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The Anime Lounge
Welcome to the Anime Lounge!

Omae-Chan: Nihao! Welcome to the Anime Lounge Gallery! I hope you enjoy your stay. We have a wide variaty of things to choose from as you relax from your long day at work (or what ever other strenuous activity you participate in durring the day or evening hours!).

Neku-Chan: umm...right...what she said!

Omae-Chan: We hope you enjoy yourself, and if theres anything you want or need, please don't hesitate to ask one of us, the wonderful, beautiful service gals!

*Random guy comes in* Guy: Can I take one of you home instead?!

Neku & Omae: IN YOUR DREAMS PAL! *super kicks 'em outta there!*

Omae~Chan: err...anyway..Wow...i haven't updated this place in a long guys have to email me if you want me to update...because if you don't i won't know! you have to help me stay updated. Yay! School is finally out! too bad i have to go summer school for 6 weeks of my summer vacation...that is supposed to be AWAY from school v.v;. Well, anyway, you people please email me if you want me to put up something spicific...or even if you just want me to update. the things that are currently up you can consider a sample of what we can have. email me if you want me to put this stuff up! if you don't tell me i'll never know you want it up! (sorry if i'm being repetitive..). Please enjoy your stay here are the Anime lounge!

The Photo Album Click here, to choose from our wide selection of photo albums!

Fandom Room Click here, to go the the wonderfull room of Fandom!

Omae~Chan: Check it out, man! Can you top this, mortal? Here is my Mosquie! I'm as evil as him! click here to take the Evil test!

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