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(Incomplete Quest)

You say, 'Hail Gehn`Vodka'

Gehn`Vodka peers at you and flicks his long serpentine tongue in your direction. You sense a great feeling of dread being in his presence. In a barely audible hiss he begins to speak, 'Hisss why have you come here young Iksar? Have you come to parade yourself around the prison cells to mock us with your freedom? No? Then maybe you have come to listen to my tale as to why I am here in this wretched place.'

You say, 'what tale'

Gehn'Vodka says, 'Ah my tale is what you desire. Well so be it for the telling of my tale may very well condemn you also to this place of imprisonment. Are you willing to hear this tale still?'

You say, 'i am willing'

Gehn'Vodka's eyes glance all around the room as if they are looking for spying eyes and ears in his presence. Ghen'Vodka lowers his voice to a whisper, 'So be it Masamura you shall now become the one to aid me in my trial that is to come. I am a Shissar that knows too much. I was once a ward of my master and God of Fear Cazic-Thule himself. My lord busied himself with many things and often lost track of the many creations or actions that he so desired to work on vigorously. He appointed me to keep a record of his daily actions and decisions and to also oversee his many creations that he had been working on. I was not one to fail my lord so I began to keep records of everything I saw.'

You say, 'what records'

Gehn'Vodka says, 'I kept a record of everything I saw or heard in a great tome that never seemed to run short of pages. It was a tome blessed by Cazic-Thule himself to allow me to do the task he had set aside for me. Every day I woke to witness the greatness that was my lord and recorded it in that book. I enjoyed my job too much for there came times when my lord did not want his actions or dealings to be recorded and I defied him by recorded them anyway. His secrets became my secrets and I began to lust after this knowledge daily hoping to find out every secret my lord had to keep. I was able to keep this a secret from my lord for many planar years until one day I was found out by my lord.'

You say, 'what secrets'

Ghen'Vodka says, 'I can not mention the secrets to you here Masamura for you would then find me a jailmate awaiting trial for the same reason I am here. The recording of those secrets drove my lord into a rage and he banished me to this realm to await trial. If I still had the tome I may be able to win my freedom during my trial.'

You say, 'what happened to the tome'

Ghen'Vodka says, 'I hid the tome safely away during one of my expeditions to the mortal realm. I had to find a place to hide the book in so I decided to use my walking staff given to me by my lord. Bring me my staff so that I might be able to retrieve the tome hidden inside. You must make haste and bring it to me before my trial starts otherwise I am doomed to be slayed into nothingness. Go now hurry before the guards notice you!'

(All I've found so far...will keep yah updated cause I've only been able to find this guy once so he may haved been spawned by someone else or has a PH...dunno yet)


(Thanx to some people that had read this and decided to help me we tried many items from zones that he may have visited like Plane of Fear, Cazic Thule, Ssra Temple, Etc. After many tries, and waiting to find this guy actually spawn we got the quest to continue)

Ghen'Vodka says, 'You have found it great work Masamura! Stand back so that I may retrieve the tome. Ghen'Vodka begins to chant in an unknown language and the staff begins to glow and unfold to reveal a tome. Ah here it is just as I had left it! Everything that could set me free is in this tome. I cant thank you enough for what you have done for me. I hate to ask more of you my new friend but could you do me another favor?'

You say, 'I will do you another favor'

Ghen'Vodka says, 'I knew I could count on you! Could you please ask The Tribunal to see my case quickly? I am afraid that my dark master could somehow send someone to see that this tome is taken and destroyed. You see how easy it was for you to enter my cell, it would be less a task for him or one of his followers. On second thought here take the tome and keep it safe. Do not read it less you fall to the same fate as me. Hurry my nerves can not take this cell for much longer and I feel my time is short if something is not done soon!'

You recieve a character flag!

(I did a /who all friend and /who all guild but not many were on so I ran to check and see The Tribunal room and it was jam packed with people doing trials...I decided to try it anyway so I could at least document it.)

