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Hello, and welcome to my pad. This is a place is meant as a sort of detour off Ben's Advanced Anime web page. Its not much of a web page, but you may find a few things worth checking out during your travels. You will find extra stuff here that I just couldn't squeeze or do justice with on a simple profile page.


Advanced Anime Alias: ChadKumada
Age: 25
Origin: Minnesota
Sign: Virgo
Blood Type: Who knows? What difference does it make anyways?
Occupation: Software Testing in the Defense Industry
Been an anime fan since: 1996
Real Name: Now that, is a secret! ^-^


See My Past Advanced Anime Uploads
Check out some of my favorite pictures that I uploaded at Anime Advanced. Of special mention are the pictures that I captured myself.
Chad's Uploads
See My Favorite Anime Girls
You can see some pictures of my favorite anime girls in the world. I have also rated each girl according to love, beauty, cuteness, and hotness.
Favorite Anime Girls
Read My Slayers Fanfic
This is an old fanfiction I wrote during my last days in college. I have one more chapter written, and will type it out and post it if there seems to be some interest in it. This fic is all about the adventures of Amelia and her father Prince Phil in Saillune in between the first Slayers season and Slayers Next.
Slayers: Justice!
Learn About Using HTML
This is a quick guide on writing in html for those of you who do not understand the basics, and yet would like to be able to doodle a bit in html, perhaps to spice up your Advanced Anime profile or your comments or to go out and make a simple web page of your own.
HTML Lessons
See My Favorite Sites
You can find the web pages that I find my pics here. You can also find links to other Advanced Anime member's pages. Of course, my favorite links in general can also be found here.
Contact Me
Ok, I finally went ahead and made a new e-mail address and AOL Instant Messenger account. Feel free to contact me with these methods. I do plan on scrapping this e-mail account once Ben adds an e-mail feature to his Advanced Anime website.
Email me at
AIM me at ChadKumada77