Author: Here's the beginning of my new story. I was going over the other sagas I've written when I got this idea from a comment Bulma made back in chapter 4 of THE SHIZEN SAGA and the rather humorous reactions some people had to it (mainly Vegeta and Piccolo). And that idea grew to become what you now see before you: LIDAL'S STORY. I decided to take a new approach with this and so instead of third person, this story is told mainly from Lidal's point of view. It will switch periodically to other people's point of view, just to show all points. Let me know if you can't tell when it switches. I've also involved the dragons more. It should be interesting. Oh, and this story does take place in the future world. WARNING: This story is a PG-13 lime. This is probably the closest I'll ever get to a lemon. It's mostly kissing, groping, and innuendoes.


Lidalís Story





My name is Lidal. I have no other name. One is just enough for me. My father just has one name. Piccolo. Youíve probably heard of him. My mother has just one name. Kya. Not very many people know she exists. And my twin brother, Pendril. Heís not as serious as I am, with his subtle sense of humor. Iím more like my father. Everyone knows we care; we just donít show it very often. Itís just the way Iíve always been.

Then something happened that altered my life forever. And this time in a good way. I have had many life-altering events during the course of my life, it seems to me, now that I think about it. First, when I was thirteen and I had my first vision of the future. The second time was when I was fifteen and I had my first heat cycle. That was very embarrassing for me. The last event happened just a few months ago. My twin brother had just died, killed while destroying Talvo. And I was forced to travel through time to stop Xahra from killing our parents in the past and therefore changing the future.

It has been a long difficult road but I wouldnít trade it for anything in the world, for they shaped the person I am today. And I am actually a very cheerful and happy person today. The person I love loves me in return.

I did not always think so wonderfully of this emotion. When I first started falling for someone else, I didnít really know how to handle it. Pendril has always been able to show his emotions much better than I can but even though weíre close, I couldnít turn to him for help. I couldnít turn to anybody. I wasnít the type to ask for advice. So I bottled them up and suppressed the feelings as best I could. Gradually I became more silent and standoffish. I didnít think anyone really noticed, it happened so subtly. But eventually my brother, then my mother, and then my father all let me know that they had noticed and were slightly worried. Of course I denied that anything was wrong but they worried anyway, especially Mother. I think Pendril suspects the truth of my withdrawal. He knows me too well.

When I went back to the past, I was able to escape the problem for a time. But it was waiting for me when I returned. And so I fell back to hiding my emotions. I could tell from the looks that Pendril threw my way he was disappointed in me. I think he hoped that my trip in time would have given me the courage to face my fears. But he was wrong. If anything, it made me more afraid.


I cannot help it

I couldnít stop it if I tried

The same old heartbeat fills the

Emptiness I have inside

And Iíve heard that you canít fight love,

So I wonít complain

ĎCause why would I stop the fire that

Keeps me going on?


So that was how my life went. No one else seemed to notice. Not even my best friend Pan. Marron might have noticed but she and Sixteen were too besotted with their new baby girl Robin to notice anything.

And then a few weeks after my twentieth birthday, my heat cycle started again. It only happens once a year but because of the months I spent in the past, it was a little off schedule. So I did my usual routine of picking up my serum from Bulma and headed off to the mountains to disappear for two weeks. Little did I know that this time, something different would happen that was not part of the usual routine.

I came abreast of the small forest near the cave where I usually stayed just around sunset. And whom should I see training among the trees? A young man with piercing blue eyes and lavender hair in a trim haircut. Trunks.


ĎCause where thereís you, I feel whole

And thereís no better feeling in the world

But without you, Iím alone

And Iíd rather be in love with you.



I had gone to the mountains to forget my troubles and instead I ran into the source of them: Lidal. For the past couple of months since Pendril and I went back in the time machine to fetch her, all I could think about was her. When Lidal had gone through that portal, I had never been more frightened in my life. And I realized with a start that I cared about her. Much more deeply than I had ever known.

Seeing her, with the last rays of the setting sun glinting in her dark green hair, I suddenly found it rather difficult to breathe. And I made a decision, then and there. I couldnít stand it anymore. This was a good a time as any to come clear about my feelings for her. I was an idiot. If I had been thinking straight, I would have remembered that the only reason Lidal would be out in the middle of nowhere was because she was in heat. By the time I did remember, it was too late.



I hadnít injected myself with the serum yet. I figured I would wait until the urges got worse. How could I have been so careless? But then, I never expected to come upon the object of my desires out in the middle of nowhere. As soon as I saw Trunks, I knew I had to get as far away as possible. But for some reason, Trunks wanted me to stay and talk.

He stepped towards me and all I could do was stare at him in a stupefied daze. What the hell was he doing here? His question brought me away from my thoughts. "Can I talk to you Lidal?"