(tried many phrases till this one)

You say, 'I would like to hear Gehn'Vodka's case'

The Tribunal says, 'That case is not up for review as of now Iksar. More pressing cases must be seen to first. We have not reviewed the case or the evidence as of yet so we can not make a decision on Ghen'Vodka's fate. If you so desire to see to this case now then you must present before us pressing evidence that the defendant is not guilty beyond all doubt and the case can be held when you so desire.'

Hand the Tome of Records to The Tribunal.

The Tribunal begins to scan the evidence you have presented at a great speed. 'This case can not be decided by this evidence alone. We must summon all the witnesses and members involved. If you still desire to see this case through take this summons notice to the first member involved, Cazic-Thule.'

(Welp that ended it cause Cazic-Thule was not up but the neatest thing was while I held the Tribunal Seal of Fear all the mobs in Plane of Fear conned Indifferent to me!!! That was sweet as heck so I ran around the whole zone looking around hehe..welp until Cazic is up again I guess this quest is on hold.)


(Cazic finally was up and I was able to continue.)

Handed Summons Notice to Cazic-Thule

Cazic Thule says, 'What is this? A notice of summons to me the Dark Lord of Fear! Who is it that summons me? Cazic Thule begins to read the Summons Notice and his complextion begins to fade though it is not noticible to the mortal eyes. What you have brought me Iksar is a matter that needs my attention now. Be glad that you hold that seal of the Tribunal young one for if it were not that you were sent by them you would surely be struck down for the news that you have brought me. Begone from my sight I must attend to this message. Here take this as proof that I will attend to this matter.'

(Ran back over to PoJ and waited through some more people doing trials.)

Handed Summons Notice Reply and had to hand back the Tribunal Seal of Fear also. (darn)

The Tribunal says, 'Thank you for your work Masamura. Take this summons to the next member involved, Tunare.'

(Ran to Plane of Growth and Tunare happened to also be up...same as Tribunal Seal of Fear I was able to waltz around growth with the seal in my hand)

Handed Summons Notice to Tunare.

Tunare says, 'Who is it that summons me? And why have they sent someone such as you? Leave me time to read this summons. Tunare begins to read the Summons Notice and her complextion pales as she closes the notice. I see that it has now come to this. We have tried to hide this information for so long, how is it that we the Gods of this world were unable to keep this a secret. Much has to be done in preparation. Here take this Masamura. It is proof that I shall attend to this matter. Make haste young one.'

Ran back to Plane of Justice and handed back the Summons Notice and Tribunal Seal of Growth. (darn again)

The Tribunal says, 'The outside parties involved have had their summons sent and the trial shall be held as soon as the defendant has been brought before us. Take this summons to the defendant and bring him here.'

(Welp another hold up cause Ghen'Vodka was not and some others will be checking track to find him again...until then.)


(Ghen'Vodka was finally up)

Handed Summons notice to Gehn'Vodka.

Gehn'Vodka says, 'The time has finally come. I have seen eyes...eyes constantly watching me Masamura. I am afraid to walk down those halls less those eyes find me. I am afraid that my master will catch me unaware and slay me before I can speak of that which is in that tome. Here take the tome and this. I have kept it well hidden and it is the most vital piece of evidence that I have. If am unable to make it to the trial please take my place and stand up for my side of the justice that should be served. The time for the walk has come. Please follow closely to me as we make the journey.'

(Proceeded to follow Ghen'Vodka down the halls no prob. Then got jumped)

Thule Assassin shouts, 'By Cazic Thule you shall not live through this day!'

Ghen'Vodka shouts, 'Nooo! I am sorry master!'

Ghen'Vodka has been Assassinated!

Thule Assassin shouts, 'The trial shall now end! Long live Cazic Thule!'

(After that he kinda just stood there we killed him...he dropped these.)

