This is the collection of sounds that I use on my site or found online that I simply fell in love with. This collection will get bigger as I go.

Tenchi Muyo

A beautiful, peaceful BGM. (49KB)

If you can Dream it, Then it's Not a Dream
A cute little tune from the Pretty Sammy series. (1KB)

Washuu's Heartache
A sad BGM from the OAV. One of my favorites. (49KB)

I'm a Pioneer
Cute opening to the second OAV. (70KB)

Samba! Marital Relations #2
Upbeat background music from Tenchi Muyo. (45KB)

Remix 3
A nice upbeat song, simply titled, Remix 3. *shrugs shoulders* (80KB)

Remix 4
A very nice song, kind of cute, once again, simply titled, Remix 4. (21KB)

Washuu's Intro
Washuu's infamous introduction to the series.(OAV) (102KB)

The Sasami Chant
Sasami calling to Tsunami. (420KB)

A funny but somewhat true statement made by Washuu in Tenchi in Tokyo.(210KB)

Magic Knight Rayearth
MKR2 Opening
An upbeat song which opens every MKR2 episode. (12KB)

CardCaptor Sakura

Song of Night
A peaceful song. (10KB)

Kocchi O Muite
Cute BGM. (9KB)


1st Season Opening Theme
Opens every episode of the first season of Digimon. (12KB)

Hey Digimon!
Song from the second season that plays during the battle scenes. (7KB)


Affections Reaching Across Time II (Toki wo Koeru Omoi II)
A very pretty song. Makes me feel kind of sad, in a way. (9K)

My Will
The closing song to Inuyasha. (95K)

Change the World
Inuyasha opening. (12K)

Sango the Demon Exterminator
Sango's theme song. Very pretty.(47K)

Sailor Moon

Just Dreaming of You
Upbeat. Kind of reminds me of summer on the beach. This was my first time hearing it. (67KB)


Bard Dance
A pretty little song found on many sites, mainly doing with magick or faeries. (6KB)

The theme from the movie Beetlejuice. (25KB)

Tales From the Crypt
Theme song from the Tales from the Crypt series. (17KB)

Short song from the Braodway show 'Riverdance'. (27KB)

Orange Road
Song from the anime 'Orange Road.' I've never seen it, but I like the song. (71KB)