years until she was released by Mihoshi. In Tenchi Universe, she was a professor of a science academy but was expelled 700 years ago and trapped in a cave on Earth for making a weapon that could destroy the Universe. In Tenchi in Tokyo, she is a renegade mad scientist who was hired by Ryoko. In any series, she can be very helpful or very dangerous. She admires Tenchi for his incredible powers and that is why he has become her "favorite gineau pig."

Kiyone Makibi
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Dark Green
Blood Type: A
English Voice:Sherry Lynn (1994-1998) Wendee Lee(1998-present)
Japanese Voice:Yuri Amano
Kiyone is the only character that did not appear in the OAV. Her first appearance was in Tenchi Universe (TV1). She is a member of the GP and is Mihoshi's partner. She was once the rising star at the academy and everyone thought she was going places until she was put with Mihoshi, now they are both laughing stocks at HQ. Kiyone is very level-headed and dedicated to her job. She blames Mihoshi for her downfall and hates her for that. But I think she's gotten used to dealing with Mihoshi and has even began to grow a liking to her.
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Height:Varies according to form
Eye Color:Yellow
Coloring: Cabbit Form:Brown&Beige, Humanoid Form (OAV):Brown, Beige, and blue, Spaceship Form:Red&Black, Mechanoid Form (Tenchi in Tokyo):Pink&White
English Voice:Debi Derryberry
Japanese Voice:Etsuko Kozakura
Ryo-Ohki is a part mineral, part organic lifeform. She is able to take on six completely different forms. The most common being the half-cat, half-rabbit form, also known as a cabbit. The first time we see her is as Ryoko's crystalline spaceship. The image shown is her cabbit form transforming into this spaceship.She can transform into the spaceship at will. The ship is populated with control crystals, which is another form she can take. Ryo-Ohki merges with a creature made up of Mass (which is a polymorphic material of some kind) and transforms into a half-human like form. First as a young adult, but since she lacks the motor skills of a human, she becomes a little child in order to learn them. However, this form is very unstable and a sudden shock or fall can cause her to revert back to her cabbit form. In Tenchi in Tokyo, she transform in to a pink mechanoid, shaped as a giant rabbit, which is piloted by Sasami. In all of her forms, Ryo-Ohki can fly, walk through solid objects (dematerialize), and LOVES carrots!
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