"Trunks, this isnít a very good time right now."

"It wonít take long. Please." If I hadnít been so worried about losing my control, I would have noticed how nervous he was. But he did notice my own anxiety.

"Lidal? Is something wrong?"

I stared at him in exasperation. "Trunks, this really isnít a very good time."

Trunks stared at me in bafflement and then it dawned at him. He blushed and muttered, "Man, I really donít have good timing."

But it really was too late. I should have taken my serum. Being so close to someone I loved and desired and lusted for all at the same time was too much for me to control.



Even as I began backing away, I knew it was too late. Her breath quickened, as if she was excited and her eyes narrowed at me, as if she was sizing me up. Which she probably was. The next thing I knew, I was flat on my back, with Lidal pinning me to the ground. She growled low in her throat and began clawing at my clothes, ripping them to shreds. I winced as her nails reached my skin. Nameks just had to have long sharp nails. I really was in big trouble.

Remembering that being in heat made her unusually strong, I ascended to Super Saiyan as quick as possible. Grabbing her arms, I threw her off me and quickly flipped to stand on my feet in a fighting stance, facing her. We were forgone from any sort of civilization, so I knew none of the others would be able to sense us and therefore know I was in trouble.

Lidal roared her rage and flew at me, attacking with all her might. I had forgotten how fast she was and had to ascend to the next level just to keep up with her. As we fought, I found myself strangely becoming excited and cursed. Why was this happening to me? My blood was high and I knew my Saiyan genes were taking over. My nostrils flared and I realized with shock what was happening. It was the pheromones she was giving off! My cursing renewed and I had to fight hard to maintain my concentration on fighting Lidal. I knew Piccolo and Pendril were unaffected by her pheromones because they were related by blood and that my own father knew discipline techniques to keep himself from being affected but I didnít know anything of the sort. I really, really, was in big trouble.



Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that fighting Trunks was wrong. But I couldnít stop. All I could feel was immense rage and stifling heat. A desire to fight him and make him submit to my will. To satisfy the overwhelming urges deep inside me.

I saw his nostrils flare as he smelled me and I knew that held some sort of significance. But what, I didnít really care to think about at the moment. Suddenly Trunks roared at me and his aura glowed brighter, if that was possible. I knew this meant things had gotten worse and I tried to gain back control. Because of my inner battle, I wasnít concentrating on the fight, as I should have been. The next thing I knew, Trunks was the one pinning me to the ground and his mouth was slanted hard against mine.



I didnít care anymore if Lidal was in heat and technically, I was taking advantage of her. All I cared about was the fact that I wanted her, needed her. She struggled in my grip as I kissed her but I wasnít about to let her go. I paused a second to look at her and saw that her furious eyes had begun to glimmer with a different kind of passion. I resumed the kiss, my hand sliding up her shoulder and then her throat, playing against her jaw and pressing in to make her open her mouth and hold it open as I pushed my tongue in, ravaging her mouth, exploring every single part of it. Using my other hand, I began tearing off her clothes.



My mind was in turmoil. This was Trunks. Kissing me like no one had ever kissed me before. I had wanted him for so long and now I had him but not in the way I truly wanted.

His eyes watched me intently, glittering with a strange combination of lust and excitement and something else I couldnít identify. I found myself beginning to pull off his clothes, or what was left of them after my nails had shredded them. His eyes narrowed at me and his mouth moved to start nipping and sucking along my jaw and down my throat.

Without warning, Trunks released a throaty growl as he bit into my shoulder, his sharp fangs piercing my skin. I cried out in pain and in pleasure as well, some primal part of me acknowledging the significance of the bite. I had been claimed. By him.

As he licked the blood from the wound, purring softly, I suddenly didnít care what happened or what he did to me, as long as he satisfied this strange thirst within me. A violent heat consumed my body and I knew nothing else but Trunks for a long time.


To see is to believe

I just want you near me

I just want you here with me

And Iíd give up everything only for you


* * * * * *


I didnít return to reality until the next morning. I awoke with a start, unsure of where I was or what had happened. Glancing around, I discovered that I hadnít a stitch of clothing on me and that something was pinning me to the ground. It was an arm. A very well muscled arm. Turning my head, I saw that it was attached to a warm naked body that I recognized. Trunks.

As soon as I saw Trunks, all could think was that I had get away from him. I had to flee. Memories of the night before began trickling into my mind and although they were pretty hazy, I did know for certain that we had had sex last night. Several times, in fact.

There I was, recalling what we had done, and for some reason all I could think about was how in a moment of a loss of self-control, I had lost my virginity. And how angry my mother would be with me for breaking Shizen tradition and not saving myself for my future bondmate. I accounted it to the shock of coming to grasp with what I had exactly done.

