For starters, OAV stands for "Original Animated Video". They are animated series/stories that are realeased directly on video. The Tenchi Muyo OAVs are what started the whole Tenchi revolution.

The first OAV consists of 6 episodes in which we are introduced to all of the characters. In the first episode we are intrduced to Tenchi Masaki, a typical teenage student who sneaks into a forbidden cave and unleashes the 700 year old deamon, Ryoko. Ayeka and Sasami are awaken by her release and come to Earth after her. Their ship crashes and they are forced to move in with Tenchi. An egg is formed from Ryoko crashed ship and out of it hatches the cabbit, Ryo-Ohki. Mihoshi's ship, Yukinojo, crashes to Earth when it senses an energy feild caused by a deamon Ryoko calls forth. The first OAV ends when Kagato comes to Earth and kidnaps Ryoko. Tenchi and the rest of the gang go into space after them. While on Kagato's ship, Soja, Mihoshi accidently releases Washuu. A scientist who was imprisoned by her student, Kagato, 5,000 years ago.

Tenchi Muyo! The Night Before the Carnival acts as a filler between the first and second OAVs. It foreshadows events that happens in the second OAV. This episode is also a good one to watch first of you missed the first OAV, because you get a good look at all the characters.

The second OAV picks up after "The Night Before the Carnival". It is here we learn that when Sasami was very young, Tsunami (the most powerful ship on Jurai) assimilated with her to save her life. Therefore, when Sasami grows up, she will become Tsunami. Tenchi's Aunt leaves a baby in Tenchi's care since it's mother is ill. It is because of this that we learn that Washuu had a husband and child. Afterwards, the Mass escape from Washuu's lab and that is when Ryo-Ohki picks up her humanoid forms, because she must assimilate with the Mass in order to save Tenchi. Shortly after, Dr. Clay comes to pick up a colleauge from over 20,000 years ago, Washuu, to bring her to a mysterious Lady Tokimi. Lady Tokimi is said to be one of three goddess. The other two being her sisters, Tsunami and Washuu. But this has yet to be proven in any of the OAVs. It ends when Sasami and Ayeka's parents decide to pay a visit and try to take their girls home.

There is currently a third OAV in the making. It began airing in Japan April 2nd. It is called Tenchi Muyo! GXP. I will release more information as I receive it. For more information, go to This site is in Japanese and you may need to download specific software to view it. (I do not read Japanese [despite the fact that I am learning], so please do not ask me for translations.)

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