(Proceeded to the Tribunal...cause at this point we didnt know whether we were supposed to have save Ghen'Vodka or not cause he assassinated him as soon as he spawned)


Handed Tome of Records to The Tribunal.

The Tribunal says, 'After reviewing the latest evidence and issuing the summons the trial shall now commence. Please bring forth the defendant.'

You say, 'the defendant is dead'

The Tribunal says, 'The defendant has been temporarily out of reach for the trial. He is not dead for only we The Tribunal say whether or not something is truly dead to the plane. It will take some time to rejoin his soul and body. If you wish to take the defendants place for the hearings then say so now.'

You say, 'i will take the defendants place'

The Tribunal says, 'So be it. The defense shall be represented by Masamura. Summon the prosecution.'

(at this point Cazic Thule and Tunare pop up in the zone. The texts were very long but each responce was preceded by a long pause to allow time to read im guessing.)

The Tribunal says, 'All parties are present and accounted for. Trial number 456898 will now commence. A brief overview is in order as I can only summize that our current defendant may not know all of the details of the hearings and why the parties here have been summoned. Some time ago the copulation of Gods was strictly forbidded to keep the power of the world of Norrath under check. With fewer number of Gods in control the less likely there was for conflict to rise. Most of the Gods listened to our decision and followed our ruleing save one God, Rallos Zek. Rallos Zek and his offspring have thusly been dealt with since that time and are currently shackled to their planes. Since that time there have been no other divine births save one that was a mystery to us.

You say, 'what mystery'

The Tribunal says, 'A child God was born and was given the gift of rule over mortal nightmares. Where this child came from though we did not know. We questioned many of the Gods and no one except Cazic Thule spoke up at the time. He claimed that this offspring was not a birth but another part of himself that he seperated and formed into a diety that could help him rule mortal afairs with fear as had his other children. We took this as the truth and did not pose further questions. The offspring was brought up in his care and we closed the books on the case. The case though has now been reopened with evidence that states that the child of nightmares, Terris Thule may have been concieved by two Gods instead of one. The shissar called Ghen'Vodka was a record keeper for Cazic Thule and his records plus a piece of evidence may shed some light into this case. The hearings will now continue.'

You say 'the hearings will now continue'

The Tribunal says, 'We shall first address Cazic Thule. Cazic Thule you claim that Terris Thule is indeed your daughter and is essentially a part of your body thus no copulation took place. Is this correct.'

Avatar of Fear says, 'Yes.'

The Tribunal says, 'The evidence before us says different Cazic Thule. What say you?'

Avatar of Fear says, 'That evidence is the ficticious writings of one of my creations. He has been dealt with accordingly and I should not be standing before you such as this.'

The Tribunal says, 'We do not believe that what you say is true. You have fooled us before but we shall not be fooled again. Next we shall ask Tunare about what happened back then. Tunare do you claim that you had no part in this birth?'

Avatar of Growth says, 'I...I...cannot lie anymore.'

Avatar of Fear says, 'Tunare!'

Avatar of Growth says, 'No Cazic no more.... I cannot lie about my daughter anymore. Yes Tribunal she is my daughter!'

The Tribunal says, 'The evidence shows that this is true.'

Avatar of Fear says, 'What...Tunare says is true Tribunal. She is my daughter with Tunare.'

The Tribunal says, 'The evidence does not show that this is true.'

Avatar of Fear says, 'What!'

The Tribunal says, 'Masamura give me the evidence that you have upon your person.'

Gave Important Piece of Evidence to The Tribunal.

The Tribunal says, 'Yes this is it. This device is an aide to the Gods during times of copulation. It draws the powers of the two Gods and joins them together to become one being with attributes of the two parents. If Terris Thule is indeed your daughter then this device should be able to tells us that. The Tribunal chants over the device and strands of ethereal mist form around it. The device has shown to me that Terris Thule is a creation of Growth and Hate. Not a creation of Growth and Fear.'

Avatar of Fear says, 'What! She is not my daughter! You fuckin' whore I knew it!'

