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Last updated 29 JULY, 2003

This site is dedicated to:

Arslān Senki, the original novel series, written by Tanaka Yoshiki, with breathtaking art by Amano Yoshitaka, published in nine volumes from 1986 to 1992

Mavāru Uka, the following three novel series,

Arslān Senki, the beautiful manga series, written by Tanaka Yoshiki and drawn by Nakamura Chisato, published in thirteen volumes from 1991 to 1996

Arslān Senki, or dubbed into English as The Heroic Legend of Arislan, the anime series, begun in 1992 (US release 1993) and unfinished at six parts

and to the gorgeous soundtracks, the 1993 SegaCD of the same title released only in Japan, and anything and everything related to our beloved Parsi prince.

Site requirements: 800x600 and Internet Explorer (4.0 or higher) without fullscreen but maximized, Japanese text support (in places), a painful obsession, and a sense of humor.

My collection of Arslān goods keeps growing, most recently with the order of the first nine volumes of the original novel series, although I only have the first one now, and only get two more before Christmas... I hope to someday have every official piece of merchandise there is, but good luck finding any of 'em, right?

As part of my dedication to my absolute favorite series, although it's a sadly obscure anime, I wanted to share everything I can with other fans over the internet.

This site is the latest version of my struggle to provide a decent surfing experience. The current attempt is more focussed on the information and unusual quirks surrounding the series and it's loose basis on Persian legend and history.

Almost everything on the site is open for contributions, and in every archive I encourage other fans to submit anything you've created. I also need and would love help with research, insights, and information related to the series.

I hope that my site will provide you with the information and entertainment you need to obsessively enjoy this great fantasy series.

contact:, lynn.

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