Returning to the task at hand, I tried to move Trunksí arm from around my waist. But even in sleep, the grip his arms held me in was possessively tight. As it had been throughout the night as we mated. Mated? What made me think that word? We were not mates, no matter how much I wanted us to be. No matter how he seemed during the night, in the morning it was still the same. He did not love me.

Sighing, I leaned back in frustration and then froze, as I felt Trunks stir. But he did not wake, much to my relief. And then I smacked myself for being so silly. All I had to do to escape was become part of the Earth! I am a Shizen after all. Concentrating, I thought of the soil and how it was so rich and life giving. My body quickly became dirt and I slipped easily through Trunksí grasp into the ground. I raced through the soil, keeping my ki low until I reached the forest by home.

I changed back to my normal form, assembling clothes for myself as I changed. A musical trill sounded from above. Looking up, I saw that Kindle had followed me. And from the look in her amethyst eyes, I had a feeling she knew what had happened.

"And where were you last night?" I asked haughtily, straightening my outfit. I had assembled it together rather hurriedly.

I didnít want to intrude on what you were doing she chirped, keeping her voice carefully devoid of emotion, but I could see right through her.

"And why didnít you try to stop us or get help?" I cried.

You looked like you were enjoying it.

I glared. "Just because I was enjoying it doesnít mean it was right!"

You sure are grumpy. I would think after last night, you would be in a better mood.

I was beginning to see red. "Well, I didnít really get that much sleep last night, now did I?"

At least your heat cycle is over.

With a start, I realized she was right. The heat, the urges, the rage, they were all gone. "I guess I didnít need the serum after all. Interesting way to stop my heat cycle."

I would have thought you knew that already.

Now she was confusing me. "Knew what?"

The white sendragon ruffled her wings, taking her time before responding. When youíre in heat, your body wants to procreate. When you give it what it demands of you, the heat goes away.

"I know that! But Iím not going to go around sleeping with men whenever I get the urge!"

Then take a mate replied Kindle.

"Thereís no one I want for a mate." I was lying through my teeth and she knew it.

You seemed to enjoy being Trunksí mate chirped Kindle.

I growled. "One more word about last night and I swear, Iíll rip your wings off!"

You wouldnít dare she screeched back. Besides, heís already claimed you as his mate.

I blinked. "What do you mean?"

He bit you, didnít he?

As if in a daze, I reached up to rub the spot between my neck and shoulder, where Trunks had bitten me. It hurt but the pain would go away soon, leaving a noticeable scar. I could still remember the way it felt when he had done it. The way his teeth had sunk into my flesh and the pleasure I felt as he lapped up my blood. "That doesnít mean anything."

I know these things. He has claimed you, in the Saiyan way.

"That still doesnít mean anything. He wasnít himself at the time. He was being influenced by his hormones."

If you say so.

"I do say so. Now letís go home. Iím starving." And with that, I walked away, towards the cottage. After a moment, Kindle followed after me. I donít know where Kindle had gotten such ideas but she was wrong. A Saiyan would never take a Namek for a mate. But as I walked away, I felt rather alone.


ĎCause where thereís you, I feel whole

And thereís no better feeling in the world

But without you, Iím alone

And Iíd rather be in love with you.



I awoke not long after she disappeared, my subconscious telling me she wasnít within my arms anymore. She must have slipped away through the ground. I slammed my fists in the ground. Damn her Shizen abilities.

Did she regret last night that much? I know I had been a good lover by the sounds she had made. At least I was pretty sure. I didnít have much experience, thanks to giving in to my Fatherís demands and agreeing to keep Saiyan tradition, which meant saving myself for my future mate. I snarled in frustration. I wanted Lidal for my mate. But I wanted her to come to me willingly, not when she was hormone-driven because of her heat cycle.

I licked my lips and tasted something strange. Something familiar. I groaned and sat down hard as I realized what it was. It was blood. Her blood. I had claimed her. What had I been thinking? I shook my head and began slipping on my torn up clothes. That was the problem. I hadnít been thinking at all last night. It was as if my mind had taken a vacation from reality.

As I slipped on my torn up clothes, several thoughts ran through my mind. One thing was for certain. I needed to talk to Lidal, as soon as possible. After last night, it was more imperative than ever that I explained how I felt about her. I just hope she was willing to listen to what I had to say.



I avoided all contact with Trunks. I avoided all contact with any living being. I needed to think on my own about what I was going to do. A least everyone else thought I was in the middle of a heat cycle.

Within a couple weeks, I knew something was wrong. By the end of the fourth week, I couldnít deny it any longer. I was pregnant. And I had no idea what to do.


Why are we afraid to be in love?

To be loved

I canít explain it

I know itís tough to be loved

But without you, Iím alone

And Iíd rather be in love


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