Avatar of Growth says, 'Cazic watch your language!'

Avatar of Fear says, 'Oh turn your fuckin' bad language filter on then you bitch! I can't believe you did that too me! I've been fuckin' paying you child support for how long now!?'

Avatar of Growth says, 'Concider it a favor you oversized dirt clod! Hell the money was all that was keeping me around. Lemme just say I'm very good at faking Cazic dear...'

Avatar of Fear says, 'Oh hell no! How can you say that you faked it 5 times last night! You were practically on your knees begging for it!'

Avatar of Growth says, 'Oh I wasnt on my knees begging dear. I kept losing track of your 'Little Man of Fear' and was afraid I had dropped it...damned thing so small I need a gnomish magnifying glass.'

Avatar of Fear says, 'Whatever you hoe...and what the hell is this about my daughter being a creation of Growth and Hate! Wait...isnt Innoruuk the lord of Hate!? You mean you and him...oh mother fucker!!!'

Avatar of Hate says, 'Did someone call my name?'

Avatar of Fear says, 'Innoruuk!! You fucking overgrown yoda bitch!'

Avatar of Hate says, 'What the fuck did I do!?'

Avatar of Fear says, 'Oh nothing, causing a little hate here, a little hate there...fucking my woman....causing a little hate over there...'

Avatar of Hate says, 'Oh fucky-doo.'

Avatar of Fear says, 'Thats right man bitch come here.'

Avatar of Growth says, 'Calm down Cazic..or is that penis envy I sense?'

Avatar of Fear says, 'You stay out of this! This is between me and this homewrecker bitch!'

Avatar of Growth says, 'Actually...technically this isnt between just you and him..'

Avatar of Fear says, 'What..'

Avatar of Growth says, 'Actually its between you, and Inny, and Bristly, and sometimes after he wins Bingo on thursday nights Mithy.'

Avatar of Fear says, 'What the fuck!'

Avatar of Growth says, 'Hey look here fugly I needed the money! Do you know how much diapers and elven wine cost back then!?'

Avatar of Hate says, 'Yah seriously dude she needed the money and I just happened to have..'

Avatar of Fear says, 'Innoruuk shut the fuck up not now!'

Avatar of Hate says, 'Ok i'll be over here...shuting up...'

Avatar of Fear says, 'That is it we are through Tunare!!'

Avatar of Growth says, 'Thank god I can finally get rid of that stanky ass smell you seem to get on my clothes everynight.'

Avatar of Fear says, 'Thats it I am outta here!'

The Tribunal says, 'Not so fast Cazic! You have lied under oath and shall be here by punished for your actions. From here on out we the Tribunal sentence you to 90 days of community service and a fine of up to but no more than 1000K platinum.'

Avatar of Fear says, 'I am so fucking tired of this.'

Avatar of Growth says, 'Oh and Cazi...dont be late with the child support check this month.'

Avatar of Fear says, 'What the fuck she isnt even my daughter! Tribunal what say you?'

The Tribunal says, 'Dont be late this month Cazic or you shall be sentenced to another 90 days of community service.'

Avatar of Fear says, 'All of you! I shall see all of you burn for this! Mark my cock sucking words!!!'

Avatar of Hate says, 'You suck the cock?'

(Avatar of Fear despawns)

The Tribunal says, 'This case is hereby sentenced and over. Good day to you all.'

Avatar of Growth says, 'My my Masamura. You sure have caused a ruckus this day...but I feel as if I owe you still. Here take this as a token of my gratitude. Use it well my little man of mischief. Bristly would be proud. Come Inny. We have much to do tonight.'

Avatar of Hate says, 'Can I be on top this time? I'm never on top?'

(Avatar of Hate a Growth despawn)

(Welp end of this quest was better than a GM event...little much on the language but I guess that's why VI implemented a bad language filter and a rating on the box. Oh well nifty sword for me :)...)

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