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Welcome to V2 of Lil' Bunny Fu-Fu! This is a shrine to Momiji-kun ^^ so if you have any fanstuff's on Momiji pls feel free to send them in ^_~ (pls pls!) I know there is not much up yet but I hope that you will still enjoy yourself and pls take a look around! Bye bye ^^
Official Keeper of Momiji's Candy Stash

February 6th 2002: There's a new layout as you can see ^_~ I was grossed out by the old one..and this one isn't much better..but I just *had* to have Momiji in a yellow raincoat! kawaii ^^ or it would be..if I wasn't the one drawing it..^^;; I'm so bad at drawing....

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Fruba, or any of it's characters, are not mine. All fanart and fanfics belong to their respective author and/or artist. Pls e-mail artist/author for permission before taking. thanks ^^